Hello, I suggest alernative color schemes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Grumblefern, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Grumblefern

    Just hypothetical examples:

    NC: Navy Blue and Gold
    NC: Sea Green and Orange

    TR: Crimson and Darker Grey
    TR: Brick Red and Black

    VS: Thistle and Hunter Green
    VS: Tyrian Purple and Jade

    Idea is keeping them close to original colors and identifiable with a little more variety. These would replace the actual faction colors and symbols, the parts that camo doesn't affect.

    I know we have camos but um... NC's colors still really ugly with camo I have to say. I want this mostly for NC TBH, but would be cool for TR and VS too.

    We could also combine them with different camos better if we had some alternatives.
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  2. Paperlamp

    The only thing keeping NC balanced is their ridiculously bad color scheme.
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  3. NConical

    The NC color scheme is an integral part of our strategy, we have some of the most bright and obnoxious camos in the game, it's like staring at the sun. Being blindingly bright is as good if not better than being darker and more difficult to see at night.
  4. Boldosawr

    I am sold 100% on a Navy and Gold for NC. Something more like this(sorry for giant pictures):


    rather than this:

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  5. KnightCole

    I would absolutely LOVE the NC if they had actual darkish blue and gold camo......

    And hte TR's black and red.....

    I think if they made those color changes ,it would extinct the VS simply cuz the VS green an purple is so damn hideous...
  6. FocusLight

    That might work, Crimson and Dark Grey it is. I'm more fond of this:

    Than what we got. Basically, revert it back to the basic colors we had in the start. Alternatively, make the base uniform a dark grey, but add a blueish tint to the grey of the armor itself and add crimson details and stripes to that again to ID as TR. Something like these:

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  7. Bonmortical

    This is what TR should look like IMO:


    We need some face options with mustaches though.

    Calculator strapped on wrist mandatory.
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  8. Tuco

    So, everyone has their own special snowflake camo on, what difference would it make.
  9. Grumblefern

    Better aesthetics?

    And more $$$ for the game.

    I would pay to get rid of the awful NC default colors.
  10. Pikachu

  11. Nordicnade

    NC is pretty ugly but I think going for a metallic color just doesn't suit for the simplicity of the game.

    Tone down the yellow's saturation maybe tweak it slightly toward orange, and make the blue darker and deeper.
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  12. Archlyte

    The Gold color (Especially with Brown Tincture) would literally make my wallet open. I hate that Yellow so much.

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  13. Paperlamp

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  14. Alan Kalane

    Sorry, but Bill Yeatts stated that those camos are NOT meant to make you less visible, they are meant to make you distinguishable.
    So what I expect is NC going even more yellow, TR going much more red and VS going light purple/cyan.
    Yeah I hate it too.
  15. TheKhopesh

    Yeah, the yellow really bothers me.
    A tarnished brass appearance would be amazing.
    (Like the outside of the tubes in the image, not the inside!)

  16. Pikachu

    Gold you mean as in adding reflections to the material?
  17. Archlyte

    That's awful. Yeah I think I should just accept that the game fundamentally offends my sensibilities.
  18. uhlan

    Faction colors are nearly pointless in battle unless they're horribly bright and cartoonish.

    I don't think anyone wants that.

    What they should focus on are the silhouettes and reliable IFF "doritos".
  19. KnightCole

    You mean like the NC? Bright and cartoonish..cuz seriously, who would run into battle wearing sky blue and banana yellow? Not I lol...

    I would roll into battle wearing TR's Black and dark red....doubt id wear the VS purple...cuz yikes...but still...
  20. uhlan

    You mean you don't want to wear that new "Holiday" camo and a Santa hat while running into battle with your NC SpongeBobSquarePants backpack?