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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by chamks, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. chamks

    hi, lately i deploy a sunderer to start a fight just for fight, but there is always a c4 fairy or lighting destroying it and it getting pretty sucks.... there is no way to play with out the faction main zerg.... will something ever change
    the title is not what i ment sorry about it. there is no way to change it
  2. FLHuk

    Make a squad, deploy more than one, cover them, replace as needed, repeat as needed.

    Team game despite what the get gud brigade would have you believe.
  3. Lee Weldon

    NC on my server was in a pretty simillar position some times back where we were always underpopped and surrounded by tanks, I found a solution that atleast worked for a little while until the enemy team started pulling ESF's as well but so I recommend pulling a liberator, you may not always dominate, underpop is still underpop and something is bound to shoot you out of the sky eventually but they fair not so badly against lightnings and MBT's. You could get really good at infiltrator then keep hacking their vehical terminal or keep going engineer and place tank mines near their vehical spawn for cheese kills. Easier said than done.
  4. Towie

    Pick your spot wisely.

    A cloaked Sunderer should be well tucked away and not in the expected positions.

    A shielded Sunderer is pretty tough and can withstand multiple C4 but again, try to get it into cover (garages can provide a fair bit of protection but are go-to places for attackers). You can get well into some of the bases - on Hossin in particular you can be a real pain (Blockade is useful here as you usually can't deploy, although there are bases where you can and more or less survive forever as long as it's being defended).

    You also need to know when you are about to be attacked - Spitfire is always useful. Finally - defend it ! I use a Kobalt to get some pretty mean killing streaks...

    At the end of the day, defending a Sunderer against multiple C4 fairies is going to be difficult - but they're committing considerable resources to attack so it's always worthwhile. Just don't get too attached to it :)
  5. lukenukeum

    are u kidding? its so much fun picking off littl c4 fairies trying to sabotage a sunderer. get a good sniper and camp some distance off

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