[Suggestion] Heavies Overshields Are OP.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BattleMage, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. BattleMage

    Is it any surprise that almost all MLG players play exclusively as heavies? Heavies are the only class that have an ability that gives them a 1.5x bonus to their overall health. Because of the heavies overshield the heavy can out perform any other class in direct close-medium range combat (except MAXes).

    Look at your stats SOE. Very rarely will you see heavies killed by other classes unless they are outnumbered, flanked, or not paying attention. The overshield gives heavies an advantage over all other classes and should not exist. The heavies rocket launcher gives him the ability to engage air/land vehicles at range and should be the only thing that sets him apart from other classes.

    Currently the heavy is a "tank" class. The heavy should be a anti vehicle class, not a "tank". "Tank" classes belong in MMORPG's, they do NOT belong in balanced MMOFPS's.

    Please do away with heavies overshields.

    Thank you for your consideration. :)
  2. Necron

    I do agree that HA have too much utility, but damned if I know what to do about it. If you took away their shields, what ability would you give them to replace it?
  3. Bulltahr

    That's why they are called "Heavy" otherwise they would be "light". Just shoot them anywhere in the eye and they will go down juat the same.............
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  4. Shockwave44

    This is another, nerf this because it killed me thread.
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  5. Shanther

  6. Winfield

    The shield itself in my opinion is not OP, it's the multifunctionality that's given to the Heavy.

    This is an easy fix:

    Make heavies choose between the Shield or the Rocket Launcher.

    Oops, I fixed it.
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  7. Mastermind

    Max OP tank OP long range weapons OP radar OP sound OP explosives OP internet OP
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  8. zuka7

    By your logic light assault should loose the jet pack because that gives them unfair advantage as they access inaccessible areas and shoot from it.

    Engeniers should loose their turrets, and only drop ammo and Nerf the repair tool.

    Medics should only be able to patch wounded.
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  9. Mhak

    The purpose of Heavies is to survive frontline combat. If they survive, that naturally means their enemies are probably dead.

    Every class has different utility, HA's is survival. Take that away and you might as well remove the entire class, all they'd have left are their unique weapons.
  10. Astriania

    Shield got nerfed in the last patch (it doesn't stack with nanoweave any more). I don't think it's unbalanced.
  11. d3adline

    The Medic's and Engi's tools give them an unfair advantage, because they are able to keep the assault going, and they are able to farm certs much faster than any other infantry class.

    The Infil's cloak and the LA's jetpack give them an unfair advantage, because they are able to flank enemy positions much better than any other infantry class.

    Please SOE, remove them all, signed a customer!

    Seriously, you "nerf X and Y because it killed me" people are starting to piss me off so damn much...
  12. Necron

    Na, LA only have 3 suit slots as it is.
  13. jiggu

    Everyone point and laugh at the troll
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  14. Purg

    Not sure if serious?! Please provide a list of MLG players so we can check.

    The first word of your title is 'Heavy', yet you want to remove what makes them a Heavy. Have we reached a point that we've run out of things to cry about that we now choose legitimate perks to have a whinge?!

    On a tangent, Medics are OP. They heal damage I've inflicted on enemy making it harder for me to kill. Plz nerf.
  15. BattleMage

    ^^ THIS ^^
  16. BattleMage

    I never said any of that and it is not "my logic". Stop trying to put words into my mouth.
  17. RyanGUK

    I always play as a heavy, just because I like a bit of protection when I'm getting lampooned by a bunch of snipers, I can switch on my overshield and run away like a headless chicken.

    I don't think we're OP though, we go down just like everybody else & if you shoot in the right place, we usually can't retaliate. What I'd say to you is, if you think heavies are OP and they don't go down easy... WHY AREN'T YOU PLAYING AS ONE? :p
  18. BattleMage

    The purpose of heavies should be to attack air/land vehicles at range, something no other class can do. No class should have better survival as a ability.
  19. BattleMage

    Its easy, go on your server and go to the leaderboard for the whole server. Take the top ten highest scoring players and look them up on https://players.planetside2.com/. You will find that almost all of them play as heavies most of the time.
  20. Luighseach

    That is kind of the point of heavies though. They are supposed to be the room clearer when you can't pull a max. I don't find anything wrong with the overshield. Also with the latest LMG nerf I find that the heavies are right were they should be. A heavy can't go all day without medics and engis and they can't fly or put down darts like LAs and Infils. They do there job and do it well. Taking away the Overshield would be like taking a medics/engis tool away. (well they have a rocket) well medics have AOE heal and Engis have a turret.

    Overall I don't find them to be a problem. They are supposed to easily 1v1 support classes, LA, and Infils. They are the main infantry class in the game. I mean its not like Heavies outperform medics and engis for score.
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