Hello! Wrel: Anti-Aircraft tower doesn't do its job

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Dec 3, 2019 at 9:02 AM.

  1. karlooo

    I just came back to the game and saw how my Anti-Air Tower, with repair and AI modules got 1v1 destroyed by a single ESF with the 'Hornet Missiles'.

    What type of AA is that if it cannot beat an ESF 1v1, no distractions, no support.

    The construction towers should be way tougher or stronger than they are. It's a stationary, immobile gun which is very easy to hit, you can't miss.

    The state of construction is horrendous for a very long time.
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  2. Scroffel5

    Someone had to say it. He said it. Construction needs to be integrated to the main game, IMO. Cortium should be useful to regular bases in some way.
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  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Personally I think all AA turrets need improvements. The non-construction ones may take longer to overheat, but their range is so bad that all I ever see is people using them AI or AV because that's all the end up being good for.
  4. Liewec123

    The attack range of all towers is awful too, you can sit a tank a short distance away and destroy the whole base.
    Imho if a player attacks the base the turrets should attack the player, no matter the range.

    Also I would remove the ability to OS lattice bases and i'd make walls and turrets far tankier,
    So the purpose of construction would switch from a single guy being an ***** nuking everyone at a base for some cheap xp,
    and instead it'd shift to building blockades and road blocks to slow down zergs "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
  5. TR5L4Y3R

    i´m definetively for having PMB´s be more usable on bases, for that i suggested for the longest time to decrease no buildzones to support bases better ..

    on the subject of defensive towers ...
    well hornets are the clear ESF´s counter to PMB defenses .. i think there could be well a problem for PMB AA towers potentionaly being too strong to sorta turn its area into a no flyzone ...
    i definetively am for making pmbs sturdier .. ... not neccesarily buff AA dmg/dps unless manned otherwise 2 automated AA towers should be needed or the esf gets too close too the AAtower ..
  6. karlooo

    I enjoyed base construction more with the shielded structures too, prob same for the opposing team (without the HIVE).

    -No restriction OS was a terrible idea, fight ruiner if used incorrectly and is still not enjoyable to use after understanding its use.
    -Flail is basically a no counter anti-base gun, which is also unfinished till now.
    -The only purpose of PMB's are Routers which don't encourage base designs, instead hidden corner bases.
    -Another terrible update which destroyed interesting base designs was the addition of the bump in between the Gate Shields.
    -New ability on the shield module is unused and stupid.
    -Making Gate Shield powered without a shield module ruins strategy.
    -The defense turrets are too weak and poke out of cover....so basically one tank will wipe it all.
    -No reason for allies to support you after the removal of HIVE

    ...the list can go on but whatever don't main construction anymore. Everything is so easy to fix.


    Btw anyone remember the Glaive IPC bug which made the gun shoot forward?
    That was one of the most fun I had with construction! That bug should have been an inspiration for the devs to redesign the weapon or construction meta.

    Basically the bug was useless and it was hard to aim....What made it so fun was that you could place it on a perfect level to fire into lattice bases.
    That was so cool - supporting my allies in battle with a forward firing Glaive IPC cannon.
    I know you could do the same thing by flying above the no construction zone and shooting your plane but I liked it more when I stayed at my own base and controlled it from there.

    This could have been the new construction meta. A PMB with both turrets and large cannons manually controllable by players to defend their lattice bases. For this you cannot have the shielded walls of course, so this would perfectly fit with the nerfs, instead of remaking the OS.
  7. Exileant

    o_O I would say if it got some licks in, then it is doing much better than these...
  8. AZAN

    I would like it if the restriction on construction placement applied only to cores. Then make the no-build zone radius balanced so the cores powered radius extends just to the edge of the traditional bases (not inside).

    This would do a few things:

    Firstly bases could be reinforced for defence but anything placed inside of them would not be able to be repaired or powered, so you could build walls, turrets etc... but they all need to be manned and maintained. People blocking interiors is potentially possible but likely difficult without hacks since objects need to be placed on terrain without intersecting base objects.

    Secondly you could build construction bases that extend to nearby friendly normal bases for additional defence. However these would have to be large, extensive and vulnerable due to the cores being located outside the no-build zone. The core could easily be targeted and destroyed by vehicles without defence.

    Third this same system could be used to improve the survivability of forward spawns when attacking. Attackers usually have superiority on the ground outside the base so would have access to cortium to quick build shelters, bunkers with spawns, etc... Effectively building siege-works. This like the defenders usage could be unravelled by relieving forces destroying the vulnerable cores.

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