[Suggestion] Heavy Shield Mechanics Change (It's not a nerf!)

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  1. RyanGUK

    Had the idea of changing the mechanic of putting on the Heavy's shield. Right now it's an iWin button, what I propose is to create a charge-up time for the Heavy Shield to reach full effectiveness.

    This isn't a delay which was first being proposed so I wouldn't call it a nerf. It basically means that when you press to activate the shield, the shield is at a weak stage before charging into the full product. Certing into it means the ramp-up speed is faster, but the shield isn't any stronger than it is right now.. could change it..

    A firefight under the proposed shield:

    Heavy is engaged by another class.

    Firefight ensues, Heavy activates shield.

    The shield starts charging up, but the enemy is still attacking the heavy.

    Everytime the shield is hit, it takes damage as well as delays the charge-up by a miniscule amount of time (0.3s?)

    The shield can be depleted quicker if not activated in advance.

    The Heavy still gets protection from a couple of bullets, perhaps just enough to save himself from dying but gives the enemy a much better chance on downing the shield than what it is now.


  2. Sandpants

    So it's like a restoration kit? Except it adds to a new pool on top of regular shields and health?
  3. AdamRah2

  4. RyanGUK

    I guess that's a good way of looking at it yes, except the restoration can be interrupted by gunfire.

    In the same way nobody would bother if they had to cert it up for a quicker regeneration after it's been damaged? Hmmmm... Oh wait, that's how it is now! :eek:

    Also using the medic is a great idea, but that applies to every class and is really a reward for using teamwork rather than a new shield on top of the current shield "LOL".
  5. AdamRah2

    So basically a nanite mesh generator? with a ramp up time? that's whats happening, seen as a huge nerf esp for poor latency players and people with low DPS output or a mix of both and no skill
  6. RyanGUK

    A NMG with a ramp up time, yes. Poor latency players lol, oh dear. The low DPS output would still stop the shield from generating for a split second because it'd be per hit, not after a certain amount of damage.

    Also if you've got no skill, isn't that more your problem than the ability? You're coming up with a ton of crazy ideas, you're just short of saying "IT'S CRAP AND I DONT LIKE IT".
  7. AdamRah2

    LOL :p i just don't feel the shields live up to what people say maybe resist shield but even then that only lasts 6 - 8 seconds and has a 2 second ramp up time, NMG and adred shield are gone in 2 hits from a 164 damage model gun since it only gives 223 health, if you keep dying to heavies it's due to you facing them, when they have godsaws, vaynews penus aka orion and the tr thing and you have a spectre lel, shields aren't that strong, i play smg infil and defeat them easy
  8. AdamRah2

    play medic and go against a heavy and use aoe as if it was a shield, trust me you'll get demolished, AOE stacks with nanoweave 5 so you get like 120% effective health until A.O.E runs out that's atleast 6-8 more shots to kill from a beamer
  9. RyanGUK

    I run HA the majority of the time & I usually put my shield up straight away and have a full pool of energy. I'm simply saying you shouldn't have that, but you should have a quarter of energy with that rising due to you anticipating the attack...
  10. AdamRah2

    I'm guessing you run resist? considering you don't lose energy on activation and it comes back quick, it's situational, other heavies esp the NC with 164+ damage model guns can out dps VS and TR
  11. RyanGUK

    Nope, I run NMG.
  12. AdamRah2

    You have NMG and you think it comes back quick? Brah try resist shield if you have it unlocked, its like an infils stock cloak, nmg is only good for noobs and like 2 v 1s
  13. RyanGUK

    I didn't say it comes back quick? It comes on like as soon as you push the button, which is what I'm addressing. :S

    Also I run NMG simply because it's the most effective and useful out of all abilities for HA, nothing really rivals it right now.
  14. AdamRah2

    A person with a 164 damage gun only has to shoot you twice to get rid of all your power, it only gives 223 effective health, it's not a great option for big battles maybe 1 v 1 or 2 v 1 with the 2 being low dps guys but it's ment to be like that because it offers LOADS of protection for like a quarter of a second
  15. RyanGUK


    Not sure where you're getting your information from mate.
  16. AdamRah2

    700HP when fully charged, it has a cost to activate it which is huge and the delay until the bullets hit you, all sorts of factors, it comes to 200HP when actually being used, bullets take more energy, so does time, so does the cost of starting it which is 300HP.

    and experience and tests and math :p
  17. AdamRah2

    I wouldn't trust what you read on wiki's, in gun reviews from wrel etc they do put ''TTK'' but they have a ''Realistic Time To Kill' which involves factors of gameplay
  18. AdamRah2

    you lose the other 100hp - 200hp due to latency
  19. RyanGUK

    It just seems like you've picked a number out of thin air. I can deffo take a couple of shots (more than 2) when I've got my NMG on, and I play heavy 59% of my time on PS2 (https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428153774066766337/stats).

    The ramp-up time wouldn't be massive, hell it'd be faster than the regeneration time.
  20. AdamRah2

    I'll show you my logic

    3 Second Chunk Activation Cost = 300HP

    700HP - 300HP = 400HP

    Server/Clientside registration time = 1 second (on average) 100HP

    400HP - 100HP = 300HP

    The rest depends on what's hitting you if it's a commie your shield is gone, if its a low dps weapon then you can take loads of shots e.g beamer, also multiple people shooting at you

    it's just not as good as resist shield which only has the drawback of actually taking damage but having no activation cost or negation from bullets, only time

    So if you have great internet you've got 300HP

    Most guys have 100MS ping so they get about 200HP :p