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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Legend-, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Legend-

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to play planetside2 but i'm facing big problems with lag, i'm really confused dunno what should I do.
    On normal places fps is like 30-40 , on battles its 10-15 fps like, which is really sucks.
    The fps is similar for low, medium and high settings, i tried before unparking cores but it didn't help a lot.
    Here's my pc specs :

    -Windows 8.1 x64
    -Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz (I dont think its the problem , while playing the cpu use only 60-80 % even using unparking cores )
    -Gpu: GeForce GT 610 2 GB ddr3
    -RAM: 3.9 GB
    -73 GB free on the hard disk

    note: Even by playing cs1.6 doesn't get 100 fps, do i have to change any settings for my Nvidia?
  2. Undyingghost89

    GT610 is really slow GPU an not meant for gaming, especially ps2 that is so heavy on the PC. Even this game is insane CPU heavy it still need fair GPU to run it so even if you overclock that e7400 it would not help in this case.

    You thought about getting a new GPU? Not something expensive becouse then your CPU will not be able to fallow.
  3. Tonberry76

    most problem i no is not the spec of your comp but the new windows pll instal when most game companies dont have it upgrade
    for me i like to run a older windows for most mmorpg/FPS ore any orther MMO

    and most games i have it runs with out trouble
    even when i had a old comp
    now i have a new comp that can play this game easy on ultra

    but stil run windows 7 64 bit

    and my HIS Radeon R9 270X iceQ2 is also 2 gig ram
    it have a nice clock speed but its not a ubber card i think the clock speed is so 1140 not very sure XD

    but i even try heavy games like Tera online on a old GPU with only 1 gig ram with out trouble
    and a very old duel core E8400 3.0 GHZ but stil it runs like a flower

    and only 4 gig ram and windows 7 32 bit
    so yea it not always your comp :)

    sorry for my bad english
  4. Nanomorph

    The latest updates this month really trashed performance.

    Last month I played fine on High settings, now I can barely play on Medium settings without hitching.

    Core i5-750, GTX 560 Ti 2Gb, 8Gb ram, HDD, Win 7 SP1 x64
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  5. Kunavi

    Having changed nothing at all, my FPS now goes as low as 20 where before the last couple of Patches it would be at about 60 on average. After trying the usual you can find by asking in /Yell and looking in Tech I gave up. I'm starting to wonder if we have to go through this to enjoy "Large Scale Battles", pushing us to find smaller ones, then why not just find a more stable, smaller scale FPS?... How is PS2 even going to launch for PS4 in this state?! Console community will probably tear them apart if they go on like this.
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  6. Legend-

    Is it that bad that I play with 10-18 fps on battles? even with using medium or high settings it doesn't change.
    Is there any settings I should change on the gpu control panel?
  7. KO-tic

    Try lowering render quality and play in 1280*720, I get 60 fps on high (With shadows on low) and my PC is not that good

    I7 2600k
    8 gb ram
    gtx650 2 gb gddr5
  8. KO-tic

    Also Try changing your native resolution to 1280*720 and play on windowed mode
  9. Legend-

    I can't even use that resolution in game nor in monitor resolution, i'm always using the windowed mode.
  10. KO-tic

    Go to useroptions.ini and replace the display with this

  11. KO-tic

    and then change to fullscreen
  12. Nanomorph

    Btw I tried the Russian server which runs an old (pre-Infiltrator patch) build of the game.

    Performs fine - the exact same way our version performed before the recent updates broke it.

    So the problem is totally on SOE's end and they need to fix it asap.
  13. OldMaster80

    Before end of march the 64bit client will be out, give it a try. It could run sligthly better.
  14. Legend-

    thank you for you replies, but it didn't help me.