[Suggestion] Heavies Overshields Are OP.

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  1. BattleMage

  2. Shinrah

    Don´t see the problem. HA´s are meant for face to face combat. They´re also the primary anti VHC class, albeit not the best since engineers can be way deadlier over great ranges.
    Every single class in this game has it´s purpose, role, and playstyle. Personally, I play LA because it´s not limited by terrain and thx to C4 I can take care of the occasional VHC that bugs me.
    Also even with extra HP, in this game the type of weapon and your reaction time are way more deciding of the outcome. If the HA shoots 2nd, and you have the right type of weapon (for example a Shotgun in CQC) he goes down just like any other class.
  3. Simferion

    If it's really so OP you should get a better KDR than you do. But that's not happening.
  4. BattleMage

    Yes, your right. Its never gonna change. This is the reason why Buzzcut and many other have left Planetside 2 because SOE refuses to make even mild changes to the game (especially to classes). SOE rarely does what their fans want them to (k/d token is still on the roadmap, server trans token been delayed for over 8 months, east coast servers were not merged, etc). Its no suprise that server pop has been slowly decreasing over the months and SOE has had layoffs. People have been playing battlefield 4 instead of this game because SOE refuses to make changes that people want.

    So if wanting to make the game better makes me a "pansy", then I'm a pansy. You and your nonpansy friends can go enjoy your unbalanced game. :)
  5. BattleMage

    When my squad lead tells me to rush the point, I rush the point regardless of how outnumbered I am. This leads to me dieing over and over again alot. I dont have a high K/D like some spawn room hero's do.
  6. Simferion

    Neither am I because I'm always rushing to the point and trying to cap it back ;) Thinking I'm a spawn room hero shows us you are just either trolling or remembering us the prophecies of some doombringers of the past: my most kills weapon is a Pump action shotgun both with the NC and the VS character. If you play more you'll learn how it's useful from a spawn room.:rolleyes:
  7. Hibiki54

    It's clear that you just will not understand and even brought up THAT dude's name.

    You might want to stick to BF4 or COD. Planetside2 is obviously not a game for you.
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  8. Purg

    Top 10 score most played class.

    Light Assault. Heavy Assault use = 0%
    Engineer. Heavy Assault use = 2%
    Light Assault. Heavy Assault use = 17%
    Engineer. Heavy Assault use = 26%
    Heavy Assault = 54%
    Engineer. Heavy Assault use = 16%
    Infiltrator. Heavy Assault use = 8%
    Engineer. Heavy Assault use = 13%
    Engineer. Heavy Assault use = 8%
    Medic. Heavy Assault use = 4%

    Monumental Fail.
  9. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Attempts to balance this game off the frustration of others needs to stop.

    Sure, when I come across an enemy Heavy Assault, only to have them activate their shield, I die. Well, you're not supposed to be a Jack of all trades in this game, capable of tackling any task at hand within any given situation...there's supposed to be times where you're going to falter and fail. There's going to be times in a war game where you are FRUSTRATED. If you think that you can play a war game without frustration.......................................chances are it's not a very good war game.
  10. The Rogue Wolf

    And they can set down powerful turrets that don't require ammunition, and they can set down ammo packs that will resupply all infantry weapons- including rocket launchers.

  11. Luighseach

    Heavies will always outperform other infantry in 1v1 situations and even 1v2. It is their design. However you can kill a heavy 1v1 as the other classes but only if you are really good or he is really bad. It is what it is. Without the shield the Heavy become a stock infantry class that can use the LMGs which are only okay weapons.

    I find Heavies to be exactly what they should be. If you want to fight them then pull a medic or another heavy. Medics can 1v1 a Heavy if they get the drop on them and use cover(which is another thing altogether with the way client side works in this game).

    Also heavies are also meant to be the max stopper. That is why they need the shield and the rocket launcher because without it the only viable option would be C4 bating which doesn't work half the time.

    However if you want raw data about Heavy play go to the http://stats.dasanfall.com/ps2/news/ which has a ton of stats from the top players. Might find something to support your claim but most people find Heavy to be perfect they way they are at the moment.
  12. Luighseach

    Just looking of this statement. The only class that doesn't have Two ablilites is LA. Medics and heal and AOE heal. It is two separate. Engineers have 3 abilities. They can have ammo down, repair, and put up a av/ai turret. Infil has darts and cloak while LA just have maneuverability which makes up for not having a second ability.
  13. MurderBunneh

    After playing HA 85% of the time for a year I think they are pretty much trash at this point. For me Medic with a Reaper is the go to AI.

    The shield is really not worth it anymore. Bright light, slow movement, doesn't protect against head shots it's trash. LMG inferior in every way to AR except mag size ammo capacity. I will take self healing the ability to rez and the best guns in the game sign me up for medic unless I need to kill some vehicles.
  14. deggy

    Your criteria are flawed.

    Medics are OP. If you could pull stats for amount of damage healed, all the top players would be Medic.

    See what I did there? That's what you just did with Heavy Assault.
  15. Axehilt

    Changes that should happen:
    • Give LA more utility. Currently there isn't a reason to take them in organized play. They need either a great core class ability (on par with recon darts at least), and/or more consistent level design support (for example if every capture point room had a perch with partial cover which provided excellent coverage of the room and was only accessible by LAs.)
    • Give Infiltrators more utility.Because of how darts work, the class doesn't scale to the size of conflict and in organized play there's little reason to take more than 1 or 2. They're not in terrible shape (they're fantastic for unorganized play) but basically you want to have a high ratio of durability (MAXes) and rocket-users (HAs) in your organized squad, so taking more than the 1-2 you need for darts.
      • Oddly enough if you limited infiltrators to 1 active dart at a time, that would create a strong reason to bring more.
    • Balance Medic Revives.
      • Medics spawn with 5 revive charges. (one charge regenerates every 30 seconds, up to the max of 5.)
      • If you have a charge, revive is instant and costs a charge.
      • If you don't have a charge, revive takes 6 full seconds.
    Things which should've been true at launch, but can realistically never happen now:
    • Split up Heavy Assault. A class with simultaneous access to the best AI and best AV weapon is a bad design. Basically we should've had an LMG class with the best sustained-output infantry weapon, and an AV class with rockets, carbine, and energy shield.
    • Balance MAXes. Remove the resource cost, and make them powerful against the classes they're strong against (the LMG class) and weak against the others (especially the AV class) This creates a situation where in organized play you're going to jockey position to make sure the right frontline hits the enemy at the right time. They will still feel like powerful, plodding death machines (just like Heavy Weapons Guys in TF2 feel like powerful, plodding death machines) but they will no longer be overpowered.
    • Vehicle class variety. It's boring to be forced to always be engineer in vehicles (which constitutes a very large portion of the game.) It'd be better if every class had the ability to repair their vehicle, but additionally provided a unique passive benefit:
      • Heavy Assault: your vehicles take 10% reduced damage.
      • Light Assault: your vehicles have 10% increased top speed.
      • Engineer: when damaged, your vehicle auto-repairs 12% of that damage over 8 seconds.
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  16. MurderBunneh

    I am sorry when you say best AI weapon what are you referring to? I am genuinely curious.
  17. Kanil

    This, so many times over.

    The best anti-infantry class being the best anti-vehicle class highly limits the relevancy of tanks. Let's get a real anti-tank class, then buff the heavy to be the premier AI class.
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  18. Sathayorn

    Likely referring to the LMG.
  19. Axehilt

    LMGs. Although admittedly I have a hard time seeing what works best for lower K/D players. High K/D players place less value on effective TTK and more on magazine size (they're optimizing for sustained killing rather than bursting down their first opponent.)
  20. MurderBunneh

    Sorry I don't see this often. When I watch videos most times they play LA. In a 1v1 match LMG are the worst guns. But whatever.