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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by tigerchips, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. tigerchips

    Harrasers are bad because of the frequency they spawn compared to other vehicles. It's affecting the combines arms gameplay. I literally see two of them taking down a whole squad, sunderers, tanks, you name it. It was bad before and now it's much worse. Limit the recourse, take away recourse boosts as it's breaking the game.
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  2. DemonicTreerat

    Cost isn't the issue.
    Its that since their inception they've been too tough. By making them so damn "tanky", keeping their high speed, and allowing them high dps/ lower alpha weapons these buggies are almost guarenteed to be able to burn down any tank before said tank can land enough shots on its smaller & faster tormentor to kill it.

    What needs to happen is their health and resistances hammered until one to three hits (depending on the tank & gun) from a tanks primary gun is a death sentence. Not simply "oops I'm burning" but "omg we're all dead shouldn't have done that" death. Then drop the close range/ high dps weapons that cater to the "circle strafe from hell while burning down the target" for longer-ranged higher-alpha/ lower dps ones.

    That would fix the big complaints about harassers being better "tanks" than the tanks. They could still be used to counter tanks via hit-and-run and ambush, but no longer the no-skill no-brain "rush right up to the tank and circle it while dpsing it down works in all situations" method of now.

    Will it happen?
    Nope. Too many wannabe "MLG pros" whose little epeens are dependent on living out a Mad Max fantasy will whine up a storm on Reddit to give the the idea that different situations should require different methods instead of a "one size for all situations". Just look at the fuss these losers throw over lockons. Heaven forbid that they have to decide if they want to optimize general defense (fire suppression) or anti-missile defense (flares). Nope, they want it all without any effort.
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  3. Scroffel5

    They are too fast, too. They cost a lot, are super strong, and can outrun my boi, the Flash. If there was always something faster, that would balance it out. They get into a fight fast and leave fast. The TR Chaingun is a nightmare. WAY too much damage and WAY too much DPS. What we can do is boost the speed of all the other vehicles, lower the health pool of the Harrasser, cut their damage and DPS down on their cancerous weapons, not all of them, and lower their resistance.

    Prolly won't happen.
  4. ObiVanuKenobi

    Harassers are bad because you need 2 people to use them therefore a large amount of people don't use them and automatically assume they're op, easily 1v1 tanks and other nonsense similar to aircraft being skill locked and people who can't fly constantly complaining.
    Any competent tanker beats a Harasser easily except maybe a pro Harasser crew using the backseat c4 trick but that's hard to pull off against someone who knows about it and sees it coming.
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  5. Liewec123

    You're both right!

    The current harasser would be fine if it cost more, let's say 300nanites maybe? And give them a 360 degree rumble seat.

    Or if the cost stays the same then the durability should be lowered to reflect it, it takes more shots to kill a 150 resource composite harasser, than shots to kill a 350 resource lightning tank.

    So yep you're both right that the harasser is far too good currently for a vehicle with the cost of 3 grenades.
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  6. Clipped!

    Nice to know smart people who play the game understand game balance unlike most of the (remaining) devs and quite few of the current players. I even outlined how harrasers had become unbalanced and too powerful with the tank shell vulnerability adjustments here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...nk-shell-vulnerability-needs-adjusted.251929/

    And I made sure people could understand it by going in-depth while making sure to explain some of more difficult concepts and even gave a short summary on what the resulting facts and calculations meant as well as balanced options for rectifying the issue. But now, with the increased damage that heavier vehicles take means that more expensive vehicles die even faster and are even weaker against harassers than the tanky as heck state they were after harassers took less damage from tank shells (50% more down to 20% more). This is result is that MBT's and lightnings are even moreso not worth their massive cost.

    And while not all harasser weapons use the light AV damage type (only halberd, fury, gatekeeper (which needs a small buff to to actually be viable over the halberd), Enforcer, Mjolnir, Saron) the ones that do use it don't need improving as they already do plenty of damage to their intended targets. That said, MAX AV weapons did kinda of need it against the heavier vehicles, but should instead have gotten their own separate damage types that are otherwise the same except against certain targets similar to how the skygaurd's direct impact (the bullets, not the flak explosions) should deal more to liberators and maybe galaxies to help with punishing them for getting so close.
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  7. Exileant

    :confused: Come on now people... I hate them too, but they are called Harassers for a reason. They are only a threat now with the aid of a skilled team of 2 or more. They are fast, but they are loud. o_O They can even take Advantage of my Magrider, but look that is their purpose. They are the hit and runners. None of you can tell me you have not killed a harasser or two when you land all shots fired at it. This is more so a practice makes perfect king of thing. If they were any weaker, they would need the aid of a cloak so infantry could not chip them to death. They have to be just where they are to be usable. So either use that hatred to get good enough to kill them, or get in one yourself. :eek: But this here?! With the nerfing? No, leave them be. :( I am not even a Harasser Driver.... I have to deal with these lunatics, and DO indeed DEAL with them. Yes, they will eat a tank or two, but it is not their fault, it is yours. The V and A turrets are no longer the "Beasts of Ishbal", o_O They have a much weaker machine than you, and a Harasser is just pathetic driven Solo. If I can make a B.R. 100 A.S.P. team leave me the heck alone, they are fine. Two of anything on you should kill you, that will teach you to assist that fellow tank shooting at that harasser twin. When one falls, you both gang up on the second one. ;) GAME OVER. Yes I realize just because I can do it, does not mean everyone can, however in this case this is a skill attainable by anyone given enough practice. Harassers do not need to cost any more than they already do. :eek: Tough up and get some!!!!!!!
  8. InexoraVC

    The only solid way to dominate harassres is to fly aircraft. Esf (or Lib) allows to mock g2g or g2i harasser equipped with vulcan cannon or mjolnir or aphelion.
    Some skill is required
  9. Clipped!

    No, it's daybreak's. And this is WHY people are so upset about harassers! Because they currently can just eat tank shells and still shred tanks with or without both a competent driver and gunner against a skilled tanker when harassers are intended to be flankers and pick off unaware and/or wounded targets, not hunt like the sharks they've been doing for months now! Otherwise they'd be much more expensive vehicles (and should be if Dayreak doesn't adjust to fix this imbalance) if they're intended to be sharks, and the fact that Daybreak CONTINUES to be oblivious to the horrible balance changes they're making infuriates not just me but also plenty of others!!

    I know you are likely a troll as your argument counterpoints itself three times and that you think that harassers need these recent buffs when they clearly don't, but least you have things I can bounce solid points off of for the less than genius people to understand. And if you think that I don't have the skill or the hatred for hasrassers, you're wrong because I've killed many harassers before they got the durability buff with both the LBOO AP lightning cannon (which I've had auraxed for months now) and the standard Python AP (which I have nearly auraxed).

    Harrasers were nasty as heck if they did their job of flanking or a tanker simply didn't rotate their tank to keep their front toward them after being engaged (I've seen it happen alot then and still see it now), but they died easily enough if you had aim and could lead/predict where they were going to be, but often left my tank with some to half health as they already could shred my tank from the front if I didn't kill them fast enough or missed a shot. Since the Everquest Aniversary update though, they will ether leave my tank with some health even if I hit all my shots, and if I missed just one shot I could be very well burning or out of a tank.

    I have yet to actually play PS2 again as of the new AV damage changes as I knew people would be upset and I wanted to let people know that those changes made both then and now were not OK at all, and hoped the remaining devs will finally LISTEN TO THEIR COMMUNITY AND WORK TO ACHIEVE BALANCE INSTEAD OF JUST LOOKING AT GAME STATISTICS TO MAKE CHANGES!!
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  10. Exileant

    :confused: If you could do it before then you could do it again. o_O Besides this, why are you complaining and haven't even PLAYED with the new changes? :eek: This is what I mean about, pointless crying, people...
  11. Malebranche

    Yup Harassers are so OP, they can take a lot of hits and can outrun anything except aircraft. And let's not even mention how OP Libs have gotten with the Dalton. :rolleyes:

    ATG and ATA missile launchers need a range buff.
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  12. oberchingus

    Harasser horns are OP. Especially the KAZOO!

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