Has any one notisted that every gun in this game has unrealistic velocities

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  1. kaneozen

    The shield is just a barrier if you hit a flat surface it doesn't just bounce off. Just as an example the German Muse, it was the biggest baddest thing out there but because it had such a large flat surfaces it was fairly easy to destroy it was the biggest this thing out there but because it had large flat surface's was fairly easy to destroy. The same goes for the shields like I said if you were a hit a flat surface it wouldn't just bounce it would either penetrate or the bullet would collapse the shield, and the faster the bullet the more it can go through a flat surface. That is why a railgun can penetrate through 20 layers of 1 inch thick steel plates with a shell no bigger than a 20 millimeter cannon
  2. Xellon

    Well, thats not a "Physics" Problem. Actually, it's not a Problem at all. Even better, realistic gun velocities would be a Problem!
    Why, you ask? That's simple! Lets explain this with Tank Main Cannons as example, but it applies to all Guns in this game:

    You see, when you design a shooter, you basically want the following (among a whole bunch of other stuff!) : The further away the target, the harder to hit. Now, Auraxis' Continent are only some kilometers across, about 4 to 5 if I recall correcly. If your Prowler/Vanguard/Magrider had realistic projectile velocity, the shell would traverse the entire Continent in less than a second and have no significant drop whatsoever!

    Now imagine, you're sitting atop a hill and see an enemy MBT cruising around at full speed at max. render distance (500 meters was it?). How hard, would you think, would it be to hit this MBT with "realistic" projectile velocity? Exacly, as easy as throwing your mouse out the window. Literally no skill involved: Aim, klick, kaboom.

    So, for the very reason of difficulty, all projectile velocities in this game are toned down to a level where hitting targets in the distance gets increasingly harder and harder, to reward the players who have the skill and experience to properly lead a target and predict it's movement.
  3. Lemposs

    Sure, as soon as small arms can also OHK tanks.
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  4. haldolium

    Mind = blown.. :eek: Here I was thinking that PS2 is an actual simulation of the future... does that mean vehicles can't be created out of thin air? And many people in the same place won't fade in and out randomly? Damn those physics!
  5. Lemposs

    As I told you, it is future technology, it doesn't apply to our physics. Jezz, it is like trying to explain to someone that a video game doesn't need to apply to the rules of reality.
  6. Alan Kalane

    heh, that's funny. See in PS2 the bullets don't loose velocity at all. So a 600m/s bullet will keep flying at 600m/s until it hits something...It's like if they had infinite energy...

    the PS2 guns are actually insanely powerful, but they shoot incredibly heavy bullets(1 bullet weights tons and tons). That's why the bullets travel so slowly despite having an almost infinite ammounts of energy.
  7. kaneozen

  8. kaneozen

    They should at lessed make there gunes truly lethal if they are going to put the speeds up.
  9. BlueSkies

    Auraxis has a denser atmosphere thus severely reducing the velocity. NC Scientists are currently working on a plan to remove the atmosphere to overcome this problem.
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  10. Goretzu

    With Newton's 3rd Law that would end up looking something like the beginning of this!
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  11. Lemposs

    Or maybe they should just not give a ****? Because they can do that, not give a ****. Like most of us, they likely don't give a **** :D
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  12. ColonelChingles

    Small arms can't OHK tanks in the real world... why would you expect that in a game? :p

    A tank should be far superior to any single rifleman... C4 shouldn't do squat to a tank either as C4 is a simple demolition HE explosive.
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  13. Lemposs

    Because video game? :D I actually only said that because it would be insanely OP and prowlers would own this game.

    Not Auraxium C4, it actually combusts all biological and nanite matter that it comes into contact with. Ever notice how it never damages buildings or the landscape, that is why!
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  14. ColonelChingles

    Except things like trees or grass...

    Can penetrate tank armour that can resist 150mm AP rounds.
    But can't kill grass.
  15. Lemposs

    Auraxium isn't a biological planet. It is a xenological planet ;)

    It doesn't penetrate the armor, it makes it combust by science.
  16. ColonelChingles

    If we are residents, born and raised on Auraxis, are we not xenological too? Certainly we can't be counted as Earthlings anymore.

    I would dearly like to see NS walls, trees, and grass "combust" as well.
  17. Lemposs

    No, no, no xenological isn't just the word for biological matter on a xeno planet, it is something completely different that science is yet to discover.

    I would like that as well, but the great divine DBG server entity likely couldn't handle it.
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  18. ColonelChingles

    Oh, well in that case I believe that tanks shells should be buffed to 950m's velocities because of gsdfol;ghnasdop;ng asdjk;hf.
  19. Jake the Dog

    Do you want me to point out that a single engine non-sports plane (propeller type) can outrun our esfs? Or how gravity is not a universal constant on auraxis? How technically everything (IRL) is effected by gravity equally (even light) which should be especially noticeable with the slower velocity? Or maybe how the sun transforms into the moon? Why does all this happen?

    The answer is simple. Nanites.
  20. kaneozen

    I would love to see them try the game with real physics are see how it is