Has the cloak been nerfed lately...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Zagareth, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Zagareth

    or is it just me? It seems "some" foes can even see me over a 50-100m range, while I am crouched cloaking, sitting completely still at a non-obvious location, making no noise, no shouting, no shots ...

    As for me, I can't even see a cloaker sitting directly next to me on my very low graphic settings and it's even hard to see my own gun.
    But when I change to a medium graphics setting, its like day and night - the light distortion effect of the cloak is so visible compared to the low graphics shadow effect, that Im feeling I am in a total disadvantage against high end rig users.

    Is that intended SOE? Want to favour the high end graphic users?

    However, is there a bug again or a nerf with cloak recently or I'm the only one getting this worse experience?
  2. MarkAntony

    I am pretty sure that not moving crouch cloaked was nerfed. that or my eyes and the eyes of my enemies have just adjusted.

    Well that and the bugs like head and weapons not cloaking and stuff like that don't help.
  3. Kislany

    That's why the last few days I've been killed while sitting crouched (stalker cloak) totally unmoving. Never happened this before unless they saw me with the darklight flashlight or I actually moved (or even turned around). Well if it's true, this sux.
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  4. Linheru

    This. I often spot enemy infils by their uncloaked helmet or weapon.
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  5. Zagareth

    that only happens when the cloak while getting healed. But I never heal... unless my regeneration implant also forces this bug...
  6. Inu

    I run maximum cloak related graphics, ive never really had trouble seeing cloakers within 50m. If i happen to catch one between 50m-100m i can track them if i need to.
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  7. cruczi

    So it's a no then?
  8. Inu

    No i don't think so. I played Natural Selection for years... recognizing that cloaking transparent look has become second nature.
  9. DHT#

    On higher graphic qualities cloaks are a little easier to see, but I also think something is going on, because I've had people run up to me from far away and just blow me away, in situations where dozens of their allies ran right past me, so no gun/helmet bug. Sometimes even around rocks and such.
  10. ironeddie

    I just assume the guy who got me plays on high settings and has seen me. I play on high myself and know how eaay it is to see a cloaked player. If I get killed whilst cloak crouched from any distance further than point blank its almost always by a high BR player. So I assume they've played a lot and know what to look for. If its a low BR I assume it's an alt of a high BR player.

    I've killed a few infils at long range who are crouched cloaked because seconds before they were running. Its easy to watch them cloaked in movement and when they disappear once crouched its not hard to work at where they are.

    I don't think anything has been nerfed.
  11. Krit3rium

    I play on high settings :
  12. Eaderout

    I have noted today that every now and then I seen to just uncloak for no reason and then die.
  13. Zagareth

    The problem is: On high settings, the distortion effect is ALWAYS slightly in movement and blurs the background, no matter if the cloaked player moves. On low settings, the shadow effect is COMPLETELY invisible, UNLESS you get a bright background behind the cloaker, which leaves the shadow slightly visible.

    So the disadvantage for the low settings player is given and not just an illusion.
    The disortion effect while the cloaker moves is also way better visible, than the shadow effect.

    SOE, why in you great wisdom do you make the cloaking effect on different graphic settings different? Why don't you take the common denominator and make it all the same? Why do you give high end rig users an advantage in this case?

    Just for the look? That the user is impressed by the uber programming skillz of the devs, who are able to program a disortion effect (while they can't even make the water fluid....)?
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  14. m44v

    How long have you been playing? it used to be the other way around, and the question was "why does SOE give an advantage to those that choose to play in low settings?"

    The truth is that you can't have the same cloak in all settings, since low doesn't use shaders. Unless SOE makes the cloak invisible then you will have to put up with it or set graphics rendering to medium (and keep everything else in low)
  15. PWGuy93

    I turn violet in my cloak from time to time now as well as seeing other infiltrators doing the same. Not sure what's going on, seems to be a bug using Hunter or Stalker cloak.
  16. Eaderout

    its a nano-virus....
  17. MarvinGardens

    Sometimes I go AFK cloaked in a base that is being zerged(as a defender) and when I get back the base is lost and everyone left but I am still alive. Maybe you are cloaking in places that are obvious, or are next to allies and get hit by collateral damage? Once there was an infiltrator that was continuously capturing a point and we couldn't find him for 30 minutes. We were looking for him with motion sensors and darklight but we eventually gave up and let him cap the base because he was ridiculously hard to find. Man Stalker cloak is stupidly irritating. You shouldn't be able to Cap a point in cloak, just like you can't hack a terminal while cloaked.
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  18. VonStalin

    It's annoying, and for cloakers it is only fun for a day or two. But there always are new players, who has just explored stalker cloak.
  19. Tyrant103

    I can currently see cloaks 40+ meters, Too damn easy to spot a non-moving cloaker never-mind 1 that is running.

    It needs tweaked, too hard to see on low settings and too easy on high settings. Night time? No problem, infact, the brightness coming from the sky and the darkness from the land makes it easier.
  20. Mathgeekjoe

    I find the ability to see infiltrator 50+ highly broken, especially if low graphic cant see them with 10. Saying it is impossible to make the cloaks equal because of shaders doesn't make sense. You can see them on high graphics is because of the distortion affect, your telling me you cant take that away because of shaders. Well I am un educated on the matter, so someone please explain why shaders make removing the distortion effect impossible.