Has anyone died because of jetpack sound yet?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Evil Monkey

    Someone I know said he once killed a jetpacker cos he heard the sound. He swears it is true.

    He was a little dazed and he had to clear the ringing from his eardrums from the sonic boom which flung him to the ground, but he managed to recover and kill the LA.
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  2. NaySayer

    Today I heard an explosion across an empty amp station, I run across to the sound and it was a team mate LA...
    Across a damn amp station?? I'd estimate it was at least 200m away..
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  3. Wolfwood82

    I read this as yet another request for infiltrators to have constant sound effects. Static crackly noises while they are cloaked, because it's exactly how it should be.
  4. Mrasap

    Yesterday I heard the sound and instantly turned around to kill the enemy LA.

    It does make a difference in small battles.
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  5. Goretzu

    Do you read everything as that then? :D

    I completely agree the cloak sound is needed, on cloak and uncloak, but I think that's more than fair enough too.
  6. Aegie

    Hard to buff situational awareness.

    Personally, I have noticed a slight difference- mostly when fighting in smaller squads. I do not know about anyone else but I hear LAs from over 50m away without the high pitched tearing noise or loud explosion- just a constant report of the LAs position as they move. Since the change I have only had LAs sneak up on me when it was total choas everywhere- otherwise I can hear them coming. This, of course, may be because I am also a LA so I am more aware of possible locations, movements, and noises since I am more familiar with them than someone who is HA or engineer all the time.

    I find it hilarious all the outpouring for loud LA jetpacks and LAs saying "look around and be more aware" with others responding "your playstyle makes you a jerk and your jetpacks are silent". Then they make this change- make them so loud they give me headaches- and lo and behold, I think us LAs were right- a lot of people just want to nerf what kills them and will grab at straws in hopes that only they have advantages.

    I actually prefer the more aggressive thruster sounds in the middle of the spectrum more than previously- I just wish they would do something about the loud explosion and the high pitched "tearing" noise. I think it is clear the tearing and the boom are not helping anyone and I am not joking when I say they are giving me headaches.
  7. vaxx

    I agree with the thruster sound, I am actually kind of liking it now. The crackle sound, and the high pitched one is what is getting on my nerves.

    As I said before, it actually makes my head hurt after a while as well. That's when I go fly.
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