Heavy Assault - Best way to cert?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Kylln, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Kylln

    What's your opinion on which certs to equip for the Heavy?
    Run in, take over cap type play style. I guess I'm wondering most which is the best shield to use and why. I am also wondering what situations you would want to use Flak Armor (3b)

    1a. Medical Kit
    1b. Restoration Kit

    2a. Nanite Mesh generator
    2b. Adrenaline Shield
    2c. Resist Shield

    3a. Advanced Shield Capacitor
    3b. Flak Armor
    3c. Grenade Bandolier
    3d. Nanoweave Armor
    3e. Munitions Pouch
    3f. Ammunition Belt

    4a. Anti Vehicle Grenade
    4b. Concussion Grenade

    5. C4

    My Setup:
  2. Transvestosaurus

    I think most people use flak armor now. The nanoweave at level 5 only gives you something like 1 or 1.5 bullets worth of extra health, whereas flak armor 2 is enough to save you from mines, grenades, tank splash, rocket splash...

    EDIT - ...C4 splash, ESF and Lib splash, turret splash... Lasher splash (?)
  3. SeraphC

    1. Medical Kit. It instantly heals and it heals your entire HP. Restoration kit is a wast of certs. If you'll cert further levels of it (to be able to carry more at once) you'll make back the extra cost of the initial level.

    2. I'd say Nanite Mesh, that is provided you have the reflexes to turn it on at the right time.

    3. Nanoweave. The others are largely useless except for perhaps the Grenade Bandoleer.

    4. Stick with regular grenades. Concusion can arguably win you a fight, but it's kind of a niche role.

    5. C4 is made from sweet puppies and baby seals. Don't use it.
  4. forumo

    Medkit (No-brainer choice over Restoration kit. Full HP instantly vs part HP and takes time?)
    Resist Shield (so many threads show you can take as much as 3 shots more over NMG.)
    Nanoweave (Being able to take 1 more shot wins a lot of fights.)
    Antivehicle (many situations you lack the last rocket to take out the Sunderer's last HP, antivehicle grenade allows you to do so)
    No C4. It takes medkit slot. You never want to be without a medkit, its just too valuable. You already have rockets vs vehicles.

    This combo is the best all-round Assault. You are very strong against infantry, being able to take any on in 1v1.
    If you are assaulting vehicles only, switch to munitions pouch and C4.
  5. Kyutaru

    1) Neither. They suck. Bring a medic.
    2) Adrenaline Shield. After a single kill, it's already better than NMG. Resist Shield requires preactivation and foresight.
    3) Flak Armor. You are now immune to bouncing betties and getting one-shot by grenades, tanks, c4, ETC. TOTALLY WORTH IT!
    4) Skip the other grenades, the default is best.
    5) YES, TWO OF THEM! Instantkill sunderers, duel lightnings face to face, ***** FLASH, kill the Scatmax before it kills you, etc etc etc GET THIS AND LOVE IT!
  6. Quor

    A lot of people say Medkit, and I know why (for the above stated reasons) but I think if you're running resist shield, then Restokit is the better choice.

    Why? Because you can pop Restokit before you run into a hot spot (say, pushing out of a teleport room in a biolab), pop your resist shield, and the Restokit will heal you while your shield is up, letting you absorb more and more damage compared to without.

    Have yet to try it however.
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  7. StandardLogin

    Restoration Kit. It heals pretty quickly, and has a chance to heal MORE than the medkit. If you use it while taking damage, it can act as a bit of a buffer. It heals quick enough to be basically instant for me.

    Nanoweave can flat out beat flak armor in close quarters where there are no vehicles or air to do blast damage. Grenades are avoidable after all, but bullets, not so much. Combined with some restoration kits / medkits, you start to multiply its usefulness.
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  8. Saool

    Re: Restoration Kit. I have never seen this not heal me to full. Yes its over time but it is as fast as your shield regen, IE a few seconds at most. There really is not much difference between them, other than the Restoration kit is cheaper.
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  9. Syranorn

    Had a bug using medkit : sometimes it does not heal at all. So resto kit for me.
  10. Intruder313

    OP I think your setup is pretty much the best one though Flak Armour comes into play the moment your in an HE - heavy zone (e.g. Libs , Tanks about and/or grenade spam).

    I'm curious about the Concussion Grenade though. Does it have a warning indicator? Do you know when it's "hit" people? Do you actually find it useful compared to a Frag?
  11. AnuErebus

    1 = Med Kit - I use these over C4 on heavy all the time. As a heavy I'm much more likely to survive a fight with a little bit of health so I can pop back, heal and come out swinging again full force. Problem with C4 is that as a Heavy Assault you have a greatly reduced ability to place it compared to a LA so it's more or less a waste of certs on this class. The times I've wanted C4 instead of a Medkit are about 1 - 100.

    2 -Nanite Mesh Gen vs Resist is personal preference. I prefer Nanite Mesh Gen.

    3 - Nanowave. Level 4 nanoweave and I survive proximity mines and bouncing betties. You're also going to be shot at a lot more as heavy assault due to your placement in a fight. Flak is nice, but it's more for people in the back row or for fights against Vehicle zergs.

    4 - Anti -Vehicle vs lots of MAXs. But really the basic grenade is best for clearing rooms.
  12. Jarek

    1. Resto Kit for me - primarily because I use Resist Shield and I find the Resto kit useful to use proactively before breaching a room or whatnot. That extra healing can be the edge between living or dying. Though if one doesn't want to use them proactively, the Med Kit is probably better.

    2. Resist Shield for me. I used NMG for a while and it's a nice 'oh crap' ability, but I find the quick recharge too attractive with the Resist. Resist has to be used proactively to be useful though, so again, it's a playstyle choice.

    3. Nanoweave - useful with Resist Shield because those extra hit points are worth even more with the Resist Shield reduction. Though I use Flak Armor in some situations as well.

    4. Frags though I haven't tried the other two. But frags are just too useful for me to give up.

    5. I skip it and leave C4 for LA. I usually try to play as a team and I don't find I need C4 very often.
  13. hostilechild

    All these are situational so i tend to have 3 loadouts.
    Typically i use
    Resist Shield/Nanoweave in open areas or attacking, some tech/biolab defense until it becomes, rocket/explosion spam
    NMG/FLAK armor if we are setting up a AA/AV choke point
    Resist/Flak when i can't make my mind up :oops:
    Squad has medics so don't use resto kit much, but can see how if rushing a room you pop resist shield, resto kit then enter you have an advantage.

    Hear conc grenades are brutal, but have never been hit by one or used one. Might have to try it out.
  14. Noktdaz

    2a. Does the Resist shield still have that damage breakpoint?
    3b. Rank 4 Flak armor, won't leave my house without it :D + plowing through mines with the NMG active makes me feel like a badass :p
    4. Default grenades, though conc grenades seem to have a bigger area of effect.
    5. No C4, takes away the medkit.
  15. Netham

    Im surprised no one has said they cert into Adr. Shield. Its like NMG but better in every way...


    1a(Nice if I've over extended and need a heal without a medic suicide running. Otherwise...Medic!)
    2b(Like I said, Adr. Shield > NMG)
    3b(Too much HE spam to NOT use it)
    5(Cant carry with 1, so no certs here)
  16. Locke

    I actually prefer Advanced Shield Capacitor as a suit slot. Getting that shield back up is really important. Most "close" fights will leave you with no shield and a bit of hp missing and all to often the enemy will be closing on your position fast. I just pop restoration kit and a few seconds later my shield pops back up and I'm ready to keep fighting at near full capability.

    Playing another factions HA and not having it was incredibly noticeable in terms of the extra amount of time I would spend waiting for it to come up.
  17. Dalistro

    I initially had the restoration kit but moved to medical kit. The restoration kit does not heal 100%. From reading a post from a different topic people said it heals 75%, and from my observations using it myself, I agree with this. The only advantage of using restoration is if you use it with resist shield just before engagements, as mentioned above.

    And restoration kit is not cheaper overall anymore. Its actually more expensive by 30 certs when u reach level 3
  18. JohnnyMaverik

    1: I haven't used the restoration but the med kits are great, if I come out of a skirmish needing health I can just pop it and instantly back to full, even if I was on 1 bar. Have 2 now and they keep me in the fight way longer. I don't know if restoration keeps healing if you're taking damage, I presume not (like nanite repair) but if so it'd be worth considering.

    2: It's been proven the Resist shield prevents more damage than the Nanite Mesh, I used to use Nanite Mesh, I switched to Resist, I find my shield much more useful now. Haven't tried Adrenaline shield, could be useful for people who like to get into CQC and are a bit of a tank.

    3: Flak, I'd actually say have more than 1, but definitely one of them should be Flak. Your job as a HA is to go up against things firing shells at you, so Flak. I use Nanoweave more TBH but half the time I wish I'd switched to Flak, Nanoweave needs a slight buff IMO, if you do the math it doesn't give you much for the amount of certs you have to put into it.

    4: I use Concussion at the moment and when it works properly it's great, as in I win insane CQC fights because they aren't fights, just me running into a room and shooting 2 dudes running into a wall and another /yelling that his aim is bugged, however half the time I chuck it through a window or door, am not looking through the window or door, am not in front of the window or door, but it stuns me. Blast radius is way too high ATM, if they lowered it it'd be more viable, at the moment it's a bit iffy although great fun when it goes right (has won me more than one 1 vs 1 Max encounter as well). No idea about AV, never tried it never talked to anybody who has, Frag are of course pretty damn useful and I'm probably going to change back to them instead of rolling with concussion, way cheaper to restock as well.

    5. Yes, very useful, I believe it carried across classes like the med kit and restoration kit certs do? Not sure as I haven't managed to get them yet. Even if they don't, if you use HA as your main C4 could come in handy (don't think you can carry it and a med/res kit though).

    Anyway, my set up at the moment would be 1a, 2c, 3d, 4b. What I'm certing towards, 1a, 2c, 3b, 5a.
  19. Saool

    I can only tell you my own experiences and it does full heal. I've been effectively on 0 several times before and it always restores to full. Further more if you pop one just before combat and take damage during that combat it keep healing beyond your base max. However I have not tried this myself so cannot confirm it.

    I'm not sure why others would report 75%. I do know that taking an action such as cloaking however does interrupt the heal at whatever point it is at.
  20. Noktdaz

    I can also confirm that resto kit doesn't heal me fully and 75% healing seems to be pretty accurate.

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