Heavy Assault.

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  1. Smewxy

    I've been playing TR heavy assault for quite some time now and i bought a rocket launcher Striker which was used to lock on Air and Ground i stopped playing for a while came back now and saw that striker got Nerf so my question is which Rocket Launcher do you guys suggest me to buy?
  2. Shadowomega

    Well it was originally nerfed to avoid it being broken due to a massive bug with the missiles clipping though walls. The current Striker was redesigned to be more of an AA launcher and dumb fire anti max weapon to make it more unique at the request of the minority of the TR player base.

    As for launcher the G2G and G2A are both 250 certs now, the Annihilator fills both of the roles of the base lock on launchers (Damage values are now the same as those)but lacks dumb fire mode.
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  3. Robes

    Striker ***** air now, wouldn't call it a nerf at all.
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  4. david06


    The striker is only good when you spawn in to a sunderer or a base and are surrounded by hovering ESFs trying to farm infantry, those pilots move just enough to avoid dumbfires but retreat when the get the lockon signal. The cone of fire cripples it's ground usage at mid-long range and staying exposed for three seconds to fire all the rockets is suicide at short range, especially against MAX suits.
  5. Dualice

    It got a re-work, I wouldn't exactly call it a downgrade. It fires faster, comes with an extra magazine, and can now dumbfire. Its lock-on mechanic is now the heat-seeking type rather than "hold crosshair on target to lock-on". As such you have to fire the rockets in close proximity to a target to get them to track. I haven't used it extensively myself.
  6. zombielores

    The Striker wasn't really nerfed or buffed but more so changed, it is currently the best and the worst in its own little subcategory of dumbfire proxy seeking launchers just like the Phoenix is in its own category.

    For better or for worse, it was a much needed change simply because it was too similar to the Annihilator and served no real purpose.
  7. Smewxy

    Actually its nerf twice i came back for a short time and when you shoot example ''schoolbus'' when the rocket is near it he will automatically target him just like air unites but now its only for air? Soo what should it be which rocket launchers G2G or G2A or anything els i could try all of them but i'm not good in choosing something.
  8. Eternaloptimist

    I go for the grounder if I want a dumb fire option but still able to lock on to flyers, or the annihilator.