Help me understand the appeal of Indar, please

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  1. Calisai

    More importance to MBT drivers yea, but it doesn't seem like it gives enough importance to the faction as a whole to push all out for it. With the lattice, it's generally at least 20-30 minutes of pushing to get it back if you don't have it, and the faction that does have it, tends to defend it... so yea... a good fight is had over that base...

    The problem is... it takes you about 5-10 minutes to drive there from WG (depending on faction)... so MBT reinforcements are annoying. So you are usually fighting a tech plant with MBTs being pulled with whatever you are pulling from the warpgate. So it's an uphill battle. If you don't succeed in your first zergrush, it tends to get bogged down into a slugfest, and you'll need larger numbers.
  2. Calisai

    A few factors...

    1) they didn't just put walls around the bases, they cluttered up the middle of the map with all sorts of spires, crystals, mountains, etc. It becomes a *********** in the middle and infantry on those same mountains/spires/walls with AV can make driving a major pain. The old Eisa was rolling hills (sparse, not giving 1,000 places for AV infantry to hide in and take pot-shots at ya)... so vehicle battles in those places were pretty hot.

    2) Only Eisa holding faction can pull new MBTs quickly, So once the initial tank column is worn down, it takes 5-10 minutes to reinforce and they tend to come in waves of 1-2s... easily dispatched by the defending MBTs, or picked off by ESFs/Libs. So it tends to be Combined forces vs Combined forces (with few MBTs).

    3) Due to reinforcement logistics... once the initial tank fight is over... If you still have your tank, you are dealing with packs of lightnings or harassers with a good portion of AV infantry footzerging around the outsides of bases, which are quite close together in the middle of the Map. If you had pulled a AP/AP tank, then you are stuck dealing with those with a not-so-effective loadout.

    4) If Eisa is lost, you suddenly have the new faction pulling boatloads of MBTs (since they have resources usually), which will overwhelm the last of the defenders and will give the faction a good push outward to secure the sub-cap and surrounding territory.

    As a stealth Mag driver, Esamir doesn't bother me any when we have Eisa... the terrain is pretty good for my playstyle.... but NC's not as good at dealing with infantry, and TR really needs ranged fights to really shine (where lockdown is effective). All three factions are probably annoyed by having to pull another MBT from the warpgate each death when they don't have Eisa (which is 2/3 of the drivers at all times)

    It's really not a huge, gamebreaking issue... but you can see where the annoyances can cause some drivers prefer a continent that doesn't have those same annoyances. It's not enough to make me avoid the continent as fully as Amerish does (that one is a nightmare to drive on...)... However, If there are equal battles on Indar and Esamir, and we don't have Eisa (or a chance of a quick grab of Eisa)... i'll tend to swing to Indar instead.
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  4. Villanuk

    I liked the "old Crown" and I miss those epic battles that really did last for hours and many hours. It may have been a meat grind but in a game with little to win, it was kind bragging rights for the faction who won it and it was always a hard earned win. I would find my self still playing after 2 hours on the crown, crazy in some ways.

    Esamir is a hateful COD map for CQC. You cant see much in the sky and tanks are limited with those bases and don't get me started on the entrances, are they designed to be hidden !!
    I really hate this map and I would remove it, if I could.

    assuming all 3 continents were equally populated i would play on esamir then indar and never on amerish. coming from an infantry only players pov
  6. Tommyp2006

    I think it's kind of a chain reaction. I'm sure many of us would like to fight on Amerish or Esamir, however, usually, there aren't nearly as many people there, and most of us don't like ghost capping, so we all go to Indar. Then the continent becomes even more empty, and even less of us want to ghostcap, so everyone just ends up on Indar because it's the only place to fight.
  7. phreec

    For me it's because Indar has the most balanced populations (for the most part).

    On Miller it's usually around 33/33/33 on Indar while both Esamir and Amerish are full of one faction overpop, often TR, which makes fighting there pointless. They're only good for some ESF farming with the 50% XP boost we get for being underpopped...
  8. pnkdth

    Usually Indar and Esamir fights for me. Amerish is all about chasing ESF ghost cappers. Which is incredibly boring. I'm not a huge fan of lattice but Amerish serves as a good reminder of why it is better than the previous hex/influence system.
  9. Corporate Thug

    During my last few nights of playing on Connery, Amerish was much more populated than Indar and it was wonderful. Me getting better frames on Esamir and Amerish is why I like them better, though Amerish is my favorite continent atm. I've always liked the trees and other forms of cover for infantry. The cover on Amerish makes it fun when tanking as well, more fun than Indar IMO. I was amazed yesterday when I logged into Indar and there was a queue for Amerish, that's the way it should always be :)

    I played on Amerish when there wasn't lattice on any continent, and I will play on Amerish when there is lattice. I do play on the other continents, but mostly when Amerish is getting steam rolled by any of the factions and there are no fun fights. I see lots of outfits and individual players that only play Amerish and it's not only because there is no lattice, it is the most beautiful continent we have atm. I am happy that others on Connery enjoy playing there and allow us to have many great fights when the continent is dead on most of the other servers.

    Edit: Forgot to mention there was no alert on Amerish, but still a queue.
  10. John_Aitc

    Thanks to all who posted. I see that there was a lot that I was missing about Indar. Most of my game play is on Esamir, but I hope all of you have fun on Indar!

    I have high hopes for the new roads on Amerish. Maybe that will help to spread out the fights.