[Suggestion] Heavy weapon ASP for engineers...why not?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by SirPanfried, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. SirPanfried

    Pretty much in the title. Given the situational and "supporting fire" nature of the heavy weapons, why shouldn't engineers be able to access them? Being able to self-resupply is hardly a benefit. As a Heavy assault rarely am I in want of ammo unless I'm in a very remote location. Furthermore, Engineers don't have the tanking capabilities to run a heavy weapon as aggressively as Heavy assaults can. I know Engineers probably have the most options in ASP right now, but I don't really see how this would break the class either.
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  2. JustGotSuspended

    Yeah I wouldn't mind, problem is we would need more ASP points. 5 is a bit ridiculous and restricts too many choices, especially if we wanna add more perks
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    no ASP points are enough, they are meant to specialice a class or certain playstyle outside the usual, they are not meant to just give your classes a whole nother line of options beginerplayers wont have access to anytime soon ..

    rather there need to be generaly more options for the classes to make ASP intresting to get to for the endgamestate
    the current stuff imo unless they added stuff recently is pretty mundane

  4. SirPanfried

    The big problem is a lot of options are off-limits because they may have the potential to break classes; for example, giving heavy assaults access to carbines or giving infiltrators access to shotguns. Perhaps some equipment options could be fleshed out a little more or potentially new abilities or ideas added entirely. That said, I still think engineers could run heavy weapons without a problem. I do like a lot of those additional asp options though, but the aforementioned shotgun infiltrators...yeah, no.
  5. JustGotSuspended


    whether i get 5 asp points or 10, new players wont have access to anything lol.

    new players players won't even last 10 minutes in the game's state anyways, I fail to see what that has to do with anything.

    People play every class, and have plenty playstyles. The reward for completing such a grind and investing a large amount of certs should be more than constrained them to 1 or 2 classes/playstyles.

    More points? There's not even enough to fully specialize your engineer. How are going to suggest adding more stuff, and say to keep the points the same? Maybe if there was a rotation, like every day/week the points are redistributed to experiment something new, but in this state it's impossible to play around with the asp system unless you wanna spend 5k certs on a token you're tired of a class.

    doesn't really sound like you reached asp 100 or experimented with the system at all
  6. JustGotSuspended

    adding a new class of weapons would be cool,

    maybe giving the option of equipping other faction weapons, or doing a secret directive...maybe spend a few asp points to unlock a directive tree for directive weapons, where you then get a unique weapon/reward or something like that

    Maybe one where you get to equip 2 different deployables, or 2 suit slots

    maybe one that allows for an additional implant, or boosts xp/resource gain, or gives you extra luck of getting exceptional implants when you buy them...idk, there's a few possibilities, they don't all have to be weapons related

    lots of stuff to do, lots of points need to be added, but it would require more than the 10 minutes the devs put into the system just cuz they had to push something.
  7. ican'taim

    Give Archer OHK and remove falloff, it literally fires explosive bolts. It also has limited range so you can't snipe too far with it.

    Oh wait, all the whiners on here and the subreddit will screech like a banshee (while already screeching ABOUT banshees) "wrel nerf pls i cant farm pls nerf plssssssssssss"
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  8. TR5L4Y3R

    yes so WHY should you get EVEN MORE options then, when new players can´t have them for a VERY long time or not at all without paying, to further broaden the chasm?

    no, i didn´t but you can´t tell me that putting 2 heavy weapons on a heavy wouldn´t be a drastic departure from the norm ..
    so no let´s keep it to 5 ... the rich don´t need to get always richer ..

    ... i mean i would LOVE to experiment with ASP in training, but well that option is missing ... (and i have a massively scrappy ping in PTS)

    "in this state it's impossible to play around with the asp system unless you wanna spend 5k certs on a token you're tired of a class" well i already opponed a thread about asking to make asp respecing cheaper for both Cert and premium

    in the "more ASP options" thread demigan had an idea about one free ASP token from the start, personaly i would add to that that once per month or so you could respec one token for free

    like seriously what do you need 10 tokens for to specialice your engineer? specialise torwards what? full on demolishertechnician?

    giving the engineer a token into rocketlauncher primary (optionsuggestion from my thread) is already quite a gamechanger, no need for AV turret AND you potetionaly have unlimited ammo for your rocketlauncher, switch to AI turret for better cover and AI capability, maybe add a second token to AV grenades (i would want that option for certs rather), boom (litteraly) you have a more mobile demolisherclass, not happy cause lack of mobile AI capability? asp shotgun (you have enough ranged AI capability with the turret imo) or if you are a second line guy asp into seconadary battlerifle ...

    the point of ASP IS to specialize one class or playstyle, not multiples ..
    OF COURSE being able to specialise EVERYTHING on one account would be convinient for everyone because screw grinding but we might as well be a bit realistic here with this being still a free to play game ...
    if you remember the original planetside you also had only so many options to specialise into while leveling up, were as in PS2 you have a broad number of options from the get go and you don´t need to worry about respecing into all the certsoptions ... PS2´s ASP in a way is what PS1´s certsystem was .. people surely will argue that the PS1 certsystem may have been better but then again were are talking about what was a retailgame, not a F2P ...
  9. brutes359

    I could have swore this was already a thing in the game. Oh well. yea, I think its a great idea. Most engineers find themselves in CQC any do to that being where vehicles most often get damaged and where most infantry run out of ammo. So adding this to their toolkit would just give them some better ranged options when supporting anti-tank crews by allow them to operate more effectively on perimeter defense.
  10. warbrand2

    Personally I think this can be solved by adding a light grenade launcher option.

    Primary slot GLs that act similar to the under barrel ones but with a lot more customization, by default only 2 or 3 classes can us them but use the points to give them ot more?
  11. TR5L4Y3R

    what for? engineers already have AMRs which do fair enough antiarmor damage over range ...

    underbarrel grenades as well as AV grenades (which should be given to all classes maybe except the LA) need a buff anyway, engineers don´t need an extra grenadelauncher primary, that should rather be a primary option to the medic
  12. warbrand2

    I do agree actually, in a way


    I posted an idea, personally I think single shot GLs should be a weapon class use able by a lot. As for why I want it over an AMR indirect fire.
  13. KhlorosTesero

    While im not against it, can we at least give HS some love with ASP skills to?
    Engineer already has made out like a bandit in terms of their ASP skills, they dont really NEED heavy weapons.
  14. TheMercator

    Why do you want to give the class, that already has 5! ASP options while the other classes have 2-3 with one being a doubfully usefull grenade fo most?
  15. KhlorosTesero

    Yeah this, engineer already hit the ASP jackpot its does not need more.
  16. darktr00per4

    The Original Game solved this by limiting players to certification and inventory size by armor type. But this game deviated away from that. basically in The original Planetside if it could fit in your inventory and you had the Cert for those types of weapons and armor you can equip it. Seen Many Mediums with chain guns but it limited your inventory and what you could carry. Most people carried a Cycler and their Engineering equipment instead of heavy weapons because your nanite gun took up a primary slot and the cycler was more useful than a chain gun outside of CQC.

    This also fixed our current infiltrator issue and reduced infiltrator health to just health, they didn't have armor or shields, Their only advantage was being invisible but they could be invisible all the time running or not and could only carry a pistol.

    Unfortunately they moved to a class type system instead of an Armor / Inventory type system In Planetside 2. Made it easier for newer players but limited options and made the classes more linear.

    ASP looks to return some of that but its out of reach for most new players for a while. The original Game had everything available to all players at the beginning and the only limiting factor was how many certs you had. As you gained ranks you gained certs and could unlock new weapon categories and you could reset your cert tree and reallocate your certs if you changed your mind or want to try something new.
  17. KhlorosTesero

    The grind to ASP is a brutal one thats for damn sure.
  18. placeholder22

  19. wilsonemma33

    the point of ASP IS to specialize one class or playstyle, not multiples ..
    OF COURSE being able to specialise EVERYTHING on one account would be convinient for everyone because screw grinding but we might as well be a bit realistic here with this being still a free to play game ...