Have you spent 1000 certs on a new weapon?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KoooZ, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Xiphos

    Don't buy it, it sucks. You'll regret it. I bought it with stationcash and feel ripped off.
  2. SilverAura

    I wont save up 1000 certs for a weapon. I paid a monthly fee for PlanetSide 1 every month for years so I'm not shy to dropping a few bucks into this game. Especially since certifications are put to better use in something you can't buy with money.

    Now this doesn't mean I'm opposed to the idea of buying weapons with certifications, but if I do it's going to be a lower amount like 250 or something along those lines. The weapons otherwise just aren't powerful enough to warrant spending that many certs. And honestly? This is a good thing. I like that the weapons offer more situation advantages over raw power.

    Once I caught wind of the triple SC sale though, I waited and purchased roughly $100 worth of certifications for only $30. Those Walmart SC gift-cards are fantastic. So while I'm not going on a shopping spree, I do like having a lot of money to play with. I decked my liberator with a zepher and a bulldog which has my friends actually suggesting I pull one so they can gun. I love it.:D
  3. Vorxil

    Wouldn't surprise me if I did buy with 1000 certs later on.
  4. Halo572

    Bought the Crow and 675/1000 for a Hawk at the moment as out of frustration I need something that I can at least fire back with as infantry.

    Crow - poor damage but worth it for the 300m lock on. Tanks are so arrogant they sit 200m-400m away just spamming and knowing they can't be hit with a Shrike. If more people had a Crow they would be less invulnerable as they just sit there and don't even move when hit.

    3-4 people with one could drive off or beat a zerg at a good defensive point and overall I think it is worth it.

    Hawk - probably a complete waste of certs, but again the arrogance of aircraft in this game is breathtaking.

    Pilots pretty much come to a halt to aim and fire, knowing that they can easily get away unless they have 3 aa guns on them and even then escape is still likely. Other than Zurvan this just doesn't happen.

    The swarms of them at somewhere like the Crossroads attacking NC as they go north and there is NOTHING you can do to them.

    Sundy guns are pretty pointless as are a tank machine gun and the AA on the Tawrich gates doesn't cover far enough. Even with Crossroads you may just annoy them to fly off, repair and come back.

    Tanks and aircraft are not designed to be destroyed in this game, best you can hope is to shoo them away. To be able to do that you have to have specific pay weapons and I have to have them from x2 XP as otherwise it is just pointless.

    Although saying that, when I get the Hawk this week I am going to stop playing until they at least balance the tanks, aircraft and terrible rusty sieve base defences.

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  5. Dasmasterneko

    I have to get something and its either that or dumb fire rockets. I have gotten a few cocky ones with the default rocketlauncher but i need something with more accuracy.
  6. Xiphos

    Buy the guided anti-tank launcher if you're NC or TR.

    The guided anti-air launcher isn't worth buying, trust me. It misses 90% of the time.
  7. Dasmasterneko

    If i want to shoot down a lib or mossy that is strafing us with rocketpod i feel i got no choice. That 10% is more then the 0.5% i had before.
  8. KoSGunny

    I have not bought a single weapon for 1,000 certs. I have bought several weapons for a bucketload of certs though..

    I'll list off-hand what I can remember was bought with certs, and tell you my overall satisfaction between them:

    A2A missiles for Scythe.
    Solstice SF, Carbine.
    Hailstorm Turbo Laser, Scythe.
    Light PPA, Scythe.
    XM98, Infil.
    Nyx, Infil (Beta, didn't unlock in public launch.)
    6 difference performance chassis rank 3 among my vehicles, a few more level 2s and level 1 high-g for my Lib.
    And about 4,000 certs more worth of random other upgrades.

    Overall.. I am almost always pleased with the cheaper purchases. Light PPA is only 250C and has never let me down. A2A is only 500, and I find it slightly less useful than the PPA. XM98, tricky.. With stock sight it's a beast. Any further zoom and it seems to miss sure-shots all the f'n time. Nyx, hated it: Might be better since beta.

    Point is, all the ones I bought with certs seemed to be better the less they costed me.. Glad I got gifted some SC to get a few vehicle weapons, because my impression of high priced weapons in general was pretty bad.

    However, the Dalton, VPC, and NS-11 are AMAZING weapons. And I believe the first and third cost 1k certs a piece. But I didn't unlock these with certs. So I'm kinda not helping, as I have mixed feelings about certs vs SC and my experience with the weapons.

    I guess the best approach is just to take it on a weapon by weapon basis. Some receive great praise, others do not.
  9. AnnPerkins

    I have not. The most I think I spent was 500 certs for... I think it was the A2A missiles.
  10. Hodo

    Save your certs and get a second Burster for your MAX. Its better in the long run, and you might actually kill something with it.
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  11. 13lackCats

    Yes, or course. All of them.
  12. Golden_Dem0n

    Bought the A2G rockets with certs not SC... totally worth it but I wouldn't do it again, rather spend some money instead.

    Other than that I agree, its better to spend SC on the weapon, and certs on upgr... I mean, 'sidegrades'.
  13. Dasmasterneko

    I want something i can use as infantry. Most of the time i try to stay away from MAXes
  14. Hodo

    Just use the base rocket launcher. If you can get good with it, you can one shot any ESF, and two or three shot a libby.
  15. Dasmasterneko

    That is what i have been doing so far but its not worth the time i invest and the skill needed to reliably shoot them down. If i can get 4-6 rockets to follow the aircrafts by the time i get a decent chance to shoot my base rocket launcher id rather just waste the guided version.
  16. Hodo

    The reload time on the MANPAD for the HA is slow. The lock on time is slow, and the fact that most ESFs have flares now just means you will miss more than you will hit. And god help you if they just drop down and avoid the missile because it turns like a school bus on ice. Then the damage is lack luster to say the least.
  17. Iksniljiksul

    No. My average is 19 certs an hour.
  18. Dasmasterneko

    Again i know its crap but its that or nothing at this point.
  19. Opticalsnare

    No dont, SAMS are utterly useless.

    You wont even get a kill, and if you do its pure luck at that

    A. You actually hit them in the first place.
    B. And they had such low health that one hit would finish them off.
    C. The enemy will just laugh at you for using a complete pile of steaming horse**** weapon.
  20. Dasmasterneko

    Well aware but i need it at this point. Better to be utterly useless then completely and utterly useless.

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