Has anyone died because of jetpack sound yet?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Hagestol

    Try hovering. Third activation really booms.
  2. giltwist

    Come on, guys. Do any of you even fact check anything you say? The infiltrator forum has DOUBLE the number of posts as the LA forum.
  3. vaxx

    Doesn't matter, there is not one post talking about LA JJ that doesn't have Infl. whining about it. Like this one, and the others. Like I said, it never fails.
  4. Wolfwood82

    Seeing as most forum posters post negatively or otherwise complain/whine/remark in a snarky and unmeaningful manner... This explains a lot about the infiltrators...
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  5. RogueComet

    That has nothing to do with LIGHT ASSAULT, or the topic of this thread, which is all about LIGHT ASSAULT and asking who has died because of the jetpack sounds. I stated along with many other people that YES we do see a difference (either in tracking them down or being killed) and there are also a few other posts about people saying they have not seen a difference, again with LIGHT ASSAULT.

    One thing that really annoys me about the Infiltrators is... almost all of the negative posts have been from them, not from heavies or medics or engineers. Hmmm... interesting? YES!

    Comparing this to Infiltrators shouldn't happen. Heck if I was a mod I'd hand out warnings or something, because it has no place in a forum where people are trying to have rational discussions about a totally different class.
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  6. SQPD

    those nanite system scopes suck. thats all i have to say.
  7. Intruder313

    I've caught 1 LA due to the sound - which is how it should be. It's not that loud to other players and since there's loads of them about you are never sure if it's a friend or foe without looking anyway. It's not been that detrimental to LAs.

    You still can't really pinpoint them in battle or hear them at all from a vehicle. I saw tons of C4s appearing out of nowhere and killing Tanks / Sunderers over the weekend, it felt like there were more of them if anything.

    Playing one I've not really suffered as a result, in fact I like the class MORE now because I feel like I am flying due to Jetpack now and not just because the game says I can fly by silent farting.
    Also since my Engineer's Anti-Tank Mines became almost useless (and I want to avoid the exploit of dropping and shooting where possible) it's been good to explore a new method of AMS killing.
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  8. Hagestol

    Since you didn't see it yourself. I've caught dozens now. You didn't give a reason why it should be like this though, which is what boggles my mind. Being killed is obviously not detrimental to LAs.
  9. Mythicrose12

    For smaller battles, I've definately found it detrimental to use my light assault. If I want to be heard, I may as well run with my SMG infiltrator. At least I can remain fairly unnoticable while I flank (and set up a prox mine or two). Can't go wrong as a Heavy with med kits either. I've certainly shot down many more LAs in flight during smaller skirmishes. For larger battles, the jet pack sound doesn't matter as much.
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  10. SleepyWalker

    I find one thing very interesting, and that is that many people have said that the jump pack sound is hard for them the hear.

    I have a different experience than many others. I can hear jump packs, friend and for, at least 75 meters away. Now it is not all that loud, but even before the new sounds were introduced I could barley hear the Jump jets at 30m. With these new sounds I am much more strategic with my jumps and actively try to identify who and the location of other light assaults that jump.

    I think the range is very large for the jump jets, but it adds depth and additional tactics to the game. For example 3 VS were taking a small, but important base. Only 3 of our team (including me) deployed to stop them. After the initial contact was made two of my teammates were dead and I go one enemy (my PC is not so good, so I admit to not rushing in.. feel a bit bad I could not help). I jumped up on the roof of a building to waited for them to respawn.

    All of a sudden I hear jump jets. I have no idea if different factions have different sounds, so I am on high alert. Then I hear more jumps, and more jumps. This is when I notice that all three of us where light assault. There were so many jump jet sounds that the two remaining vs were sticking very close to cover and seemingly had no idea where we were coming from, just that we were about with unknown numbers (how many attacks are with only light assault?).

    Well, the vs died. We defended the base, and I have a pleasant memory/image of light assaults jumping from roof-to-roof surrounding the enemy... but this time the sound made it so much more real.

    And to answer the question, no the jump jets have not gotten me killed. They have allowed me to be detected sooner than I wanted, but not killed yet. I think LA is now less of a hunter stealth class and more of a highly mobile combat soldier, the yin to the heavy assaults yang (or whatever combination makes sense).

    (Note: jump packs are way louder than cloak, would be a good combination to hide SMG infiltrators with a number of light assaults gathering agro with JJ)
  11. Goretzu

    That's just it, it's taken away the cheesey silent death OSK issues, but left the LA functionally the same in most situations, it was a very good change. :)
  12. ZEPLN

    No change. The sounds enhances the first person perspective. I generally can't hear other LAs in fights and from what I've seen of my enemies, they can't hear me either.

    I've lost no effectiveness as a sneaky airborne c4 chuckin' SOB.
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  13. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I certainly haven't.
    It's not that loud, and you could always wear ear protection.
    Didn't see it affect gameplay, either.
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  14. Evil Monkey

    Someone I know said he once killed a jetpacker cos he heard the sound. He swears it is true.

    He was a little dazed and he had to clear the ringing from his eardrums from the sonic boom which flung him to the ground, but he managed to recover and kill the LA.
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  15. Wolfwood82

    I'm still doing those "cheesey OSKs" with a Trac-5 S with underbarrel shotgun.

    It's changed nothing, just made things more frustrating and irritating. Not many people (yourself included) are audio based people, you don't pick up on sound easily enough to respond to it. I'm Visual/Haptic myself, so infiltrators are easier for me to spot and kill then LA, and most people tend to be more visual then audio, vision being the primary sense humans use.
  16. Village

    I have certainly killed many light assaults by hearing their noise. Just earlier someone capped one of our points, i went to retake it and nobody was to be found, so i leave. Moments later it gets capped again, i return quickly and find nobody, but then i hear the loud pulsing above me and look up to see the light assault hiding in the tree. I also always hear them coming to windows and ambush them as they are entering with a pump action shotgun to the face. Very satisfying, like swatting a fly.

    They are far more noticeable and most importantly it is easy to distinguish the direction.
  17. Goretzu

    Yup it can still happen, which just goes to show how utterly baseless the sound change whines are, finally it seems we agree with each other!

    However there is at least some potential warning now, which is good. :)
  18. Wolfwood82

    And yet you still haven't shut the hell up... You, the infiltrators, the cry babies, you still insist this change was needed.

    It raises frustration levels because now we have annoying boom noises going off directly in our ears that serve no real purpose other than to be extremely irritating. At the very least the sound effect cloakers have warns them when their cloak time runs out, it also serves to give them feedback about when they turn on. We well know when we're jumping/not jumping already.

    It also adds to frustration that not everyone responds to the sound to the same degree. Some people hear it and take advantage, most people can't figure it out and can't take advantage.
  19. Goretzu

    Which is exactly how it should be and is working as intended. :)
  20. VSDerp

    NOPE i died because i suck at shooting shotguns