Headshots: Should they ignore Nanoweave?

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  1. Metalsheep

    This is, iirc, due to a bug with Sticky Grenades. When they stick to a target, they actually detonate twice. This is why stickies can cause mass collateral damage when stuck to a target.

    At least, that is the last I knew. That bug might have been fixed some time ago.

    On topic: Personally I agree that nano should effect head shots. Skilled players who can land consisant head shots will still have an advantage over players who cannot, but it would help to level the playing field just a bit. It would also provide an incentve to use Semi Auto Snipers over BASRs which are pretty much always superior. I don't believe "just don't get sniped" is a valid argument in a game where everyone can be a sniper and could literally be anywhere in a 360 degree battlefield.

    Though, I also believe some kind of indicator should be given as to what kind of armor a target is wearing. Say, you Q spot a target and they have an icon showing they have Nano, you could then either ready for followup shot, or engage a lesser armored target instead. It is a bit of a nasty suprise when a target survives what would normally be a instant kill due to their armor that they may or may not have but there was no way to tell they had it until you attacked. I kill tons of LA this way with my Flak Armored MAX after I survive a surprise C4. Or when you survive a rocket to the face with infantry Flak.

    If that heavy or LA knew beforehand that I had Flak, I doubt they would have engaged the same way.
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    hahahahaha i wear the holloween helmet to make the game harder and isnipe people with my lynx btw if u dont know what the halloween helm is its basically bright white fire on your head and it makes u stand out
  3. Savadrin

    I haven't done all the math but it looks like nanoweave would barely add one more headshot at max damage (200/167/143) and I imagine this will increase somewhat with range - but by how much?

    If the damage overlap with 2x HS multiplier makes it negligible to add 20% in CQC, will there be a practical net benefit? People already forego nanoweave at range because other slots provide better utility.
  4. Arkserion

    This is kind of unrelated, since I am not stating my opinion of whether NW should effect headshots, but it is related to NW in general.

    Stating the obvious here, but NW provides a few more bullets of protection and this makes it ideal for new players. The problem is, and I'm sure you PC guys discussed it before, an experienced player with NW will almost always win against a new player with it.

    What if NW was br locked? New players will have their training wheels and a small advantage against experienced players until br X. After br X, they can't use NW anymore and would have to choose something else.

    P.S If this idea has been thrown before, sorry I did not know.
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    Headshots shouldn't be effected.

    We actually have good balance now involving it.

    Why not................ make the other suit slots more viable?
  6. Scr1nRusher

    That logic is brain numbing.

    Its extremely useful since most players & even good players don't ways get headshots.
  7. Savadrin

    I only run NW on my SMG INF. Maybe on my stalker but honestly I can't remember.

    Most of my life is spent as a utility pouch engineer. Long live tank mines and 4 bricks.
  8. Gundem

    Well technically it's actually 40% more damage. You have to take into account the fact that NW effects both the body-shots that it takes to make up a headshot.

    I.E. a Gauss SAW hit normally does 160 to full NW, headshot does 400. Two body-shots is still only 240, 40% less then a single headshot.

    That math also does not consider that not every kill is 100% headshots.
  9. Savadrin

    What i'm getting at here is that even if you chain 100% headshots at max damage range, NW would only add a single bullet to the equation with the change. It may add more at range (I'm only considering the change in HS because it already affects body shots), but that's the math I haven't done.
  10. Verceterix

    That logic is quite sound.

    Personally, I see zero difference in ttk when i'm wearing NW and when I'm not. That, to me, equates to a waste of certs. There are far more useful things to use in that slot.
  11. Scr1nRusher

    Then it all comes down to personal preference.
  12. LaSouris

    I don't notice it when I'M the one using it, but I REALLY notice it when I'm fighting against someone who is using it, usually against a damn light assault who is running away and takes a few more shots than I can take
  13. Shiaari

    Ok! Let's talk about snipers for a moment.

    First and foremost I'm just going to put this out there: Being a sniper ain't easy. It takes immense skill to land a clean head shot in this game on a moving target. If you got sniped standing still, you got sniped because you were standing still, and you need to remember that and move more on your next spawn. If you got sniped while juking around in CQC like a crazy monkey, you send that sniper a /tell and let them know they're awesome. Because they are, even if it was a lucky shot.

    That being said, scoring a head shot on a non-MAX infantry player deserves an appropriate reward in terms of damage. For the sniper using a bolt action the only acceptable reward in my opinion is a kill. Anything less is a slap in the face.

    As I understand it the CQC weapons are (or are being) balanced around what is effectively a naked head. I suppose it would be possible to introduce arbitrary resistance figures between the various weapons vis a vis head shots, but that'd be some silly code to write for every weapon in the game.

    So, my vote is we keep things where they are. If you take a hit to the head by a bolt action sniper rifle, hit the respawn. They earned it.
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  14. Verceterix

    Please, for someone that can sit back out of harm's way all day you sure make it sound like you're right in the thick of the action risking your neck for the team /rolleyes

    You want "an appropriate reward"? Try using a battle rifle, at any range. There are pistols that do more damage than battle rifles ffs.
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  15. Shiaari

    Yeah, unfortunately not all battle rifles are created equally. Some are vastly easier to use than others. *COUGH* Eidolon *COUGH!!*

    BASRs are pretty much normalized across all the factions. There are some small differences, but overall they're pretty much the same. It isn't that a sniper is in the thick of things, but rather that a head shot with a bolt action is something that requires far more precision than spraying that carbine in CQC.

    Yes, I know, being pegged by a good sniper is a major bruise to your ego that requires you to call nerf, but I promise unless you were literally sitting there like a bump on a log, that sniper killed you because he's a better player.
  16. Verceterix

    Nine times out of ten, that sniper killed me because he only needed one shot to do it. I've done it, i find it incredibly boring and, not necessarily easy but much easier than cqc against the HA zerg. No pressure, no risk of dying, no heavy assault spraying endless magazines at you in close quarters combat. It really isn't hard. Suggesting it's a "slap in the face" if you don't get one hit kills is absurd.
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  17. Savadrin

    Clearly you don't have enough blackhand stalkers in your life ;)
  18. TheFlamingLemon

    Thing about that, though is that base designs are learned skills. Things like that is 100% meta, and the edge with that is improvement just on the players' part. Also, c4, weapons, and things like that in planetside don't actually make the character more powerful, they just open up more opportunities to the player. For example, a player with C4 doesn't really have an edge over a player without C4 while in conflict, but a player with C4 does have more opportunities for things like anti-tank and anti-max. The player without C4 needs to simply not play as if they have it. For abilities, the abilities that get better only help with pre-combat advantages, which again is just more opportunities. A player without upgraded abilities will have to wait longer for things to recharge, and for the most part that's it.

    And since I've seemingly argued for it extensively in this post (and this isn't directed exclusively at you pelojian), I'm still not saying it's necessarily a great thing for these to be removed - just a thought
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  19. EPIC389

    Eats popcorn

    Who wants some btw?
  20. Dirge

    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    This is a terrible idea.