Having very bad experinces

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    Hi all.

    I have been playing for a few weeks now and all was fine but in the last 7 days or so my gaming experience with PS2 has gone real bad.

    I am playing on Cobalt EU server as im in UK.
    I get major lags, anything from 10 seconds up to 3-4 minute delays on hits registering, i have my son playing here next to me and i can see easily the extent of the lag.

    For example i just got in tank with my lad and he got out to repair but on my screen im still in a moving tank for well over 30 seconds.
    I have made a few clips over the last few days to try and highlight the problems i get, i have uploaded them to my Youtube account:
    I get client crashes every 5-10 minutes, game FPS drop to 1-2 FPS for about 6-7 seconds and then client CTD with webpage opening to say there was error.
    Im well aware most people play with not a single issue at all but belive me, this game now gives me some very serious issue that need to be addressed, it really is a shame as its by far my most favourite game to date, such a massive area to conquer and lots to explore.

    My PC specs:

    I7-930 4.4Ghz
    GTX480 SLI
    16GB Corsair Vengeance
    Corsair HX1000
    Gigabyte GAX58A-UD7 r2

    PC has no issue with any other game and previously PS2 worked flawlessly, this seems to have happened since recent patches. My connection is 16MB down 1.3MB up.
    I have tried a fresh install of game, check files using PS2 Client (not Steam validate) reinstalled all audio,video drivers.
    Have swapped out for now a 3rd router, released IP address, opened ports, forced resync on my line, no joy.

    Check my Youtube clips and you will see my issues.
    Hopefully its just a case of waiting for a patch as i really cant see what can be up at my end?