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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Devildjinn, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Devildjinn

    Hi all,
    Thought i might throw this idea out there.
    Perhaps having helmets you can equip in the defense slot to decrease headshot damage.
    Im all for rewarding accuracy, even if i cant aim to save myself, however, its pretty hard for new players to get into this game, when they cant fight back.
    Introduced a few friends to this game, and they dropped it pretty quickly out of frustration. I watched them play, they encounter an enemy, they dont even have time to ads, just ping dead. Sas-r or some such weapon.
    What do you think? Im sure "get good" "learn to aim" wont help with a frustrated new player.
  2. Campagne

    Well a SAS-R is a bolt-action rifle, so a headshot is an instant kill anyway.
  3. Devildjinn

    Yea perhaps that weapon wasnt a good example. Snipers headshots should stay the same. But weapons aside, you understand my point.
  4. Devilllike

    Well when i first started planetside i was dropped in the battlefield with no mission,no hint on where to go not a single word from the game,no tutorial on the game interface no friends to show me no nothing,i was literally just droped in an instant action in the middle of nowhere in a big fight TR vs Vanu the first guy i killed i was looking at him because i was not even sure wether this guy was an enemy or an ally i couldnt tell because nobody actually explained but the only hit was well red=TR and purple=VS so i killed him,you have no idea the frustration i had because i couldnt tell what i am supposed to do but in the end i just kept trying

    Helmets that protect you from headshots wont happen and i am sure of it because simple as that helmets could be used for many many more uses like thermal optics for troops or nightvision or autospotting helmets and stuff not even these that makes sense dont happen so dont expect helmets to give more protection to headshots after all trust me that wont change a thing

    Back when i was playing the nanite system health suit that gave you inreased health would give a heavy class enough hp to withstand a headshot from a bolt action rifle from a close range and eventually they removed it and rebalanced it because it was bad and i found out they changed it in the bad way if you know what i mean but the game in overall got improved

    People tend to get better and your friends go you to teach them,what i suggest is you showing them all the classes and their posibilities and let them find out their own way of doing things,i for one started with medic class reviving and keeping up the game going or more importantly because i did not want to bother with other medics so i just wanted to heal my self and be usefull after that i changed to a recon class i figured they needed somebody to cover their heads and spot the enemy and so i did after that is tarted moving to all classes and now i play whatever is needed except flying

    So my suggestion is this if you wait for the game to change u will never play so either try to show them the good side of planetside or they will never play,simple as that if you cant deal with frustration then this game is not ment for them :|

    Also dont get them to play with a sniper rifle from the start get them to play medic or engie so they can feel usefull
  5. breeje

    i am all for health that can take more damage up to level 20
    - level 0 to 5 + 500 hp
    - level 5 to 10 + 250 hp
    - level 10 to 20 + 100 hp

    i think this will help newbies especially the rank 0 to 5 because they have not upgraded there armor
  6. Taemien

    I'm not against a 'helmet' that takes up the suit slot so you have to choose between Nanoweave or Headshot protection.

    Heck might even give some of the lesser used BASR's a chance to shine by allowing some of the 'lower tier' ones the ability to pierce through it. As well as the directive sniper rifle.
  7. Iridar51

    I really don't get all this handholding. All players compete in equal manner, and that's how it should be. Equalizers diminish the effect of skill.

    The whole issue comes from lack of matchmaking and newbie zones. Hopefully, with Koltyr and conquest mode we'll have both.
  8. Liewec123

    when you're trying to get newbies to play don't let them try lonewolfing infantryside,
    spawn a lib or MBT and take em farming!
    spawn a pair of skyguards and shred some air. (you can spawn 2 yourself and they can jump in the first)

    or if they really insist on infantryside, play as a medic and keep them alive, stick near other players etc.
  9. Pikachu

    How is this game different from any other FPS in this subject? All these stories about new players thinking that they die too quickly are baffling. WTF games are they used to? In Counter-Strike 1 headshot from AK-47 kills. 1 bodyshot from AWP kills. 1 headshot from desert eagle kills. 4 body shots from assault rifles kills. TTK in PS2 is way longer than BF, COD and CS.
  10. Bl4ckVoid

    Sniper HS is the biggest problem in this game, since on many occasions, there are a horde of snipers shooting. And some get lucky. OHK sniper should be removed altogether.
  11. Devildjinn

    I originally met these playerz playing bf3, so that might explain things.
    I had a few of them man my vulcan, cruising around in my prower, they had a blast, really enjoyed it.
    Im not suggesting to dumb the game down or hold anyones hand. Just feel that new players are just heads to pop for veterans.
    This game wont survive without new players, im sure we can all agree on that.
    I dunno, i think having to sacrifice a suit slot to REDUCE headshot damage from anything but snipers is a fair trade, imo.
    I think forcing new playerz into the role of support only ruins the diversity of a mmo.
    Personally, i suck at aiming at heads, and am often am a victim to head popping. I adjusted my play style, and now force cqc with my shotgun, and seem to do okish.
  12. Bl4ckVoid

    This game is already toast, however the concept is great.
    What I do not understand is the competition. Where is it???? After several years PS2 is still the ONLY open-world shooter. Ps2 has shown that it can be done. It would be time for someone to step-up and make another game. Hopefully the next game will have devs who did not miss all physics classes. And who do not think that 100 snipers with cloak on a hilltop is fun.