[Suggestion] Heat mechanic guns are OP!!!

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  1. REZistance

    SOE, can you extend the heat mechanic to the Immortal please? I'm not sure why it was left off of the list to begin with, but cmon, please, do a brother a favor.. Heat me up!
  2. Maxor

    For those that still haven't noticed the heat mechanic is more of trial run for a new empire benefit for VS because ever since launch, as much as people who never have used it praise it, no bullet drop is more of a hindrance than a benefit. It is only advantageous with semi-auto snipers and when you single fire a weapon at long distance but even still that only helps at long distance on non moving targets.

    Vanu players having been asking for a new empire benefit since early beta (I would know, I was in beta). I personally have no qualms with no bullet drop myself but that added vertical recoil is what kills most of the auto VS guns.

    The downside to the heat mechanic on these weapons is they require really good accuracy and awareness on the battle field. If you get rushed by 2 enemies you maybe able to drop one of them in desperation but then the weapon over heats before you can take the second. I only have the Betelgeuse but I'd imagine the tactics are the same for the rest. The user needs to continually be thinking of where to place themselves to maximize their advantage over their opponent. The goal is to force the enemy into 1v1 situations or leave your self in a position where you can escape and whittle their force down.

    I find the Betelgeuse acts best as a close quarters shoot and go gun where you attack 1v1 and move on before others catch on to you. Much like being a cloacker with an SMG.

    The heat mechanic weapons (or at least the Betelgeuse) do require a smarter and more accurate player to truly bring out their potential.

    On a side note: I've been using the Betelgeuse for several weeks now and after the past hotfix I noticed the bloom was off. After comparing it to the Orion i've confirmed something is bugged with the recoil on the Betelgeuse (or maybe just my Betelegeuse) leaving it solely as an under 20m weapon because even when burst firing 3-4 rounds 1-2 rounds stray far too much to the sides compared to Orion. I'm noticing a horizontal drift pattern on the Betelgeuse of it going right then after 5 rounds going left then right then left etc. I know the Orion has some horizontal drift but not to this degree.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else noticed/has had this happen? With any of aurax guns.
  3. Xind

    Actually, I can kind of see that as an empire benefit. Engineers laying down heat disapation fields that reduce your heat level when weapons are not being discharged faster. I do think it would be considerably difficult to balance out never reloading and infinite ammo, though...as an army wide advantage. TR have more ammo in the mag and are penalized with insane reload times to compensate.

    None the less, The Betelgeuse stands out in a way none of the other Reward weapons do, and while it may be bugged, you specifically shot me in the head five times while I was running into a room without a moments notice or warning. It's that sort of thing that I encounter with every 'Juice User' 5 head shot dings in a row and suddenly dead. Maybe they're all ridiculously good players, or maybe the weapon is way too accurate...hard to judge.
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  4. Ragmon

    Funny how this is coming from a TR player. As a TR you spawn as a HA, hold the fire button walk to the nearest capture point, and eventually die, while not reloading at any point due to the magazine size. I didn't even know the TR knew of that they can reload, they probably think you have to die to reload. :D
  5. Golconda

    Lololol TR high capacity lmgs have the same ammo count as you can obtain on a NC Em1, try fail harder pls
  6. Ragmon

    Yea, but it wouldn't have sounded as good if I mention that the NC and the VS had guns with 100 bullet capacity, that and that the GODSAW has the same amount of ammo capacity as the Butcher. The way I said it implies that the TR still has has a faction trait (higher ammo cap. being one of em, AFAIK).
    Now see you ruined the joke, by me having to explain it to you dense-as-PS2-walls types. :D
  7. CorporationUSA

    That sounds awful. Glad I'm not VS.
  8. SpruceMoose

    you just couldnt fit into the spandex
  9. NinjaTurtle

    Nope, you are wrong OP

    All VS weapons should have this mechanic.

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  10. Maxor

    I wish I could get constant head shot sprees! :(

    What you are most likely experiencing is what most of us do when facing someone with 750 rpm or up gun. They barrage you with so many rounds that you just drop dead without being able to fight back mostly due to the server not running as smoothly as it should.

    But ya it could just mostly be that they are experienced players since they did have to Auraxium 5 other guns. I've lost to most Butcher users i've faced with the same outcome you described.
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  11. iller

    except for NC, theyr'e too stupid to coordinate an advantage with anything they have in the first place
    ...Nerfing them is redundant
  12. Prudentia

    if i remember correctly, after you killed someone you already shot so many bullets (8-10) that the time for the weapon to cooldown is longer than the reloadspeed of the weapon
  13. sagolsun

    Mass Effect 1 had a heat mechanic instead of old-fashioned bullets, 'cuz it's the future.

    Players hated it because reloading adds player-controllable pacing and meaningful tactical choice to combat, whereas heat is more arbitrary.

    ME2 quickly switched over to ammo-based guns, handwaving the lore from previous games.
  14. FieldMarshall

    Please dont nerf everything.
    Make something equally unique and useful for NC and TR weapons instead.
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  15. TheKhopesh

    The Betelgeuse is my only complaint worthy pick for a heat mechanic gun.
    The others are difficult to manage with their low ammo, but I've never killed someone that took over 40 rounds (I'm fairly certain the Betelgeuse overheats on the 44th consecutively fired shot) without me having royally screwed something up and deserving to get gunned down.

    So with the Betelgeuse, you can blast anywhere from 1-3 HA's (or 3-5 regular nanoweave 5 infantry) and duck back without ever having to reload and still having enough ammo that you don't haveto worry about getting caught with your pants down in that sense.
    For a CQC/close range weapon, that's excessively powerful IMO.

    Drop it down to overheating on the 36th round and it's more balanced for a 1-2 kill hit-and-run style weapon rather than an easy spray and pray that never runs out and never needs reloading.

    As for the rest of the heat mechanic weapons.
    They're fine as-is.
    No actual imbalance there.

    It's got an advantage to be played, but less sustainable fire.
    No different than the Reaper DMR.
    High damage advantage, low ammo count disadvantage.

    With a heat mechanic gun, it has an infinite ammo mechanic that allows them also to never have to be caught reloading if they play that advantage correctly, with a low ammo count before having to reload disadvantage if they don't play the rules of their advantage right.
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  16. LilianaMonteclaire

    Honestly, most of the heat mechanic guns could stand a bit of a buff, while the Betelgeuse is overpowered as can be, so it's not a problem with the mechanic itself so much as the Betelgeuse.

    Unlimited ammo is a non-factor. If you live long enough to dump every round in your LMG, you're not doing your job as a HA. Ammo/clip is a much greater factor with these weapons, as they regenerate ammo as opposed to reload. Most of the heat weapons have horrible ammo/clip and thus kills/clip, but the belelgeuse can put several people down in quick succession, or stagger their kills out over short periods and never have to reload. In other words, with ASC/Resist shield, they're able to stagger kills for pretty much an eternity without fear of reprisal. Even without Resist Shield, this remains true, since they effectively reload while their shields recharge with the single-shot reload common in video game shotguns. The Betelgeuse having this and the capacity to not need to do a midcombat reload vs groups is what crosses the threshold.
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  17. lothbrook

    I think you mean you hated it, it was one of the worst changes they made to the games, the heat mechanic was far more interesting and allowed you to do so very many things with it, the real issue was inventory and add-on management, you'd have like 20 levels of a type of ammo that you'd have to constantly equip. The whole series lost a lot with ME2, it literally became Gears of War IN SPACE!!! The further series went the less choices and options you had, right down to only being able to use 1 ability at a time as it would reset the CD on all of your abilities, forcing you to shoot more and use your abilities less, lol.

    TLDR: Bioware says if it isn't perfect scrap it and do something easier.
  18. sagolsun

    What are those "very many things" that the heat mechanic offers that magazines don't?
  19. Saool

    Obviously I don't know for sure, but I am going to bet you have never used one. Everything you say sounds like someone who has never used one.

    For starters you reload all the time.

    Just not as much as with conventional batteries. But Rambo? No chance. When we look at the Darkstar or Eclipse you burst fire or reload. The "magazine size" is so small you will be reloading after most engagements. I've not used either but am very well read on the topic.

    As for the Battlegoose, I have 3262 kills with it and suspect you have 0. Therefore I am going to suggest you know your subject before attacking it.

    EDIT: As an aside, this is my go to gun by default because most of the time I play a very careful flanking style which this gun is ideal for. Staying at medium range far from ammo packs, picking people off. Oh for the Orion's suppressor.
  20. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Eclipse and Darkstar say hello