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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by EIMR, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. EIMR

    I remember that on BF3 I loved my M29 EMR, and thus, I bought the first DMR I found, which was the Impetus. But now, I find that it is different from the weapon I loved, and I don't know how to handle it. For medium long range, there is the sniper. For close distance, I can use a full-auto/SMG, or simply using my sidearm + knife.

    So, I come here to ask. Is the Impetus simply bad? How should I use it? How should I customize it?(I currently use Silencer and 3.4 sight). BTW, what sidearm should I buy? I'm thinking of buying the Rebel, but I'm not sure.
  2. breeje

    no the impetus is one if the better sniper rifles
    u need to use it at close to mid range
    i recommend the forward grip + 3.4x, 4x cross hair no barrel attachments
    remember u need 2 head shots 4 body shots it's not a bold rifle

    play a little in the VR room to get familiar with the rifle and try the options on it
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  3. EIMR

    Thanks, but it has 400 damage, so it's 3 body shots. Maybe you are thinking of other weapon?
  4. DHT#

    Against a full nanoweave it'll be 4 bodyshots, they effectively have 1250 health.
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  5. ahandyman

    Also if your shooting the legs at greater than 85 meters, it'll be four shots. =]
    K but seriously:
    • Flank
    • Learn to aim for the head quickly
    • Don't shoot while moving
    • Flank
    • Run with a squad
    • Stay mobile
    • Flank.
    • Get used to the rhythm so you can pop two headshots quickly
    • Oh, and flank.
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  6. EIMR

    What accesories should I use?
  7. breeje

    always pop 4 bullets in to the body like DHT# said
    Against a full nanoweave it'll be 4 bodyshots, they effectively have 1250 health.
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  8. EIMR

    Well thank you and DHT# . Any other tips? Optimal range?
  9. breeje

    The semi-automatic Impetus sniper rifle is a favorite amongst Infiltrators for covert operations. It excels at medium range due to its considerable stopping power and rate of fire.
    Can Use:
    Weapon Type:
    Sniper Rifles
    Fire Rate:
    231 RPM
    Muzzle Velocity:
    Effective Range:
    Fire Modes:
    Max Damage:
    400 before 10m
    Min Damage:
    334 after 85m
    Reload Speed
    Short Reload:
    Long Reload:
    Magazine Size:
    Ammunition Pool:

    Bloom per Shot:
    Cert Cost:
    500 [IMG]

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  10. ahandyman

    I'd actually go with 5 body shots. Just in case. =] Or just do 2 headshots. Ammo is cheap, use it up.
    There have been more than a couple times I've done 4 shots, only to see the dude still alive because I clipped the legs or something. And then I die. Blurgh.

    As far as attachments, the only one it NEEDS is a sight/scope of your choice. I'd do a 2x dot or the 4x crosshair. The foregrip is entirely optional. I'd get it, but that's because I like foregrips.
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  11. EIMR

    Um, it's not really that useful. I mean, close to medium range? Medium? Medium to long? The numbers don't really help me.
  12. EIMR

    I'm currently using a silencer. Should I remove it and place it on my sidearm?
  13. ahandyman

    Silencer is up to you. It decreases damage a bit and makes the bullet drop more, but it definitely helps with stealth. If you like it then keep using it.
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  14. EIMR

    Well thanks. I shall try again tomorrow.
  15. breeje

    please read my first post
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  16. EIMR

    Me and my good memory. Well thank you, I shall play tomorrow and see.
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  17. AnuErebus

    It's bad. It's one of the least accurate weapons in game due to how ridiculously quick your cone of fire expands which each consecutive shot. To keep it under control you pretty much have to cut your RoF to 1/3-1/2 of what the gun can actually do which significantly cuts down your effectiveness. To put it in perspective most guns have .05-.07 bloom per shot, due to its damage model the impetus should at most have .1 bloom per shot. It has .8 bloom per shot. It's even less accurate than slug shotguns...
  18. Vaphell

    spamming bullets is not smart as any decent BASR user will blow your head off in an instant. 4 shots is pushing it hard, 5 is outright insane.
  19. 7 Drunk Midgets

    I love my KSR (TR equivalent, shares the exact same stats). I like to run it with a 4x and forward grip. You can tag targets out to very long range, where 2 well-placed headshots will make them eat dirt. You can work it at almost any range though. Don't spam fire unless your target is within 15m. Mid range is where this weapon really shines, aim for headshots and targets will drop before they can react, or if you have sub-par aim, go for those 3 reliable center mass shots.