[Suggestion] Heavy Weapon Tweaks

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wind_Walker, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Wind_Walker

    I do genuinely think that these might be beneficial changes:

    Jackhammer: make the 3-shot burst a 2-shot burst with slightly faster refire time to compensate. This should help with sustainability a little.

    Lasher: Increase bullet velocity by 50-75 m/s. Exact number is up for suggestions but this should help with friendly fire issues and consistency.

    MCG: Have the "ADS" on the weapon spool up the gun ahead of time, with movement speed and turning speed halved as long as you're doing so.

    These are for the most part, minor. I think that's all that is really needed though. I like the Heavy weapons, I do. But they could be better. I'm not great with balancing weapons, but these might be a step in the right direction. Thoughts?
  2. Wind_Walker

    I'm just gonna go ahead and bump this...
  3. thebigbortishbort

    Hush now

    only feed back i got is on the jackhammer - the 2 round burst would probably hurt it over the 3 considering thats what gives it its classic 1 burst kill in the right spots , and the MCG , id love if this spin up were a thing but movement speed is already decreased when aiming as its the ADS thingy , no idea about the lasher considering its purpose i couldn't see it benefiting alot.

  4. Jawarisin

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  5. MiguelZaibatsu

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  6. Jawarisin

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    Feels like peasant balderdash to me.
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  7. MiguelZaibatsu

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  9. Pelojian

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  10. EPIC389

    People like you were why the PS4 forums were shut down. If you want to criticize his decisions, instead of insulting him, try constructive reasoning. Get you a lot further in life

    To OP

    I agree with bort on the Jackhammer, it'll just hurt it

    I like your idea with the lasher, its not that it really needs buffs but these can definitely flesh out some problems

    For the chaingun, I see where you are trying to go for, and I do think it would be useful. I think that feature would most likely be used when going around a corner.
  11. Trudriban

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