Has anyone else noticed something

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  1. The Wolf

    Alright the Vanu Sovereignty's color is purple yet to the spawn room shield is a Blue greenish color... Has anyone else noticed that? I can figure out why the devs made the NC/TR's spawn room shield colors Blue/Red. Yet the VS's is completely a different color from their faction color.
  2. Flashtirade

    Because pale green sticks out more and is less likely to be confused with red or blue, the other faction colors.
  3. The Wolf

    Ya but you can't see very well out of the spawn room. Also the spawn beacons are purple, so why can't the spawn rooms be the same? What you stated only relates to someone that is color blind or someone who can't tell the difference in a bright blue color and a purple. Which to be honest you can't confuse purple with Red unless you are color blind. The blue is to bright to be seen as a purple color.
  4. Aractain

    I constantly confuse VS terminals with NC. Both are blue.
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  5. The Wolf

    I think that can be changed in game Aractain. Also the terminals are nothing a like the weapons and vehicles on them are very different if you look at them.

  6. Tommyp2006

    Teal is the VS's secondary color, I think they thought that purple would be too dark so they went with teal.
  7. The Wolf

    Well honestly I think their color should of been teal over purple. I know "well in the first one it was purple so". Yet it doesn't mean they couldn't have changed it to a better color, though that is just my opinion. Even if they felt it was to dark.
  8. Aractain

    The VS display is blue, compare to the purple behind it. I don't have time to look at the gun okay? THERES NO TIME!
  9. The Wolf

    Well apparently you aren't looking behind it very well either cause those pictures of the weapons terminal shows behind the NC it is the same color blue and the one behind VS is a purple. Also you should go be checked to see if you are color blind because the blue is bright and the purple is much darker.
  10. Pirbi

    The VS faction trait is having an eye for color and decorating.
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  11. Emotitron

    The factions all have two colors actually.

    VS Purple/Green
    NC Blue/Yellow
    TR Red/Black

    Though black isn't a color really...
  12. Aractain

    TR is actually Red/Grey.
  13. Nocturnal7x

    if his monitor is bad enough I could see mixing them up at a glance.

    I wish the warp-gates would go back to being faction colored.
  14. Chipay

    FTFY (look at PTS vehicles for new color schemes)