Headshot Accuracy

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Klypto

    Yes, those dreaded headshots.

    I want to know how many of my bullets are connecting with someone's head. For me it's an important metric that I'm missing.

    Can this be implemented?
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  2. JudgeNu

    Would also be nice to know how I was killed.
    Whether it was a HS or what combo.
    I am not sure if this is a reasonable request or not.
    For me, id like to know if the guy who just killed me did it with all headshots or not lol.
    It isn't really that important to me just a feature.
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  3. day ofm one

    Every hit you take makes a sound, headshots differ.

    I just count the hits.
  4. Onhil

    As true as that is some people don't have time to both fight back (and fail) and count and listen to where bullets hit and how many.
  5. day ofm one

    Thats practice.

    It is something unconscious, I just notice *taken headshot* or *taken bodyshot*.
    As well as I just know when an enemy has to drop from the hitmarker blink.
  6. Tommyp2006

    Agreed, headshot kills isn't important compared to overall headshot ratio.
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  7. Stromberg

    that's actually not the case. because of tick rate you receive damage in chunks. if somebody hoses you down with 7 bullets in 0.5s you sure as hell won't hear every bullet hitting you.
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  8. day ofm one

    You are right, network lag and instagibbing are annoying as hell.

    But when it works and you get hit bullet by bullet it is no problem.
  9. Klypto

    That's extra mental overhead for me to process that could be used on other things, and the background noise in many situations do not allow for it.
  10. Jawarisin

    you can find your hsr easily by doing HS kills/total kills with said weapon.
    Tada, you get HSR. Depending on your playstyle, this might be slightly lower or higher, adjust in consequences. But in any case, it's close enough.
  11. Pokebreaker

    He's not talking about HSR, which is only factored by whether the killing shot was in the head. He is asking to know the amount of total shots that hit the head of individual targets, whether it resulted in their death or not.
  12. Jawarisin

    Ah! Well then it's easy!
    If the target dies nearly instantly: all headshots!
    If the target takes a bit longer to die, mostly headshots.
    If the target dies about normally, but not really fast: Mostly bodyshots.
    If the target tanks forever: All body shots.

    This char works for just about every weapon out there, considering it's usually 3-4 headshots to kill depending on weapon damage.
    I agree it would be a fun implementation though. But for now you can guesstimate well enough.
  13. Rikkit

    just use the lovely rekursion stat tracker can be found here:
    It tells you everything you possible need to know, and it adds some "Meta" to the Game.
    Without it PS2 is pretty boring, but with it, you can't stop yourself from hunting for the next "tripplekill" and the lovely "Pizza delivery"

    Don't worry about getting banned for running this tool, it's supported by the Devs.
  14. Pokebreaker

    Yeah, if we were to leave statistics up to guesstimation, we would all have quite unrealistic assumptions of our performance, both good and bad. It would be interesting if individual bullets could be tracked for headshots, similar to how it is already tracked for Accuracy percentage. Don't know whether it is easy or not, but I'd be all for it.

    Unfortunately, it does not tell you how many individual bullets hit the head of your target. Recursion is still limited to what the PS2 API puts out, and as of now, the PS2 API does not track individual bullets to the head, unless the bullet results in a killing blow.
  15. Jawarisin

    Well here's another way to do it if you prefer:
    HSR. so 15/100 bullets hit the head, or whatever yours is.

    It's obviously not a case-by-case, but if you reject my perfectly flawless method, this one's going to be as precise as it gets.
  16. day ofm one

    Try lowering the other volumes ;)
  17. Stromberg

    to be blunt, the fraction of times you kill ppl with a last headshot is about the fraction of times you do headshots in general. you can apply that to all weapons except bolt actions really.
  18. nehylen

    No. In effect true HSR might even be lower, for about the same reason that NC tend to TK more: alpha damage on injured targets. Given the graphics we've been shown about those TKs, it shouldn't be insignificant.

    It's also way easier to get a headshot on an unwary target with a 100% neutral CoF than to finish said target with one after it started evasive maneuvers and flinching you by firing back. Current HSR is the best tool we have right now, but by no means does it reflect true HSR.
    Even if we had a true HSR, it would've to be split by range of engagement (like 0-10, 10-20m, etc...) to reflect a more accurate image of one's headshot proficiency.
  19. Klypto

    If I 50% of all the bullets I am firing truly are hitting someone's head, that would be beyond incredible. The ratio the game gives is worthless as it only tracks the people you have killed with a headshot. I'm expecting 5-15% as an accuracy rating.

    I already run it, unfortunately the API does not tell you your headshot accuracy, only the number of kills you get that are headshots vs not which is headshot ratio. The number is pretty meaningless.
  20. GHostmarine101

    i would like to see something like this be implemented into the death screen for ps2, this is part of what they use in ghost recon phantoms
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