Has any one notisted that every gun in this game has unrealistic velocities

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  1. FieldMarshall

    PS2 is not supposed to simulate real life.
  2. kaneozen

    i am wanting the realism because I have not been able to fight anyone solo with NC for a year now I get out DPSed every time. the TR have stupid fire rates the VS have not drop (sorry very little drop) and what to the NC have 10-20 more points of damage on there guns yet fire like that are having a stroke. with some realism the NC would actually have a better mid range and at CC not get killed right at the start. I was just playing not ten minutes ago and one guy with a Assault rifle was out DPSing not one but 3 HS all shooting at him, and all we did was take out his shield. by the way he was TR and that Assault rifle fired so fast for every 3 shots doing 600 damage he fired 10 shots doing 1,430 in damage. how does needing to have more that 3 people to kill one guy make since. the NC have such crap CC weapons they have to sit a mid-long range to get a dame kill. and don't say skill is a factor there is no skill in running a gun. the three of us were all lv +35 and had high tier stuff yet his Assault rifle was more than enough to kill all of us and take 2 points by himself...

    that is really balanced
  3. kaneozen

    if they want to post the velocity's of there guns I am going to point out the problems
  4. Ballto21

    Ive come to the conclusion that auraxis is significantly larger than the earth, giving it a significantly higher gravity. This is what causes the vehicles to move slower, bullets to drop faster, and the weird way falling works.

    I have also figured that the atmosphere of auraxis is significantly more dense and oxygen rich,which is why the soldiers seem to have endless endurance, they are all high and painkilled and operating more effectively because of the increase blood oxygen levels. This also explains why velocities are so slow, they have significantly more atmosphere resistance to push against.

    Its a lot less far fetched than translator microbes (farscape) the force (star wars) and ancient wormhole technology that spans the known universe (stargate)
  5. Casterbridge

    The obsession with bringing real word facts and physics into Planetside, and most games really, always baffles me.
  6. Korban

    And what about the "Other" gases such as carbon dioxide, methane or hydrogen sulfide? Ever watched James Cameron's Avatar, Planet Pandora? Same dense atmosphere that you're claiming on Auraxium, nevertheless still toxic for humans to breathe in?
  7. Ballto21

    i thought of that too

    in the lore when they discovered auraxis the terrans terraformed it over the course of a few months while living on their starships.

    My excuse is as a result of this terraforming process all nonessential gasses to life were either scrubbed from the planets surface completely or to a point theyre not as noticable to make earth atmosphere to scale
  8. Isokon

    And finally he shows his true face...it was a "buff me/nerf the others" thread after all. :rolleyes:
  9. FieldMarshall

    I find it extremely unrealistic that my character never has to poop and pee.
    Problems like bullet velocities and pooping should be addressed as soon as possible.
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  10. kaneozen

    sorry that was not the point I was trying to get accost I was pissed and not thinking strait when I posted that.

    I was trying to point out that with the way the game is now the NC are so under powered because slow hard hitting weapons don't work in CC unless there is a big difference in power like 50-60 points of damage difference. I don't want to see the TR or VS nerfed I want the see the NC brought up to match the others not shafted with there gear. the way it is the NC need NS weapons to compete because there faction weapons are crap in most cases.

    now by making the velocities realistic things like snipers will become more useful and can actually snipe instead of the scout **** I see. then LMG's will do that they are suppose to do and that is to suppress people keep them at distance not be a assault rifle with 100 rounds. then rockets wont have a noticeable drop to them with a velocity increase (witch by the way since when as a rocket ever had a drop to them in any game it is a rocket not a mortar). then things like tank guns and turrets will be able to fire at least better not all the way to realism but about have way, this will give tanks the needed ability to be a tank and fire from a distends to siege braces or other tanks. then with the weapons each race has the VS (lasers) would have some of the faster shots with the NS (gauss) next on the list then the TR (advanced ballistics). and to I don't mean that slow is like 650MPS I mean like a minimum of 850MPS for all factions. this would make smart players more adept at combat and hiding more rewarding to those that do it and the run a gun **** can stop. I was so pissed this morning because all that guy did was play Cod and had no strategy nothing, so then the def's are rewarding the stupid for run a gun but the strategist get shafted.
  11. stalkish

    Or perhaps, the re-birthing technology gave us inherent resistance to the toxic gasses?

    Although that gives rise to another question, if we can recreate the human body countless times, why not upgrade it?
    Want 8 guns? Sure have 16 arms to use them.
  12. Goretzu

    Toliet facilities and washing facilities in general have been shockingly absent in MMOs for a long time, even in WoW which had the odd one you couldn't get inside! :eek:

    Although maybe this is mitigated by most of the thing inhabiting MMO world not having the anatomical features to partake in either of the above. :D
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  13. Hatesphere

    its simple really, every time we re spawn they just spawn us with empty bowels, the average player simply does not live long enough to get the "use toilet at warp gate" mission alert.
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  14. FieldMarshall

    So everything in the bowels is teleported out every respawn... interesting. That explains things.
    I suppose its pretty realistic after all.
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  15. Ballto21

    thats what the vanu are basically doing in the lore, the TR think its heresy and the NC think its another form of indoctrination
  16. Ballto21

    i know for a fact if i had a rebirthing chamber in my bedroom id just shoot myself whenever i had to piss and go back to video games
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  17. Pfundi

    Does the velocity in this game decrease over range?
  18. Hatesphere

    no it does not. it stays consistent for the entire flight path.
  19. FateJH

    No, but a small few AV weapons have acceleration mechanics up to a capped velocity.
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  20. Pfundi

    Well than its just a logic step to limit the velocities. Even when a 5,56 bullet starts at 920m/s the velocity will drop fairly quick. Wikipedia does even have a detailed table for that. So overall the velocities equal each other. The averages at least.
    The new russian 152mm cannon (so the Titan 150 AP) has a velocity of ~1900m/s and claims to only lose 20m/s at 2000m distance. So thats kind of ... well silly?