Has anyone died because of jetpack sound yet?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. PaperPlanes

    The class is basically ruined at this point. It was actually already MOSTLY ruined because it was sitting in limbo for such a long time (no surprise it was the 2nd most underplayed class and had the 2nd lowest SPM), but this just obliterated any use the LA had. It takes away the one thing it was actually good at.

    It's the equivalent of putting a big arrow over any infiltrator that is sniping. It just puts a stupid hard counter on the main ability of your class. Or maybe a more apt comparison would be if infiltrators trying to hack something made an extremely overly loud keyboard typing sound. Let's just take your class' unique thing and add a loud as **** noise to it. The noise on cloaking was never even that bad.
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  2. Flashtirade

    I didn't have any troubles earlier today. Sure, I can't just magically appear above people anymore, but it's not like the sound is game-breaking (the explosion sound could be toned down a little though, it's especially annoying from the player's perspective).
  3. Hagestol

    Against the randoms we smashed yesterday there was no issue. Against the organised outfits we faced yesterday I had to go the long way around if I wanted to survive or just assume I was being seen and play the covergame accordingly.

    So I was basically a flying HA with a peashooter against decent people. I really don't like this change.
  4. giltwist

    @x13urst and wolfwood82

    The dude could have still found the cloaker without the NV. Did you not notice him stop, turn around and PUT TEXT ON THE SCREEN mentioning that he'd heard the cloak effect? I will admit that nerfing LA does not help infiltrators directly. However, so long as SOE refuses to make infiltrators quiet, the only thing that is reasonable is to make your class louder. You job isn't to sneaky sneaky. Your job is to bypass walls and those three-quarters vehicle bay shield. By "nerfing" the LAs in this fashion, perhaps we won't be hearing of so many outfits that ban infiltrators (or having more than one on a squad). I've never heard the same thing said of LA.
  5. Hagestol

    Our job is being sneaky flankers, your job is to snipe. Thats the way we're designed. Sorry mate.

    Also, LA and INFs are both unwanted in most organised operations outside of a small hunter squad as vanguards. So you might win a few of our spots but it won't be a victory.
  6. Springheel Jack

    You're an idiot.

    A whiny idiot, at that.
  7. Ghoest

    I have no idea why - I ddnt think the sound would matter too much - but people are finding and killing me more than before.
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  8. Stargazer86

    Infs are snipers, not sneakers. That's how they were originally designed. People want them to become more like infiltrators were in PS1, which is why they're in such an odd state at the moment. Essentially, infiltrators are attempting to assume LA's originally intended role.

    As for dying due to the sound, I've been playing more HA and Engineer lately, since I can't stand the constant explosions every time I tap my spacebar.
  9. Sea of Ink

    Infiltrators are whiners.

    Except for good infiltrators. They're fine. But that's probably about .02 of inf players.
  10. Kuriby

    Agreed... they are the king of whiners on forumside 2
  11. WycliffSlim

    I play Infiltrator and LA quite often. LA is now going through the stage that infiltrators had early on. That is, they're going to have to learn how to use their Jump-Jets conservatively. Just like Infiltrators can't spam their cloak on and off due to the massive crunch it makes LA's can no longer expect to be able to constantly Jump-Jet with no repercussions.

    On another note, has anyone else noticed that cloaked Infiltrators are now showing up on NV for vehicles again? It's some ******** and if they also show up on the infantry IR/NV then SOE needs to get a foot lodged so far up their *** they can't walk straight.

    But, back on track. Infiltrator and LA are still both good at sneaking up on people, you just have to be a little more careful about your approach and usage of Jump-Jets if you're a LA now. Anyone who thinks that a Infiltrator with an SMG isn't good at CQC is just crazy or has never encountered a good infiltrator. The only time I have a problem with Infiltrator that isn't due to me being an idiot is when people are playing on low graphics and can easily track me when I'm cloaked during the day.

    The problem is that a lot of mediocre LA's were using their jumpjets the same way a lot of mediocre Infiltrators use their cloak. They use it as a crutch that they expect to save their *** other than a tool that can help them escape a situation or get up on someone unexpectedly.

    Tl;Dr If you're LA and you want to be stealthier... take the longer route, walk more, adapt and overcome. Lets be honest, Jump-Jets always should have sounded about like how they do right now. One caveat I would like to not have the sound asset engage until you're actually using the Jets to go higher than a normal jump. It is annoying to hear a big Kawhoomp every time you hop over a small wall.
  12. giltwist

    Which is totally why we are required to go deep into enemy bases where our 12x scopes are useless in order to hack turrets and terminals.
  13. DrakeAU

    Give infiltrators a class specific smg for their 2nd slot, something not too overpowered but something better than the pistol. I think they where going to do weapon swapping for the LA but not many in the LA community supported the idea.
  14. WycliffSlim

    The Commissioner is beautiful. I got the gold one(don't judge me) and I can run around listening to,
  15. DrakeAU

    Yeah I had a blast testing it out in VR.
  16. FluffyM

    Several times, but it's the kinda "nerf" that would be fine if it had been compensated. Alas.
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  17. PartNinja

    In 1v1 fights people were able to track me due to the sound. I'll have to learn to just stay on my feet when sneaking.

    In larger fights, I was still able to get the drop on people. No way of knowing friendly LA jetpacks from non-friendly since there are always LAs around.
  18. Stargazer86

    Which is why you were initially only given sniper rifles as a main weapon and din't even have hacking until late in the beta when it was shoehorned in. Face it. Infiltrators were modeled off the BF3 recon class and that's what SOE originally intended them to be.
  19. Hagestol

    tl;dr - poorly disguised reason why LA as the second least player should use their primary tools less because - well, no reason actually. Also poorly disguised allegory over to INF hardship. We get it. INFs had it hard as snipers. Doesn't justify why LA have to endure the same hardship.
  20. WycliffSlim

    Did you even read what I wrote? I'm saying they should use their primary tool more cautiously, the primary time I use Jump Jets is to make a quick escape or get onto the roof of a building. In the first situation the enemy already knows I'm there so the noise is a non-issue. In the second they MIGHT hear it and be aware enough to be on the alert but I still have multiple ways to approach. All I'm saying is that people need to stop crying about how the noise will make playing LA impossible... it won't.

    I'm not trying to say Infiltrators have it hard, and especially not as snipers. Sniping is pretty easy in PS2 if you have a little patience and don't want a huge SPM. CQC isn't really even that hard since Infiltrators now have multiple viable weapons to use in CQC. If you're dumb you'll die a lot... but you have that problem with any class. I get loads of kills as an Infiltrator because I play to the strengths of the class. I was drawing a parallel between Infiltrators learning to work with the loud noise that their cloak makes and LA now needing to learn to handle the loud noise theirs makes.

    Lets face it, it makes no reasonable sense that jump jets should be completely silent. The reason is that it was simply bad design to not make the jump jets have noise from the very beginning.

    And just so we all have context, I've got 90 hours which is 23% of my playtime into the LA class. I'm certainly not biased against them and I have a good understanding on how the class works.

    On the other hand if, https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428011263288239937/weapons this is your main account you've got less than 30hours in LA and don't even have 100 kills with any LA weapons. As for you Infiltrator statement, you haven't even played an hour as an Infiltrator and therefore have no room to comment on how balanced that class is.Maybe you should understand the class' a little better before you make judgements on how a change will effect them. On the other hand, if this isn't your main then you don't have any excuse to honestly think that this will give LA's any serious "hardship".