Heavy Assault Needs to Specialize

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  1. Havic

    I know this is an older post but disagree that heavies are op. If you rely on body shots to bring an HA down then yes you will be at a disadvantage from the shield. To counter, how about some nice well placed headshots?
  2. DeadlyOmen

    Alrighty then.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    i am already flanking him there should be no need to extra have to aim at the head ... and i said aim not a good shot meaning whatever the CoF of my weapon is its more likely to miss aiming for the head directly than aiming for the chest area were there is a chance of a bullet going to the head after a kickup .. aiming for the head directly is only truely viable with semiautos or sniperrifles in which case you DON`T want to have any infantry close to you .. especialy as a novice you should rather be in the second row ..

    see above ..

    seriously if the maincombatclass can ONLY reliably be brought down with headshots were all other nonmaxclasses can be taken out by CQC automaticweapons to the chest no problem then there needs to be a change ..

    you´re basicaly saying don´t play any other class unless you are capable of headshooting well ..
    sooo everyone should play and learn sniperinfill? blerghh ... no, heavies with overshields need a weakness at least at the backarea ..
  4. Machxin

    Dude I play heavy assault and played some others sometimes and I dont have trouble. Use a shotgun or smg or knife.Heavies are slow have one purpose, to destroy everything the need to destroy.
    I die plenty to players even low ranked ones sometimes. Perhaps the problem isnt with heavies its with cry ... wait for it.. babies.
    Stop trying to change the game to suit your demands. Let them fix things that need fixed and not alter gameplay to appease the salt makers.
  5. TR5L4Y3R

    thx for necro and a whole bunch of useless bla bla ..
    not even worth to give you a propper reply
    but yea lets keep the status quo so YOUR demands are suited ..
  6. Badman76

    Heavies specialise in combat, which is something engineers aren't good at. You shouldn't be having 1 vs 1 with them.

    As an engineer you should either be in a vehicle, supporting a max, supporting a squad or holding down a position with mines/barriers/turrets ect. Basically engineers aren't front line soldiers
  7. TR5L4Y3R

    both the engineer and the light assault have access to the same primary weapons- minus battlerifles for the LA ... LAjumpjets aside
    more so the engineer has a faster recharging shield
    it doesn´t matter if the engineer isn´t a frontline soldier because you can´t always avoid facing a heavy assault
    you can´t always assure to have teammembers alongside closing in to a position either as battles vary in size ..

    also this is a very specific situation were the engineer had the drop on the opponent and it wasn´t a straight up run into the heavy assaults front .. you are basicaly saying that the engineer should not ever be able to kill a heavy assault no matter the situation ..
    and this i disagree with ...
    also again even if i were a light assault i still may have lost that engagement ..
    are you saying that the light assault who is meant to be king of flanking should then also lose against the heavy assault despite having the drop on heavy assault?

    also how exactly is the engineer not good in combat?
    there is a argumenat to be made that carbines are better than lmg´s
    the thing Heavy assaults are rather known for are their shields and the fact that they carry rocketlaunchers with them ..
    however with mines a engineer may dispatch a vehicle quicker than the HA
    the engineer still has the AV turret even if being stationary ..
    the engineer may be worth than a HA in direct combat, but that doesn´t make him bad at it ..
  8. Badman76

    Engineers can't flank and easily get up close and personal like a light assualt can though, nothing to do with its weapons. And having a faster sheild recharge doesn't really help in a 1 vs 1. The light assualt is likely to engage the HA on his terms

    I still believe if a heavy and engineer ran into each other the heavy would win. If a heavy ran into a engineer who had time deploy is mines/barriers/turrets then the engineer is more likely to win.

    Engineers aren't good at combat compared to the other classes. HA have sheilds, LA can flank easily, Infiltrators have stealth and medics can selve heal whilst in combat.

    I was only going off your experience so I was only talking about infantry combat and not vehicle combat.
  9. TR5L4Y3R

    who does what easier was not the point of discussion though ..
    i´m talking about the situation were the engineer DOES manage to get in the back or flank of a heavy assault ..

  10. Badman76

    But in your case your not even aiming for the head, he probably was. As soon as you hit him he probably activated he sheild, saw your position on the map and aimed for your head. Hence why he managed to kill you again and again.

    Depends also if his gun was better then your gun at the range you were engaging him at.

    As you engaged him with your carbine, i took it that you didn't utilize your turret, or lure him into a trap, like into c 4 or mines or something
  11. Badman76

    What i would of done if i wasn't aiming for the head was to smoke him first, then shoot at him with a suppressed weapon with NV optics.
  12. TR5L4Y3R

    lot of ifs and possibilities

    when i got in his back i unloaded a magazine on him (with missed shots)
    after the mag i threw a sticky on him that connected
    then further shot half another mag in his direction

    in such a situation there isn´t much time to deploy a turret and if he indeed went for headshots than me being stationary would have made that easier, maybe he would have spotted me before the turret spawned and get out of the turrets direction

    the only mines i use on my engineer are vor AV
    engineers do not have access to smokegrenades unless (i think) ASP

    as said in one of my earlier posts in this thread what else did the HA have or manage to do?
    what implants, what shield, what suit? did he manage to quick heal? ..
    you dont´have full information about the equipment of your opponent nor how he killed you exactly
  13. Badman76

    Engineers have access to smoke grenade launchers
    Anyway, i think im deviating from what your asking.

    Tbh, you should of killed him then, The sticky would of got him if you already shot him first. Maybe he had resist sheild/flak armour/medkits with symbiote and survialist implants?
  14. FIN Faravid

    I think game should be built in such way that everyone should specialize not because they have to, not because they are forced to, but because just like in real life, that is best way to do things. If people want to be versatile and be able to do everything but not be brilliant at anything, they should be allowed to.
    Granted, it would make balancing bit harder. but still. It could even make many heavy assault players more focused on team work if they could do more for their team than just fight. I don't know.
  15. TR5L4Y3R

    the game is already build with specialcation in mind, that´s why we have classes
    that´s why certain vehicles have access to weapons other plattforms do not ..
    same with some classes having access to weapons and tools other classes don´t ..

    if we would have just a blank character to fill with weapons tools and abilities from a large common pool then more likely
    people would go with what is the metabuild and rather have little differences in the loadout and fewer players going for specialised roles ..

    heavy assaults are already the main gruntclass you meet at the front, so saying they do no teamwork is already wrong because of the very nature of what a heavy assault is, they are thrown in numbers to the grinder, and that is the most basic of playing together, you throw yourself into a atritiongame and see which side comes out better ..

    ... rather the classes that are less depended on "teamwork" are infiltrator or lightassaults the latter imo especialy as he´s more a commando to take out specific targets or flank enemies .. infiltrators on the other hand can sabotage or provide intel to offer the team a advantage .. infiltrator does not mean just sniping from afar and even then they take out keytargets (medics and engineers, other snipers) that keep a attack going .. and still all that does not mean that the light assault does not provide a advantage for the team ..

    teamwork is to coordinate all those factors and roles .. for that you need someone who can coordinate and lead ...

    that all aside each class still has a DEGREE to specialise torwards what a player feels more comfortable with ..
    the heavy assault can still have a infantry focused loadout, or a vehiclefocused one, one that is more second lane or in the face of his enemy ..
  16. Valskmey

    This is why I play Engineer; I'd prefer not to have the various crutches other classes have.
  17. Boosted24v

    I see no problem with the HA class, Every class has their strengths and weaknesses, HA's is front line combat, as others mentioned HA's specialization is combat, all types. Its probably the most used class because its the most forgiving to new players with slightly more HP/Shield than other classes and high rate of fire with LMGs. Yes skilled HAs will dominate combat but THAT is there purpose. Nerfing HA because you can't beat HA at what HA is best at as a non-HA class is the most ignorant thought imaginable. Should we nerf main battle tanks because they are inherently stronger armored combatants then light tanks? No. Same for infantry. You play your class to its strengths for the success of the TEAM. Stop trying to skip gaining skill to make it easier for yourself. I promise if you learn the game and how each class is played, or even take HA for a spin yourself you'll see its not even close to being OP.

    Heavy Assault - Front line fighters, breaching, point control
    Light Assault - Ambushing, flanking, fast attack
    Medic - Healing, reviving
    Engineer - MAX/Vehicle/deployable repair, area denial w/ mines & barriers, ammo resupply
    Infiltrator - Recon, hacking, medium-long distance marksmen

    Everyone supports the combat in their own way and playing as a team offers the best experience. The only "fix" to the problems posted by the non-HA players here is that you play with a team and support the goal of the attack or defense in the best way your class can. I can tell ya that I can wreck HAs as any class, just takes the skill and knowledge of your class/weapons.
  18. Danko

    They are already specialized, they are the front of any assault force and the tools at their disposal allows them to be perform that role.
  19. Clone117

    If ha had its av capability removed then id just have to demand a bipod and ammo bag for all lmgs to make them laser accurate while immobile.
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  20. KhlorosTesero

    Thats the job of the heavy assault, PS2 primarily takes place in CQC, and mid range, with the rare long range engagements.

    HA have access to both the SMG, shotgun, and LMG archtype weapons all really good for CQC and midrange, baring carbines and AR. On top of that, HA, also have the most health and the ability to keep going in these engagments. Its not that there is a problem with HA, its that most of the fighting done in PS2 favors HA abilities.