Helios is down

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by izgir, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. izgir

  2. DurandaI

    yep same with me
  3. Xeenos

    We killed it. I like how the info at the top of this forum dose not update, but if you try to make a new char it shows Helios as down. :(
  4. Jokode

    Yup, me too - looks like its the only one that is down though...
  5. izgir

    Seems to be back up now.
  6. Ataxio

    (*&#@!!!! the moment i get into a mossie and decide to do something ;|
  7. C41N

    Just before it went down, there was a TON of lag. Seemed to be associated with certain enemy platoons.
  8. C41N

    It's back.
  9. Goiiath

    Is Helios down again? Just got this same message. Maybe too many ppl on at once? (huge amount of platoons going at eachother) Or another maintenance?
  10. swiftmiester

    its unfortunate it always seems to be our server lol..... how many of you were playing on amerish when it went down? That should be our new home continent ftw
  11. Flandel

    Once again why is it down when your supposed realtime monitors says its still up.
    shody programming once again FAIL
    monitor your own systems
    I know its the weekend but for real get with it
    love the game
    have love hate relationship with SOE over the years

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