Heavy Assault Needs to Specialize

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  1. Vaul2501

    I agree that we have problem with HA( also infli, LA).
    IMO we have problem with medic and engineer being left behind.
    HA( and other 2) has too much self sustain ...med-kits, regenerating shield, reg implant, ammo printer.( plus LA have too much AV options, but that's different topic).

    My idea is to add "Battery System" into a game.

    Energy Shield and Class Skills would require battery charges to regenerate, and for those you would need resupply or have engineer to charge Your battery, same like he fix vehicles. Over-shield, Cloak, Jet-pack, Healing/Reviving. All would require engineer for sustain.

    Energy shield of all classes would also require battery charge if fully broken.
    Question is how many batteries each class should carry, but that thing is to be tested.
    Give engineer passive to regenerate own batteries over time like 1 battery every 30s or whatever.

    Also i think to add debuff for character without full health (green bar) Gun control, movement speed.
    To put more importance to medics healing ability. Battery system would be already a nerf to revive.
    Its also makes sense that wounded person doesn't perform well.

    examples of situations i have imagine would be affected.

    Solo PLAY.
    - High skilled HA holding point indefinitely from less skilled players. [With battery system his advantage would be diminished with time.]

    -LA chasing MBT in desert. I seen it a lot and its hilarious, its like elephant scared of mouse.[ With battery system LA would have to rely on ambush. if he's spotted, chasing vehicle wouldn't be so good idea because of limited fuel.]

    -Infli Snipers camping hills. With limited battery his ability to stay cloaked would be reduced. I Think distance is enough protection it self, cloak only should be used for defense in that situations. limited battery would also open more room for counter sniping.
  2. 00BloodAsp00

    too much HA´s in game. mostly killed by MG´s^^
  3. Gaarthar

    HAs always were the baseline firefight class with others being niche classes for fulfillig specific roles.

    For example medic are for healing and reviving - you naturally need less medics than primary frontline fighters, otherwise you'll just die a lot more and need even more medics.

    Engies are the driver/max repair/resuplly-support class - driving almost never goes together with infantry gameplay, so it is super niche, while max repairs aren't also very frequently needed as there are not always any maxes. This leaves ammo resupply , which is important, but can be done by even less players than in the Medics case.

    Infiltrators are either a sneaking or a sniping niche class, nuff said.

    LAs used to be a super nice class back in early dames of PS2 that was used either for C4 delivery, or for some minor harasment from roofs/tower tops. Now with the introduction of more toolls and implants LA can also be considered a primary firefight class that trades the toughness of HAs for verticality, mobility and movement speed. Ambusher jump jets are a godsend!

    So to sum things up - HA was and will be the baseline firefight class, so naturally there will be more of them than other classes. The classes were never meant to be equal and they don't need to be equally populated either, this is by design.