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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by RzeznikZLasu, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. RzeznikZLasu

    I am playing TR and want to know few questions.
    1) Which rocket luncher is most useful?
    2) I have seen few HA who shotted 2 rockets at the same time yesterday.(i have seen that couple of times this week) My friend has seen it too i wonder how its possible or its only display bug or how to do it?
    3) For cert farming rocket launchers are good or not?
    4) if you can buy some rocket luncher for 1000 CR what would you buy and why?

    I am considering buying rocket luncher but i don t know which is worth to buy.
    Thank you for help in advance.
  2. InducedApathy

    Default launcher is the best one as it's free and does great damage. Avoid the lockon launchers like the plague (they suck horribly and don't function g2a anyways). The new ones just added I would wait a couple weeks until you can find some more people using them and go from there. I've seen people saying they've picked up the new launchers but can't equip them etc. Typical stuff from SOE I imagine going by how bad the g2a launcher is (again it doesn't even do damage).
  3. Grrrumpy

    I disagree with Mr. InducedApathy. I prefer the lock on ones. I have one loadout with the Anti Air and one with the Anti tank lock launcher. If I pack the wrong one I can still dumbfire it.

    Yes, it does less damage but I have seen tanks retreat and break a battle line just because you lock on them.

    Furthermore: My killrate with the lock on ones is about 10times higher than my killrate with the basic launcher.
  4. LameFox

    The double rocket thing is just the game being weird. To the person who fired it there's only one, the other is just some weird phantom.
  5. Tvayumat

    Grrrumpy hits on a very important, though not exp granting, aspect of the lock on launchers (particularly the air launcher).

    The target doesn't know when you fire, just when you are acquiring lock and when you are locked. Generally I can just wave my AA launcher in the air and at least force strafing pilots to pull off their course, or make a liberator keep distance.

    Also, if you wait to fire until AFTER they pop flares, you don't waste a missile.
  6. X3Killjaeden

    The standard launcher is very solid, and after a bit of practice you can guess pretty efficiently where you have to aim. The lock-on G2G launcher (don't have the other ones) is solid, is it worth the 1000 certs for a beginner? Propably not. As someone who has done that I would recommend to rather invest that into an aircraft weapon (A2A or A2G missiles) of your choice, or another vehicle gun. Perhaps Armor Piercing Turret for your MBT/Lightning so you can pull that out if you need good AV power. Plus they are not that cert-expensive.
    I don't find the G2G launcher worthless, because you can engage agile tanks at long and medium distances, and the capability to shoot behind obstacles or hot the back/side/top of an armor even if you see a different side of it. But it has lower damage and since recently it has horrible horrible drop and speed. It was way better before, flying almost in a straight line, which was the main reason why i put my first 1000 certs in it.

    For cert farming, rocketlaunchers are absolutely horrible. Spamming missiles at a tank battleline is basically rewardless and a thankless task, as all have some engineers there. Not worth the time imo, better go and shoot infantry. I do notice that i get more kills with the lock on G2G, but doing less damage/time. Simply because i can time my hits better, and if other players shoot missiles at the target i can time my shot right so that it is a kill, as the chances of hitting are greatly improved. Or fire a homing missile when the target attempts to retreat and kill it that way, as hitting with dumbfire is very hard against moving targets in medium ranges. And the drivers know that. For certfarming you need a vehicle or very very good infantry skills. You need to learn how to use the vehicle effectively too though, but it's easier having big guns and armor compared to as infantry obviously.
  7. Conq

    Decimator and Annihilator. That's all you need.

    Annihilator locks on at long rang to aircraft and vehicles but can't dumb fire. Very useful for offensive attacks and air defense.

    Decimator only dumb fires but does incredible damage. Vital for defensive battles when tanks are at your spawn door.
  8. ErrantPilot34

    I just bought the Annihilator today with my last bit of SC and I gotta say it was my best SC purchase without a doubt, it doesn't do extreme damage but if you wait for air vehicles to get injured a lot you can finish them off for a nice XP gain.
  9. Draknar

    I am still having issues with the "Grounder". It frequently breaks lock after I fire without the use of flares, and I have yet to damage a liberator with it because every single rocket seems to do no damage.

    Does the Annihilator have better physics? I'm hesitating to purchase it because I don't want it to be broken like the Grounder. (I used it on trial but no libs...now I need to wait a month :p)

    Btw, 3 patches ago the Grounder worked fine. Not great, but it wasn't broken like it is now. Is there any word on when it will be fixed? (I was hoping for it to be fixed in the last patch).

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