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  1. DarkStarAnubis

  2. Novius363

    Tears of joy! Let the skillsuit mains wail in pain.
  3. Shadowpikachu

    It's just PTS, but non-revivable isnt the way to go it's nerfing the revive so they are fragile as hell on first getting up for multiple reasons.

    But it'll probably go through since a lot of people have hatred towards maxes, eventually it'll be used as an argument to just remove maxes.
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  4. waystin2

    I would not get to excited. I do not think this will play out the way most think it will. They lowered cost to 350 from 450, and lowered the headshot damage to maxes. There is also this to consider in that same post as well "it will likely impact how a MAX unit is used altogether (players may become more timid while in a MAX, which creates more of the exact behavior that this suggested change is attempting to solve for,) and anti-MAX weaponry may need to be rebalanced to account for the added weakness. Any feedback here is appreciated." So we may see the maxes used differently and weapons that are used to kill maxes may get nerfed. A lot to consider and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.
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  5. Amodin

    Just further proof that there is incompetence in the rank of developing this game. If this makes it off PTS, I'd just not bother keeping this game installed. And, I hardly ever play MAX and I think this is just flat out stupid. They are fodder already to infantry, Flash, MBTs, ESFs, and can be obliterated already with an OS inside a base.

    Devs, you are seriously out of touch with the game you develop. Shameful, really.
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  6. Shadowpikachu

    Don't get me wrong, this is a change for comp not live, i think it can be more fun while doing the same thing by making them rez with 100hp as others have suggested, unsafe rezzes are unsafe and not just, free waddle away.

    Also with 10 nerfs at once there is hardly any way to fully judge the impact of each change, many small ones sure but the headshot AND revive one alone, also reducing NC pellet counts AND range..
  7. tigerchips

    They needed to remove the anti-max infantry guns. That was the only change needed there. Did they just add another shield to heavy Assault? FFS, as if the shield itself isn't bad enough of an idea. At least with the other classes you know how many shots it takes to kill them.
  8. OSruinedPS1

    You know how maxes were balanced in PS1?

    -They were limited in types of vehicles they could ride.
    -They couldn't spawn from AMS
    -They walked slow, and when put in run mode had weapons disabled
    -I think they rotated slower than infantry too
    -It took a lot of juice for another infantry to repair, and repair-juice took up inventory space.

    It's called asymmetrical balancing, and asymmetrical balancing is impossible to do when MAX's play exactly like infantry, so you're only left with a couple variables to play with: cert costs or nerf its revive.
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  9. AuricStarSand

    Why would someone leave ps2 over max's not getting revives? If they lower the price and ye make sure max's don't get 2 shot killed by a anti material rifle's op headshots. Then this is fair?

    350 max without revives sound ok. Does a Lightning tank at 300 nanites get a revive? That means a max gets to explore away from medics, while not having to pay 450.

    Honestly, I don't understand why people believe max is op, the anti material rifle is more op than most max's, headshots infantry with 1 hit & kills max's with 2 hits. >.>

    I find max main's op, which is usually just the same 3 guys. Since I don't main HA, yet if I main'ed HA, then max mains would be ok to deal with. As for everyone else who moderately runs max, they are ez to kill.

    As for me using a max, seems HA just rapidly shoot me with a launcher dead 2 hits later, else if I use max at a tech plant some anti material rifle headshots my max 2 hits dead.

    Tbh the best farefell updates to a 10 year ps2, for the next 2 years, would be to just rework some Oshur bases for better infantry gameplay, then merge Connery with Emerald. Till then bring all the Asian server Australians to US west.

    Better than Silo or Max's. Just infantry bases for Oshur & server merge. & some infantry jungle fights shattered warpgate style, with spawn rooms near lots football fields worth of trees.

    That way they will always have the mega populated server for daybreak shop representation, till the devs move to ps3 or some other hobby. With Oshur having better infantry bases for vets.
  10. Demigan

    The problem with MAX’s is that their upsides are so strong it needs strong downsides. So either the MAX user is having fun because he can exploit its advantages and its opponents cant really do anything or the MAX’s dowsides are being exploited and the MAX is useless&not fun.

    Adding no rez to it just adds to the strong downsides, while giving the MAX a small buff with its cost. That cost wont matter, because in the instances where the MAX is a problem it can survive to recuperate its cost while in the cases the MAX isn’t a problem the cost is just another slap in the face.

    The solution is to make the MAX less extreme. Lower its effective HP against small arms while increasing its speed for example would do a lot already. The MAX should be more a unit of 200 nanites rather than 450. Low enough that you can experiment and risk it but high enough that it’s not thrown away on a whim.
  11. Shadowpikachu

    If it is gonna be treated like a vehicle and is heavier then the flash, it should kill flashes instead of dying to them when being run over.

    It's my understanding the heavier vehicle gets to win ram fights, hence why the ant and sunderer is pretty good at it.
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  12. FLHuk

    Only thing I'd change is rev is possible if you're doing Gods own work and have Bursters fitted!
  13. Kentucky Windage

    If you run with fully certed repair tool Engie's and use an assortment of implants along with a well certed self repair does it really matter if they can't be rez'd. Still a formidable counter to tank/air/infantry. And if you decided to just hang around the repair/ammo Sundie and lob pounders(TR) everywhere you've got everything you need to wreak havoc on ground targets(vehicles/infantry) and double AA for air while being continuously repaired/resupplied not including the self repair and for 100 less. :)

    However, you get a bunch of halfway seasoned Heavies and C-4/Rocket Fairies and they would make quick work of a Max without any additional levels of support. I think it will curve those psycho Lone Wolf Max users from acting overly aggressive unless they have support. If they do have support it changes very little.

    Additionally, I also think it will add to unit cohesion as Commanders must now incorporate the necessary level of support from the operations side if they are going to use the Max as part of their overall strategic package making the game a little more tactical.

    Not a bad thing in my mind.
  14. TR5L4Y3R

    decrease its AI output, make it TANKIER all around ... but also provide more antiarmoroptions for infantry ...
    the max needs to be infantrie's big brother and armorcolum's little brother ... not the anti infantry juggernaut ...
  15. JibbaJabba

    This is a buff to maxes.

    They are cheap enough they can be chain pulled. Weapons against them are being nerfed.

    I don't know what these devs are thinking sometimes. They know what needs done (nerf) but they don't have the spine to just do it so instead they do Nerf+Buff but get the nerf part wrong and cause a Buff.

    Cheaper and Tougher - thanks for the nerf, wrel!
  16. LodeTria

    What weapons are being nerfed? Nothing that usually kills maxes is getting nerfed other than outfit OS, but they have to sacrifice c4 protection for that.

    It being cheaper just means the inexperienced max users can pull them & die more, since the maxmains would last well beyond 450 nanites anyway.
  17. JibbaJabba

    Every weapon that does headshot damage.

    Inexperienced max users are more likely to die so the removal of the rez impacts them more. (bummer)

    The maxmains weren't dying anyway so this this doesn't harm them.

    Instead they now get to pull more often. Now they can Redeployside and Suit up at every base instead of every other.

    This is accomplishing the opposite of what is needed. Hurts noobs, helps vets. Makes max problem worse for us all.

    The price reduction is a BAD idea.
  18. TR5L4Y3R

    and you are sure it´s not damage dealt by the MAX regarding HS multiplyer?
  19. LodeTria

    Pretty sure that's MAX weapons going from 2x to 1.5, rather than lowering the amount of damage they take from headshots.

    Maxmains are already using boosts and memebership to have way more than 50 nanites per tick, so they was already redploying and suiting up.
  20. waystin2

    I had to read it again myself. Here is the exact wording under Max Adjustments
    • Headshot multiplier for most weapons reduced from 2x to 1.5x