[Suggestion] Heavies Overshields Are OP.

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  1. RogueVindicare

    This is partially false. Medics also revive people, which is related to but different from healing them. I can heal myself on any class with a med kit. I can't revive myself, or anyone else, except as a medic. Engineers can also use turrets, and provide ammunition to fellow soldiers to sustain firing lines in the field.

    The point is MOST classes have multiple abilities to provide to the fight. LA and MAXes (and lesser extent, Infils) are the ones who are lacking in team support roles.
  2. BobSanders123

  3. Leander0172

    Just make them move & turn slower than normal classes, this is a concept also used in Blacklight Retribution (Hardsuit) and it works extremely well. Problem solved
  4. RogueVindicare

    HA already does move slower when their shields are up.
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  5. FA_Q2

    You don’t know of a better way because the stats DO NOT prove what you say at all. They directly counter it. On that same list LA is also more prevalent as is medics. Essentially, you are incorrect – please accept it.
  6. Leander0172

    Movement is not the problem, the turning is. Which makes it easier to quickly target an enemy and kill <- Advantage
  7. BattleMage

    I agree with almost everything you just said.

    "Engineers can heal vehicles AND they can deploy turrets, plus hack other panels."
    Turrets are kinda OP but becasue they are situational and are immobile I guess they are ok.

    "MAX s can engage with land & air as well as infantry + they have their bulk on their side."
    MAXes dont count because they require resources and countdown timer to pull. I dont consider MAXes an infantry class but instead a vehicle that can be pulled from infantry terminal.
  8. RyanGUK

    Thanks, yeah with turrets they have the immobility but then you can get the mana turrets which are just... ridiculous, but that's for a different thread.

    I see what you mean about MAXes though, never really looked at it like that but yeah you're right. As somebody said earlier but recently in the thread, I think it's more the point that some classes actually need more abilities as they haven't been given enough. I mean, jetpacks for LAs? That's nice, you get to fly around like a clay pigeon waiting to get shot. It'd be nice to see the LA get like, dual wielding pistols or something crazy like that. Dual wielding SMGs when you're flying through the air on a jetpack? YES PLEASE.
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  9. BattleMage

    Your stats dont take vehicles into account (thats why they are all engis) and there is NO WAY to filter vehicle kills from the stats leaderboard. The stats cant prove me right but they dont prove you right either. Please try to contribute something constructive to this thread instead of being a dismissive smart ***.
  10. Simferion

    I don't know but since what update do we get points for kills only?
  11. FA_Q2

    I have. I directly refereed to LA and medics (in kills btw - NOT score). Is your contention that they are higher on the leaderboard than HA’s because of vehicles as well?

    Again – the stats show that you are incorrect in your contention. Rather than saying I am not contributing (though I have actually posted stats and you have not) and stating I am being a smart *** how about YOU post something that actually supports your contention.
  12. BattleMage

    If you look at YOUR OWN STATS that YOU POSTED. Then you will see that LAs and medics are a minority and Engis are the majority. Since most people play engis in vehicles, that suggests that IM RIGHT when I say most of those kills are vehicle kills.
  13. BattleMage

    This thread is about how much more effective the heavies are at killing than other classes are. Kills are the only stat thats relevant in this thread.
  14. Ravenorth

    HA shield will probably never be touched too much, Planetside 2 is pretty hard game when it comes to infantry gameplay, so a class like HA with powerful shield is popular for a reason. It makes bad players feel they are not totally bad, because they have a good chance to kill other classes in direct gunfights with help of their shield.

    At the same time good players can feel even more badass, since along with their good aiming/situational awareness they also get powerful shield, which grants them further upper hand against bad/average players, so they can more easily pad their k/d to feel super 1337.

    Which proves this is that every single time someone suggests a nerf for HA, this happens:

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  15. Hibiki54

    But, that is exactly what you said, or intended to say. Because a Heavy Assault with his overshield is too much for you to 1v1 in a straight up match against your non-HA class. So by definition, the HA is OP because you lost when you should have done something else to win.

    A non-HA can beat a dedicated HA. You just need to L2P and discover how to do it.

    Also, HA is a killing class. Of course they are suppose to be the best killers in this game. Which is why they are called "Assault" and not "Anti-Tank/Rocketeer".
  16. nubery

    Why does everything need to be nerfed by you cry babies? ADAPT TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT.
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  17. BattleMage

    You clearly were not listening when I said one of my accounts is a heavy (https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428147970879154049) and it feels unfair to other players when I use it. I have 4 different account that are around battle rank 30 and have been playing for 4 months. I think I know how to play.
  18. Simferion

    Then the thread is nonsense.
    HA , LA and Infiltrators are classes strongly oriented to raking kills, while Engies and Medics have strong support roles too.
    As repeated millions of time, HA can rake kills face to face, while LA uses mobility and Cloaker uses stealth.
    Moreover you literally rake more kills as LA or SMG infiltrator than a HA if you drop in targets rich environment.

    Using kills only is just a cherry picking tactic: the game doesn't revolve around kills only.
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  19. Hibiki54

  20. Tuco

    Which shield is better? The one that takes damage or the one that mitigates damage?