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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Cheers, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Cheers

    I must ask about balance between classes. Heavy Assault seems to have it all.
    Heavy assault has high damage, high sustainability, high endurance (and some still complain heavy is too slow(?)), tanky abilities, and not even speaking of Anti Tank equipment.
    Heavy assault beats everyone, everywhere, anyway he likes. Got bored of this class and won't play it anymore because it's too easy. Compared to other classes it has every gear needed to play effectively this game.
    So I am asking why you give everything at start to heavy assault, when other classes must do work to gain anti-tank equipment etc.

    And my suggestions to "Overpowering" of this class: Make Heavy Assault movement speed slightly lower.
  2. rzr22

    I see the class as the work horse of an attacking force. You only need a sprinkling of the other classes. As I see it, HAs and MAX are the pushing force (I hope MAX become moreso in the future). Engineers and Medics are the supporting forces. LAs and Recons are the disruption.

    I often times find myself switching to HA simply because there's already so many medics or engineers that my cert gain is suffering. Not to mention a greater number of HAs tends to be more effective than a greater number of other classes.

    The only change I'd like to see is Light Assault play more of a roll than just an ambush king. According to some questions I read from Reddit, it looks like LA and MAX will be getting something and classes overall will have more ways to deal with vehicles. So perhaps HA in the future wont be as obvious a choice as it is now. Still, I think what you are seeing is it filling its role. It's just heightened by the fact that MAX units don't shine as much, thus HA seems like the "only" option. Granted...I do enjoy me an Anti-Infantry MAX slaughter fest.
  3. Kyutaru

    This isn't an RPG where you strive for class balance, and even if it was, the Heavy Assault is the Fighter class, the Warrior that makes up the source of nearly all your damage. Other classes are merely support roles to help the Heavy do his job. Engineers have stronger weapons that are stationary and can repair the vehicles they drive, Infiltrators are needed to hack terminals and pick off medics, Medics spend their time reviving the Heavies, and Light Assaults go for flank attacks while being able to reach places a heavy cannot go.

    The Heavy Assault is the core of any army. You don't want or need an "army" of snipers.

    Though an army of medics equipped with Carbines AOE healing each other would be pretty scary.
  4. Cheers

    This is exactly the thing I want to give notice. Group of Heavy Assaults are way much better than group of "one of each class". I dont see the point for other classes when one beats em all, anyway he likes. Heavy Assaults gets 4x scope (mid range, oh yahh?) what can single shot mode do snipers job. It has shield that grants more hit points than MAX has. Heavy assault can even tear and slaughter MAX in one on one fight.

    True it is fighter class. And pusher. And "the firepower of infantry troops" but this doesnt explain why they are good at everything. They have no weaknesses. In my humble opinion they are slightly too mobile compairing to other classes. And this is not about "rage you cant beat them" because I can and I will. I am just wondering why they has to be so easy to play.

    Please even top the MAX class over Heavy Assault. Thats least what you can do
  5. Kyutaru

    The MAX already is ahead of the Heavy Assault, but at different ranges. MAX units require engineers to stay effective, but they can take and dish out more punishment over a longer period of time. They're best used for defense because of their lack of mobility. The Scatmax is the undisputed emperor of indoor fighting, if you see one, you go back the way you came. The Cyclermax is good at midrange combat when equipped with Mercy or short range combat when paired with Onslaught. The VS MAX has splash and is best suited for long range bombardment. All three MAX units have horribly gimped default weapons, so be sure to upgrade with some Station Cash or certs before you complain about them. They aren't the same tanky destroyers they were in PS1, but they are good enough at their suppressive roles. The VS MAX might need a little help, the TR MAX is fine when upgraded, and the NC MAX instantly kills anyone who walks through that door.

    The Heavy Assault is just the most versatile and basic soldier, it has a tool to kill everything because it is itself The Killer class. Seriously, do they need to rename the class to Murderer for people to get it? If you want to get kills as a soldier, be a Heavy. The other classes aren't for getting kills, they're for abusing their own individual gimmicks to gain an edge in the battle. Which LEADS to kills.
  6. Cheers

    Must agree with you on most of things. Just not with why heavy is overpowered compaired to others. Just remove all other classes and rename HA to "Soldier". Then give him rocket jump. And poof you are playing TF2.

    Want to spread conversation about Heavy Assaults and its Pros (what he has), and ofc the Cons (what he doesnt have).
    Shouldn't every class have their Pros and Cons? tell me about HA's weaknesses...
  7. Kyutaru

    Gets sniped by snipers.
    Gets shredded by engineer turrets.
    Gets zerged by medic minions.
    Gets shot from god only knows where by light assaults.
    Can't kill tanks being driven by an engineer, who can park behind a rock and repair the damage.
    Can't cloak into enemy bases, hack their terminal, and pull a tank FROM INSIDE.
    Can't fly up mountains to reach entrenched enemies, or attack from the sky without taking the stairs.
    Can't supply himself with endless amounts of ammunition.

    The Pros of the Heavy are being the biggest, baddest mofo in the game.
    The Cons are not being able to do what every other class can.

    Again, you're expecting some kind of class balance here. This is NOT an RPG, class balance does not NEED to exist. Each class has its own defined roles. The very fact that you are better off WITH a medic than WITHOUT one is enough to justify having a Medic instead of yet another Heavy Assault. The Heavy could have zero weaknesses and still be fine, it gets countered by players using the support roles with their own Heavies. Heavy + Support = Walking God. In this game, an army is supposed to be comprised of mostly Heavy Assaults, with a few Light Assaults, Medics, Engineers, Infiltrators, and MAX units thrown in for specific roles. The classes are not supposed to be balanced.

    Heavy gets his XP from killing stuff.
    Engineer gets his XP through repairs, resupplies, and turret kills.
    Infiltrator gets his XP through hacks and *safe* sharpshooting.
    Medic gets his XP by spamming the revive grenade.
    Light Assault gets his XP by killing from behind, above, and everywhere in between.
    Sunderer drivers get their XP by having people spawn on them.

    All of the support roles get rewarded in other ways beyond just murdering people. If you play this game to murder people, play a Heavy Assault. It's what they're for. And yet despite that, let's look at the leaderboard for who has the highest Battle Rank...

    I see a guy who plays mostly Lightning tanks and Aircraft.
    Another guy who plays exclusively Scatmax.
    Another guy who plays exclusively Medic.
    And another guy who plays exclusively Light Assault.
    Being a Heavy isn't the only way to rank up in the game.
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  8. SixVoltSamurai

    Well, let's see.. if a class that isn't built to be in the front lines takes on a class that is, then you're playing to your enemies strengths. HA's are not the god class you're making them out to be, they just aren't. Stop trying to make them out as some impossible wall. They're easy to kill if you stick to the strengths of YOUR class, not theirs, play on their terms and you're disadvantaged and will be less likely to come out on top. Your statement about damage is also irrelevant, they don't somehow get higher damage weapons than the rest of the classes, just more bullets to shoot on average.

    Fixed that for you.
  9. Kyutaru

    You either don't know how effective turrets are at camping spawns, or underestimate their strength.
    While meant to be comical, the revive grenade truly does reap its own rewards in large base struggles.
    The list referred to support roles, as the statement that followed it indicated, so Sunderer XP was included to show that there's no such thing as a thankless job in PS2.
  10. strychzilla

    You discredited your argument with that statement. An HA can tactically handle a simple minded MAX with ease by landing 2 direct hits with a rocket. Any competent MAX player would eat up a squad with dual grenade cannons. HA's stand 0 chance when going toe to toe vs a MAX that knows what they're doing.
  11. VoidMagic

    HA is grunt. Grunt good. Many grunt good. zug zug.
  12. Zaik

    6/10. Little obvious but it seems to be effective trolling.
  13. Hellkyte

    A ground force of pure HA would get annhialated by a force with proper balance that had Infiltrators, LA, Medics, and Engineers/Maxs. LA alone is integral in any force unless you don't mind having people constantly shell you from behind with grenades and kill your sunderer with C4. And without medics your force is going to have to make a long run after every death. But without infiltrators/LA your own medics will be gettig sniped/grenaded constantly.

    You need a balanced force. I kill more people with LA than any other class because people don't realize this and rarely defend against LA.

    That said, the HA is the backbone of the assault. They are the ones that hold the front line of the oncoming Zerg and also the only ones capable of effectively fighting tanks/air.
  14. raw

  15. Trollcifer

    Well this thread is absolutely nothing like the "Too much incentive to play HA" thread right below it.

    These forums are getting annoyingly repetitive.

  16. Magnet1C

    I personally find threads like these hilarious.
    Considering I played PS1 for many years all I'm hearing is "There's too many Rexos with Heavy Assault / AV Combo!"
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  17. St3yN012

    I play CM the most and weapons like the CYCLER TRV just shred a heavy apart, if I only get the slightest edge in a gunfight vs a HA I will win despite his shield, and most of the time I don't into a 1v1 fight anyways. If we're talking balance heavy assault isn't 'OP' .

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