Have 1000k cp to spend. Need advice.

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  1. xvader

    Hey all. So I have adquired 1000 cert points but I am not sure where to put them. I usually play two roles:

    1- Magrider dedicated driver. Over 1000 kills with the thing. I drive it as engineer with an almost max (just need the final level) repair tool speed cert. Flak armor level 2. I do not use the engineer class dedicated. Pretty must just use it for driving the tank. The tank has Saron HRB zoom optics maxed. Supernova PC zoom optics just needs the final level to max. Rival is maxed of course. Vehicle Stealh just needs the final level to max. Passive system lvl 6 and Magburner lvl 1.

    I would basically use cert points for two things here: passive systems or magburner cooldown reductions.

    When I am not magdriving my dedicated infantry setup is :

    2- Heavy Assualt. With HA I have two setups. One for ranged combat (svg-88) and one for CQC (thanatos).

    In here I could upgrade nanite mesh generator which is only at level 3. I could also go for more medical kits which is only at level 1. Heck I could even unlock (yes, currectly locked at zero level) the grenade (av) and the utility (c4) slots.

    The main problem is this: Nanoweave Armor. I need the final level to max it. The final level needs a whoping 1000 cert points (only 5% increase in hp's) to obtain.

    I have them now. God knows when I am going to be able to farm 1000cp again. Is the 5% (for a total of extra 25%) health really worth those 1000cp. I mean, I am guessing every HA by now already has leveled up to level 4 which is 20% more hp's. I am thinking that 5% might actually be difference between life and death.

    What would you guys do? Take those 1000cp and upgrade the other things I mentioned that could use upgrading. Or now that I have them use them to max nanoweave armor and be done with it?

    I would estimate my time between magriding and playing HA is: 60% (mag) vs 40% (HA).
  2. phreec

    1000k? Daymn, did you mount a Zepher on that Magrider? :rolleyes:
  3. Wrel Developer

    Given the choices. Mag Burner ftw.
  4. MrLee.NO

    You haven't certed reload speed on saron or supnova pc?
  5. Jeslis

    Vehicle Stealth over Mineguard? wtf?
  6. Palor

    1,000k dang just buy everything. You should be able to unlock everything in the game with that.
  7. Sowahka

    Maxxed magburner is AMAZING. Get it, any dedicated driver should have it. You can use it when it's only 50% full, which means that after using it you can use it again ten seconds later for a smaller, but life-saving boost.
  8. Nature

    I think you can unlock what ever you want with one million certs. Nanoweave is not worth maxing, you get a whopping 25 extra hp! And as a NC player, I can advice on spending anything on fagrider either (the hate...) so It just leaves the HA. Unless there is some new weapon you want, a new grenade lobber... I mean rocket powered ballistic baseball launcher, you should probably invest in one of the HA shield abilities. C4 isnt really necessary when you have that historical tube that fires rockets with no stabilization fins.
  9. FateJH

    You're already far too good.
    Why don't you buy a useless sidegrade that actually makes it harder to kill things. It'll make the game a challenge again. :p
  10. Metsuro

    25% of 500 hp is 125. You get 625 in total at level. Thats not even one full extra bullet. Unless of course you are using resist shield than yes. Get it.
  11. xvader

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate them.

    Mineguard is good, but honestly, I rarely die to mines. When there are a million rockets trying to target you behind cover vehicle stealh is the difference between me getting the shot off and them getting the lock. I just need one hit to kill most of them. Besides, I think it fits well wit the mobility of the magrider. I dont ever regret it.

    Seems max nanoweave is not the best route. Thanks for the data. And no, since I don't use resist shield, I guess I'll skip it.

    Magburner, yes, I thought about it hard. It's either that or passive systems. At level 6 passive, the spawn timer is not a big issue. A dedicated driver knows when to spawn a tank when not to do it. So I am inclined for magburner. I guess reload speed is something I could take a look at too. Don''t if I should prioritize it over say, magburner. But, yes, it is on the radar. Reload speed basically is extra passive DPS assuming of course, everything hits.

    I am fine on weapons for now. I usually use cp for the things I cannot get with sc. Truth the told. I have only bought with sc: the saron, thanatos and the svg-88 and that is pretty much it. Im BR-32.
  12. Morpholine

    Maybe pick up the two alternate main cannon options for the Magrider, so you can kit for All-AV or Infantry-Slaying as needed?

    I think the Magburner recharge can be certed down to 10 seconds, which is pretty darn often, if you ask me. Nothing like a near-100 KPH tank, if you ask me.
  13. Jestunhi

    If you assume starting at full health & shield and only being shot by 1 weapon (more importantly, the same amount of damage per hit) then NW1 lets you survive 1 more bullet than having NW0.

    The difference between NW1 and NW5 is being able to take one additional bullet in the lowest 2 damage categories (112 or 100 damage).


    This makes NW1 a good investment for 1 cert point, but means the rest is pretty much a waste.
  14. BalogDerStout

    I suspect the OP meant 1,000 certs or 1k certs, not 1,000k certs.

    Otherwise, if he did mean 1 mil, just buy out just about everything. You'd obviously know the skills and classes you use, so max em. You're going to do it eventually just a matter of what order.
  15. Kiekeboe

    You need flak armor these days, not Nanoweave :\
  16. Uzii

    I have Nanoweave 5, and I have definitely noticed the difference. But is it worth 1000 certs, no, not really. Also, people seem to forget, not all damage you take is from infantry bullets. Countless times now I have survived engagements with 1 bar of health.
  17. Fear The Amish

    Per Eska this guy....

    Magburner should be maxed as fast as possible, Followed by Racer Chassis, IR for the AI gun, Zoom for the Saron, and Side armor. This should be your build MAX burner then get 1 point in each of the following, then Max racer, then Max side armor.
  18. DemoEvolved

    The math thing where they show how nano 1 is 1 extra bullet assumes max damage for the assailant.

    A lot of my fights are at ranges longer than 10 meters where damage degrades on the bullets. So I have noticed a difference between Nano 1 and Nano 3.
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  19. D0n

    Wait after patch and get what will be overpowered.
  20. xvader

    Yes Balog 1,000 or 1000k means One Thousand. Certainly not 1 million. hehe.

    Good stuff Uzii. I'll take your advice, not very often you see people that are actually certed into Nano 5. I guess it can wait.

    I think I will get level 2 and 3 of magburner. For 700 points. The other 300 I guess I could take a look at IR optics, passive reload time redux, and probably extended magazine for the thanatos. I kinda tired of the 6 ammo.