Has anyone died because of jetpack sound yet?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. MasterCheef

    Do you notice a change in gameplay yet? I havent really played enough recently to see if the boom is a death sentence now. I know i wont be able to sneak underneath bridges anymore.
  2. Sea of Ink

    I was a lot less effective than I normally am tonight. Could just be a bad night (did have a few beers). Could be me not being able to hear too much of my surroundings b/c of the constant BOOM sound effects. Could be people hearing me approach. Was also missing w/ the Claw way more than I normally do. I know they nerfed AA (brilliant, that one), but don't think they touched the pumps again. I dunno...

    I don't really care if people hear me from a mile away. I just want to be able to hear what the heck's going on around me. Also, LA BOOM jetpack makes listening to any music while playing pretty much pointless.
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  3. DFDelta

    Negative. I can still drop in right behind people and shoot them in melee with my silenced carabine.
    Played my TR a little a few hours ago and went 47/11 with tower jumping, same as usual.

    Sound effects are pretty annoying to myself though.
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  4. Hagestol

    I've been in more situations where people turned around than I usually meet. But I'll have to test more to be sure.

    The sound is also new, so it is to early to tell anyways. On TC - yes, people heard me.
  5. RogueComet

    Got into the game to test the effects in battle.

    Jumped up to a door on the 2nd floor that a heavy was shooting strikers out of but somehow he switched to his machine gun and gunned me down as I came in the door. Death 1.

    Went to another fight in a bio-lab. In the bio-lab I saw someone run into a building below me so I hopped down to persue him. Oddly as I ran in the door behind him he turned around and gunned me down. Death 2.

    Happened 2 more times in the bio-lab, death 3 and 4.

    Went to another fight at an outpost. Our favorite 2 story building (the one that has two stairs leading to roof), I hopped up to the roof to go after someone inside who was shooting out of a window at other people. Odd enough... you guessed it, they had stopped shooting out the window and run over to the stairs and were waiting for me. Death 5.

    Five deaths, zero kills. I said "forget that" and logged off for the night.

    This change is the biggest nerf to happen to any class ever in the course of the game and should not have happened. SOE BROKE LA.
  6. WycliffSlim

    Ehhh... I've noticed that I've heard other LA's flying around and can get an idea of their positions from it. Essentially like the Infiltrator cloak. But, it's hindered me mainly in just annoying me every time I take off.

    Pro Tip: The loudest noise is when you first take off from ground level. Gonna have to do some tests, but if you jump off a building before you engage it MIGHT be possible to eliminate the big initial boom. Drifting doesn't seem to be much louder and flickering them on and off isn't too bad. The initial launch is really the only very loud sound.

    People will just have to adjust. It makes sense that they did it, honestly probably should have been in the game since the beginning.

    I know that until I do some more experimenting I'll be using my jumpjets MUCH more cautiously when trying to sneak up on people/armor.
  7. DFDelta

    Were this smaller battles or larger ones?

    As I've written above I've played LA for several hours and have not noticed any differences so far, but then I've only been in bigger battles (the usual crossroads *********** and a mass zerged tawrich techlab)

    I can see that it might be more of a hindrance in small scale fights (squad vs squad) but in larger ones I don't think it will have much of an impact.
  8. LibertyRevolution

    I don't know.. I couldn't put up with the new sound banging in my head every time I hit the spacebar, so I ran ENG all day today...

    I did kill a few LA today, it was very easy to hear them try and jump down on me.
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  9. TrainerS2

    Hehehe 20 tanks 20 gunships 50 infrantry shooting at rock im behind the sounds of BOOOM BANG !!. and I can hear in that mess a sneeking jet pack !!!!!
    Muhahaha :D
  10. Springheel Jack

    So much this, made me log off.

    Louder jet packs to cater to the awfuls I could almost live with.

    Obnoxious new sounds with every press of the space bar is unacceptable.

    Time to shelve my favorite class.

    Well done, SoE.
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  11. Fned

    Didn't affect my gameplay that I noticed, but I'll need to play around a lot more to be sure. There were a lot of potential situations that I just didn't get into last night.

    I did a lot of jumping around in some mountains that enemies were podding onto but none of them seemed to be attracted to my jetpack sound.
  12. Springheel Jack

    The other trouble is, each "boom" drains your fuel unnecessarily, which is **** awful.
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  13. Wolfwood82

    I know of 1 incident for sure that the sound caused my death. It was on approach to a Lightning that wasn't even looking at me until I got a little closer, then it spun around and saw me and drove away before I could C4 it. It then proceeded to kill the helpless mortal human desperately chasing after it on it's puny human legs.
  14. giltwist

    It doesn't count as being the cause of death unless it's something like what happens to these guys (not the MAX)
  15. x13urst

    It also doesn't count as a death if this happens due to the NV scope in GU4. That video is old. This can happen to us without the NV scope, and in the current patch. While jetpacking we are helpless. The jetpack shakes the gun so bad it's impossible to kill anyone unless you're at point blank. At least you guys can uncloak and fight back. We have to cancel the jetpack, take fall damage, and then hope the enemy is terrible enough to let us kill them.

    I still fail to understand how nerfing the LA helps infiltrators at all.
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  16. Wolfwood82

    Maybe you should read a patch note now and again... The NV scope doesn't reveal cloakers any more.

    Also I didn't hear the sound. Maybe I'm deaf or maybe the sound of my own jets blaring in my ears caused me to turn the sound down to a level that makes OTHER sounds difficult to hear... Go figure...
  17. WycliffSlim

    It's also possible that the Lightning had proximity radar on it. Not a bad build for an HE Lightning.
  18. alexm42

    Here's the thing- the jetpack sound is not faction-specific like the infiltrator cloak. Because of this, when you hear the sound there's no way to tell if it's friendly or hostile. Therefore, the jetpack sound itself has not gotten anyone killed, only their poor situational awareness or letting someone see them. And now I'm going to shut my ***** mouth before I give SOE ideas.
  19. Wolfwood82

    An excellent point.

    Dude.... They all wooosh the same... I ignore the noise because it isn't worth my time to track down only to find out it's a friendly. I'll only respond when I hear gunfire, namely a sniper rifle or SMG as those DO have distinct sounds and patterns.
  20. ColdCheezePizza

    If the boom is here to stay whether we like it or not, a nice consolation would be to mute it for the player and only make it audible for everyone else. It's completely sapped my enjoyment of the class, now it sounds like im in the middle of a tank zerg everytime i tap the spacebar