Heavy assaults to be nerfed next patch

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Nyscha, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. MuNrOe

    What you are effectively proposing is the same as ( please see following examples)

    Infiltrator radar and cloak is too effective please put in a delay or remove it from the game.
    Engineer turret does to much damage remove it from the game also the ammo supply is to fast
    Medics can heal to quickly please put in a delay to resing
    Max's take and output to much damage

    The only difference in this situation is due to the number of solo players who play this class because of its survivability they are allot more present on the battlefield. You notice yourself dying to them allot more. Should you have to play heavy to beat a heavy, no. Should you be able to beat them if using your ability and outplaying them yes. Most of the time you will. But you need to remeber its not your job to beat heavy's if your playing a support class. What you do as an infiltrator medic engineer allows your side to gain the upper edge in a fire fight and defeat the enemy. Its not just about you.

    1 motion spotter from an infill is worth 50 heavy's in any major fire fight. That's you changing the ENTIRE battle from one deployed item. You getting in behind that engineer turret or killing that 1 medic in a group as an infil is worth more than anything a heavy can bring to the battlefield. He has to go head on no matter what. That's why he has the shield. People underestimate the strength of good support classes in fire fights. Just because you cant go 1v1 with a heavy doesn't mean you bring less to the battlefield than any other person there.
  2. PastalavistaBB

    I seriously have difficulty understanding people who have a problem with the HA, when there are lots of people who claim that the Vanguard is balanced. Don't go toe to toe with a Vanguard and expect to win. L2P. (Too bad only the NC has Vanguards) Same with the HA. All Factions have HAs, but only one Faction has the Vanguard. So the HA shouldn't really be a problem. Unless you think that you should be able to "Rambo" everybody. In that case, this is just the wrong game for you.
  3. NCstandsforNukaCola

    It is 8 months old post, we don't have to discuss.
  4. Reyj21

    I just find it funny that HA is still OP as hell
  5. KnightCole

    LOL, the mag dump is not limited to HA, ive done it to INfils, medics, engis....its a hit detect fail more so then a HA shield.

    Personally, I would love to see this game without shields and NWA for a month., I honestly think its something to do wtih the server lagging on the math for shields and stuff.....cuz Heavies, its like as soon as they pop the shield, there is a delay in the server, so you fire at them, but the shots dont register and if they have NWA< the server has to register even more.

    Instead of just 1000 hit points -167 dmg....its

    1000hit points+650 shield, -50 per second, -167 dmg, -20% NWA and its doing that and losing alot of it while its also doing that for every other guy in the area, more then half of which are likely HA. THen remove headshot bonus from everything but snipers, game played so much better before the head shot changes...
  6. miraculousmouse

    HA is not getting nerfed because it is not OP, git gud ****ies.
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  7. Endlave

    HA is not getting nerfed because lots of devs got fired and it appears like the ones who are still there are focusing on PS4 like I feared. This game had had so few updates this year that I am getting really bored.
  8. Nalothisal