Heavy Assault Armors: NMG vs Resist Shield, which is better?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by GrandRise, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. GrandRise

    I know lots of people have been asking the same but, I need to know the latest information (at least from the latest patch in March 2013) about the differences between NMG and Resist Shield, perhaps in the terms of usage?

    Which shield is better for battles between buildings (close quarter and medium range)?
    And does resist shield decrease damages as well from explosion?

    My current build is NMG 3 and Nanoweave Armor 4, and I use C4. For medium to long ranged battles against armored division, I use RL, and for close, also RL, C4 and AV grenade.

    Share us your experience using these shields!
  2. Tommyp2006

    well here's my opinion of it. Resist shield is better, only if you remember to turn on the shield before you engage in a firefight. It's useless if your shield is down. NMG is great if you are like me and forget to turn it on until the last second and it saves you long enough to get into cover
  3. AnuErebus

    I see the two of them as having different roles. The NMG is reactionary, you pop it when you take fire. The Resist shield is precautionary, you pop it when you think you're about to face an enemy. Beyond that there's not much of a different. Personally I find the NMG to be more useful since a lot of the time the most dangerous enemies are the ones that start hitting you before you know what's going on and I can still pop it as a precaution going around corners. NMG also is just as effective at full health as it is at 1/3rd your regular health. Resist may ideally block more damage but NMG is more versatile.

    Adrenaline shield is the best at max rank though. It's essentially an NMG but by killing people you get more shield. If you play well enough it allows for a lot of extra shield regen. And it recharges slowly on its own as well so it's just all around wins. =P
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  4. Maellean

    Between just the NMG shield and the Resist shield, resist is technically better. It's a straight and constant 45% reduction in damage while the shield is on. The one caveat is that you need to pop resist shield on before you take more than 1 or 2 bullets. The less health you have remaining, the less effective Resist shield becomes. NMG however works the same no matter if you have 100% health or 2%. NMG is basically another layer of expandable shields.

    Now if you're going to be storming into rooms of people I think Resist is better. You throw a concussion grenade in, turn on Resist before you enter and then start spraying. It's kind of the same if you are moving around a building and think you might run into someone around the corner. Turn on shield and turn the corner. Resist shield has the fastest recharge speed and longest duration of all shields, so popping it on and off all the time is how I have been using it.

    I'm not sure about explosion damage, but that is why you can cert into the wonderful Flak armor :)

    Right now I am starting to cert into Adrenaline Shield and to be honest, with only 2 ranks into it, it's worse than 1 rank of resist shield. This is supposed to change once you throw enough points into Adrenaline Shield so that it regens a nice chunk of your shields as you put down enemies.
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  5. YesNoMaybe

    I have both adrenalin 5 and resist shield 2 (upgrades only seem to work for some people, unfortunately i am not one of them :S). I use them both with flak Armour 4.
    I would rate the shields adrenalin 5 > resist shield > NMG.

    A good thing about adrenalin and NMG is that I don't have to activate it till I start taking damage. This allows me to stay less visable and not glow like a light. Its also better to for running to cover, since you don't want to activate the shield when running to cover as it alerts enemies and slows you down.

    The resist is also a good choice as it stacks well with flak armour and it beneifts more from nanoweave armour than the Adrenalin/NMG. You get 79% resistance with flak and about double the hp bonus of nanoweave when the shield is activated. It is worse at running to cover since when you start taking damage without ur shield on it will provide you with less effecting hp.
    The uptime is also very good as its only 17seconds and you do not need to wait for it to be full to have maximum effective hp.

    I use adrenalin 5 myself since each kill essentially gives me 175hp, and I primary play HA

    I certed resist 1 first since I believe its so much better than NMG. If you aren't going to heavily invest in your heavy assualt then I would recommend getting resist level 1 since adrenalin 5 will cost you 2250certs and resist 1 will cost you 50certs.
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  6. YesNoMaybe

    Resist with flak armour 5 will basically make you god. You can surive 4 c4/anti-personnel mines/tank mines at once
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  7. Noktdaz

    Yes it does if the damage inflicted isn't above the resist shield's breakpoint threshold, meaning that direct hits from tank shells or rockets still OHK even with Flak Armor 5. Ploughing through mines with a resist shield and Flak 5 only does like 25% shield damage per mine.
  8. Maellean

  9. KnightCole

    I like the NMG better personally. Its more abuseable, Resist sounds like you have to have osmosis to know if your being attacked and have it on before your shot at. I just run around and lone wolf it usually. NMG is good for me, has worked just fine for 450 some odd kills, but has failed for like 120 deaths...so meh.
  10. Shanther

    Between NMG and Resist it really falls down into a playstyle difference. Resist Shield the most effective if you activate it before you enter combat AND have full health. If you tend to find yourself not always a full health and or activate your shield mid combat or so NMG is better.

    However I think Adrenaline Shield is better then either. It has the same recharge speed of stock NMG (60 seconds) but once you get a few ranks into it you start recharging nice chunks by killing people. If you have at a KD of above one, its better. Just my thoughts.
  11. GrandRise

    Yeah, I think I need it to play offensive/aggresive gameplay and use Resist Shield rather than using NMG.. I found myself sometimes NMG does not help when I'm under attack while charging in a room.
  12. GrandRise

    Yes, that what goes in my mind as well. Using Resist Shield is more effective at full health while NMG protects you while we dont have enough health. This shield choosing really quite depends on the battle situation and gameplay.

    My conclusion, Resist Shield is more aggressive and NMG is for more defensive.

    Well played. Thank you guys for the information!
  13. Bill Hicks

    Resist for biolabs when you have 987896787687 medics healing you.

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