Has anyone died because of jetpack sound yet?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Hagestol

    I'm just gonna cut down to your argument to say: You're wrong.

    We were designed to be this way since alpha. In beta we were like this. At release we were like this. Between release and now we had silent jetpacks. The devs never commented on it. There has been absolutely NO complaint threads about it.

    We have no flanking bonus as a class, only the element of surprise. We have poor weaponry. We have slow jetpacks. We are easy to spot. Now we are easy to hear.

    It makes every bit of sense to have silent jetpacks. We're in the future with floating tanks and immortality. Try to quote reality and sensibility in this game and I'll crush your argument over and over. It is the only flanking tool we have as a flanking class.

    As for quoting my stats: You're wrong. Go strawman something else.

    Again, having this continuous sound go of as the sneaky flanking class hovers and flies makes about as much sense as the sniper class (that'd be the infiltrator) giving their target a warning when they aim at them, giving them ten seconds to get away before you're allowed to fire. I it makes no sense.
  2. giltwist

    Not even a little bit true. In beta we had shotguns. Even after release, we had the semi-auto and fully auto scout rifles.
  3. WaRadius

    I ran over a few LAs because they were too scared to user their jump jets.
  4. Hagestol

    People use the scout rifles? It seems I only ever get killed by the best bolt action rifles. I'll dig through the statistics.
    PS: Scout rifles are sniper rifles. And they removed your shotgun, so that still makes you a sniper :)
  5. giltwist

    Scout rifles do not OHK and are only effective up to about 100m and are best in the 50-75m range. They are no more sniper rifles than a medic's battle rifle is.
  6. Hagestol

    Sniper rifles aren't defined around OHK, you have an accurate rifle that fires at long ranges (outside of 60m fighting zone) that comes with a scope. Say potato tomato all you like, the battle rifle isn't a sniper.

    As for usage, I don't see the scouts actually being used so forgive me for asking what your point is? It is kinda like arguing that the medic is a berserker class because they have access to the beamer and the only way to effectively kill with that is to get up right and close to your targets. They also have SMGs, so this supports the argument.

    The medics primary tool is the medic tool and mid range weaponry. The infiltrators main tool is the sniper rifle. That is my point.
  7. giltwist

    Again, wrong. See this link.

  8. Hagestol

    No? Thats an article on high caliber sniper rifles, meaning low caliber sniper rifles are still an option. Also those rifles do not OHK max level nano, so technically there are no guaranteed OHK snipers ingame at the moment.
  9. Engine91

    No. I have not died to the LA sound.

    You can only hear it if your close to them..... and if its only you and the other guy.... if your in the middle of a good fight with gun fire, rockets and the like wizzing around you are not going to hear the LA jetpack, you might hear it if hes really close to you in the middle of a fire fight but more often then not they can't hear you. works both ways too, stay far enough away and think about your jetpacking route and you will be fine.
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  10. WycliffSlim

    Saying "it was this way since Alpha" isn't a very good argument. If we're going to be calling out fallacies, that'd be an appeal to tradition. Just because something has been a certain way for a long time doesn't mean it's the optimal way for it to be.

    The flanking bonus we have as class is that we can get into places people don't expect, we can go up sheer cliffs, we can get on roofs, we can get into trees(tree's OP, need nerf), we can just jump off the side of a tower in a bad situation to get away, we render ALL cover essentially useless, we're the only class that can realistically OHK a MAX. The only time the jumpjets making sound might get you killed is if you're in a very small fight with only a few people. And even then, I've been in a many of them since this update and haven't noticed any difference in my effectiveness. I use jump-jets more tactically now... adapt and overcome.

    Do you even know what a strawman is? That's not a strawman, that's quoting extensive factual information. If I'm wrong then kindly explain why I'm wrong. In addition, I stated at the end that's there's every possibility that this is your alt and you have extensive experience with the LA class on another character. I'm well aware that stats aren't an end all and allowed room for that in my judgement, so again, kindly read what I actually wrote.

    Those are two completely different scenarios, sniping you're usually 100m+ away from your target, LA's you're right on top of them. So... lets compare CQC for a moment if you want to continue using the Infiltrator analogy.

    CQC Infiltrator:
    - Can go semi-invisible assuming the other person isn't playing on Low graphics(plus)
    - Makes loud noise every time they go in and out of cloak(minus)
    - Has less health than any other class(minus)
    - Can't carry a shotgun (minus)
    - Can shoot a sensor dart that makes a loud beeping for no logical reason that warns everyone there is an infiltrator in the are(plus/minus)
    - AP mines, but Engineers can do that and Flak Armor makes them worthless but we'll call it(plus)

    - Makes noise when they're using their jumpjets(minus)
    - Can approach from literally any angle to hit a target(plus)
    - C4 can actually be used to great effect to set MAX traps or to just assault them with it (plus)

    I'm not really saying I'm "happy" that LA jump-jets now make a big whoosh, I'm saying I don't care because it's not really going to affect me and it's a hell of a lot easier to just adapt to the change than it is to go cry on the forums. The LA isn't supposed to be "sneaky" it's supposed to bypass obstacles that other classes can't. The only reason that it's viewed as sneaky was because their jump jets were silent. Oh, and if you read the forums there has been quite a bit of continual annoyance on the part of Infiltrators that the self titled "Infiltrators" had a class ability that directly countered their ability to infiltrate and LA's had no drawbacks to theirs.

    Sorry that I didn't put any of that in huge caps... hopefully it's still readable.
  11. WycliffSlim

    No, no, no that would require people to put thought into the game, how dare you suggest that anyone adapt their playstyle. I also think that it is funny that no one seems to think about the fact that if they're aware it will now be slightly easier to avoid those silent insta-gibbing shotgun LA's.

    And on that note, to the people who don't get why this has been instituted now... my answer to you is, SHOTGUNS. Yep, my guess is that LA jump-jets now make noise as a subtle way of trying to cut down on people raging about a LA coming out of nowhere above them and insta-gibbing with a PA.
  12. Ztiller

    Such an objective list...not.
  13. WycliffSlim

    I was only adressing CQC combat. I realize that if you encompass all ranges of combat then this list changes. I suppose I could also add that if you're very lucky/good you could theoretically get a CQC OHK with you bolt action... although, PA.
    However, instead of simply criticizing, why not address what I missed and enlighten me. Bring up valid points and I'll potentially change my opinion, I have no problem admitting I'm wrong when someone proves me such.
  14. Hagestol

    Which is a silly argument. Our default weapon is a carb, we have access to lots of options, the OHK shotgun is only one weapon and it wasn't abused either. I'll give you that it is annoying, but there weren't hundreds of LA running around just OHK killing people from behind.

    Nerf the shotgun. Take the shotgun away from the class. Don't nerf the entire class over one weapon. Some of us like actually playing LA for its tactical value and not use new weapons to boost score.

    I agree, its not a good argument, its a great argument. It hasn't just been like this for a long time, it has ALWAYS been like this. Sorry for using caps, but people just don't seem to get it. Hope you still manage to read it, I don't expect you to get it though. We have always been like this. Always.
    Nobody complained about it, fewer people play us and we don't score very high. This was an illogical nerf to a class that is already underplayed, underscoring and overall poor at killing compared to other damage classes.
    If it isn't optimal then they have to add something else. Because silently flanking was our main advantage. Your opinion is that it wasn't optimal that our jets were silent. Your opinion isn't supported by any facts whatsoever, no stats or complaint threads, no dev comments or anything.
    So I can categorically state that your opinion is wrong.
    Btw, why is the sniper class in our class forum asking to take the silent flankers sound advantage away? What is it to you?
  15. Pikachu

    Only 1 time outside VR have I noticed the higher noise. I was in a biolab and some enemy LA was behind me trying to get up to a roof.
  16. Stargazer86

    The class started with sniper rifles and long range weapons. Semi-auto and auto scout rifles are still, as far as I can tell, rifles meant for longer range engagements. They are not SMG's. Shotguns were added later, given to every class, and then almost immediately stripped from infiltrators when they realized no, that wasn't going to work.
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  17. Kahlev

    Haven't really noticed it to be honest. Most people don't really pay attention to sound that much anyway, even those that do have to struggle to hear it amidst the fight. I imagine if I tried to solo back cap all the time it might suck, but I actually try to be useful to my faction.
  18. vaxx

    First off, notice once again, a post in the LA forum, asking LA's about a change to LA ability has become "OMGZ INFLILTRATOR"....again. Every post that has to do with the LA class is like honey to the bees known as Infiltrators. Seriously, it seems they spend more time justifying a nerf to our class than posting on how to fix theirs.

    I have noticed in a large fight, no difference. In a smaller scale fight, there is.

    A squad of NC where capping Spec-Op's training. Myself and 5 other randoms went to take the point back. Someone had 4 enemies spotted, and as soon as I leave the spawn room and flank around the side, I used my JJ to get over a small incline. I saw all 4 red arrows on the minimap turn around and run towards me. Bleh. After I go up on a roof, they knew were I was.

    On another smaller scale battle at Vanu Archives my squad was attacking. Me and another LA, along with a Medic that podded in were on the roof. Every time we heard a JJ we were able to find the enemy LA trying to leave the spawn room and flank using the roof or the side of the spawn room and kill them. Granted they were just trickling out, but it was not hard to get an audible direction.

    Last example, on a cliff on Indar around the area of Scarred Mesa there was a small nest of Engi AV turrets taking out some friendly armor in the distance. I kind of knew where it coming from, and did some hill climbing. I saw the plumes, and heard the AV's turrets and knew I was close. As soon as I got over the last little hill the turrets stopped. Couldn't find them and the red on the minimap was gone. I figured they left. Nope....next hill I jump over 3 un-manned AV turrets, and about 5 enemies ready to shoot. Obviously that last jump was heard and they knew there was an LA around.

    Summary, large battles, not much diff. Smaller battles, anyone with a decent sound setup can hear and locate the LA.
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  19. WycliffSlim

    Infiltrator isn't even my most played class anymore. I think i've only got about 1 hour more on it than I do LA which I play much more often now. So... sorry I haven't updated my avatar.

    Here's my final opinion. For the most part I agree that there was no real gameplay reason to make the jets have sound. Not many people ever complained about it, it wasn't a big deal. So... on that regard I will give you that I don't fully get why they decided to implement that now other than perhaps as a subtle way of trying to deal with PA QQ'ing.

    However, where I don't agree is that this is much of a change. I, personally, haven't had much problem with playing LA even with the noise. I've still been able to sneak up on people and it just hasn't effected me that much. So... it just doesn't bother me that much, it'll help people who are very situationally aware to get some warning that a LA may be sneaking up but it also will help you too. I guess time will tell but I just don't see this making too much of a difference to how LA's are able to work.
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  20. vilehydra

    I mainly play heavy, and as such sometimes become a giant red glowing target. The first time I played LA I braced my earphones for a deafening boom sounding from the very pits of hell. I was shocked to find how quiet it actually was. It wasn't a whisper like the old packs where, but it wasn't a massive detonation either.