Headshot Accuracy

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  1. Booface

    Nah. Since headshots do more damage than normal shots, that means they are more likely to be the shot that puts someone's health in the negative. It's not intuitive, but it's true--you can draw a table using simplified math to show yourself.

    Say, 6 hit points, normal shots (n) are worth 2, and headshots (h) are worth 4. Since the most it'll take is 3 shots, you can treat it like this.

    t = 6
    n, n, n - n
    h,n,n - n
    n,h,n - h
    n,n,h - h
    h,h,n - h
    n,h,h - h
    h,n,h - n
    h,h,h - h

    So what should be a 4/4 distribution is instead a 5/3 in favor of h.

    You can see from the second block that the headshot chance is 1/3, but your killing shot will be a headshot 2/3 times. If you play with the numbers, you'll find that your possibility of a headshot being a killing shot will always be either equal to or greater than the headshot rate. As your numbers get bigger, the chance of an equality at each headshot becomes get less and less, with the bias leaning toward headshots as the killing shots.
  2. Akashar

    What I would like to know is if my target was wearing NW for example, if he kills me. That's something important that makes me lose fights right now.
  3. Rhumald

    I used to think that made me win fights as an infiltrator, then I tried playing without it and realized it's just a one or two bullet difference, when not getting shot in the head (it provides no headshot protection). I switched over to the amunition belt, and haven't looked back, more bullets is simply better.
  4. Hypersot

    if they implement this, I might actually start playing again
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  5. Schwak


    Headshots are hard :rolleyes:
  6. phaetonevl

    jesus christ schwak, if you jerk yourself off any harder you're gonna go blind
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  7. Pokebreaker

    The Pulsar LSW and the NS15MP are the only ones you have an M Rating or higher on... Every other Infantry weapon is A* and below. However, your accuracy more than makes up for the HSR in your other infantry weapons. While HSR is nice, bullets that hit more often, still kill faster than those that miss. You can see your improvement in the chronology of your characters, all the way up to LegitAODMember, which is where the TMG screenshot comes from, right? I'm still trying to recover my weapon stats, but it's hard coming from how bad I used to be.




  8. Schwak

    HSR is a vanity stat and everyone acts like it's some super important ****. 50% HSR in that session and I did worse then when I get ~30%. Visigodo and Maximumsmurf are easily 10KD infantry players but they would rather jerk themselves off to getting 40%ACC 50% HSR instead of staying alive. The only stat that really matters when it comes to infantry is KPH.
  9. Pokebreaker

    Even KPH has its inconsistencies when it comes to the Medkit Time Offload. All of the stats are vanity though, considering they are mostly gained from farming significantly less skilled players.

    It all comes down to what matters to each individual, and how they use stats. Some use it purely for ****** measurement, and some use it to see where their performance is thriving or lacking, so they can plan out how they want to improve. In objective games, stats have always found a hard time properly representing the "Universal Soldier", due to their being so many ways to skin the cat for a high score or high kills, all while not actually being a productive member of the team.

    Just my opinion and observations over the years of gaming though. Overall, many shooters game would be much more fun for everyone, if stats weren't tracked at all. However, that will never happen.
  10. Schwak

    I'm talking KPH relative to your session not time equip. Regardless of the skill level, the amount of people you send to their death screen per hour is very important. Obviously this can be affected by quite a number of things ranging from if you are at large fights, what gun you are using, if the fights are slow, if redeploy side is in full force, but otherwise it is probably the single biggest contributer to the betterment of my own infantry game. Pushing yourself into situations where you are out numbered and getting lots of kills forces you to have better situational awareness, target prioritization, and rely on your accuracy. I know how BAX normally plays because I run into you guys quite often, and you probably won't be the kind of infantry player you want to be playing with them. Small squad and solo play is superior for gains compared to platoon and large organized play.
  11. TheKhopesh

    Yeah, sometimes when there's lag (either on my end or the servers, it doesn't matter which) I'll get killed by something like an SMG (even something slow like a PDW) and all the sudden I drop dead, and then I will hear a single chunk of multiple impacts all at the same time like when you're shot by an OHK shotgun.
  12. TheKhopesh

    ^ THIS!
    A thousand times, this.

    This lets you know how accurate your enemy is, how he aims, and how to adjust your strategy to adapt to his play-style.
    And in the real world, you'd sure as sugar know where you got hit and how many times.
    It's not an unreasonable request.
    It's not a game breaking change.
    It's purely a quality of life addition, as well as one that is both desperately needed and vastly useful.
  13. miraculousmouse

    nice accuracy man
  14. Klypto

  15. icon

    The api already calculates shot landed per kill (LPK), as well as headshots as the killing blow. This shouldn't be rocket science to have it calculate how many of your shots "landed per kill" are head shots.
  16. Klypto

    If everything you could shoot had 1000 HP it wouldn't be rocket science.

    Nanoweave, overshields, medkit tanking & heals, maxes, and hits on objects will throw that right off.