Harrassers Road Kill Way to easy

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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    Before people get upset that I say running over is to easy with a Harrassers, it is.

    The heavier your armor value, like Heavy Assault or Max Suit. The speed should diminish on the vehicle, it should receive damage or slow down with each mow, like hitting a speed bump.

    When slamming into a Max Suit that players spend far more precious resource points, it should be like hitting a fire hydrant. Not instant death every time.

    Engineers can’t deploy enough mines, they need to put 20-50 down and up to 10 spitfires or more like in the original Planetside, but since that probably won’t happen, tone the Harrassers down.

    The Harrassers with turbo is able to hit players quicker than they are able to react and is being exploited.
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  2. blackboemmel

    Did you ever try to auraxium your Harasser? The Roadkills had been the last thing i finished while doing so. Did NOT feel too easy for me. "Instant death every time" is just not true, especially not for MAX units.
  3. Halkesh

    Use safe fall 5 or catlike 5, it help you survive a harasser ram.
    That said, harasser need a nerf to their resistance against ground vehicles and infantry (harasser are fine against air).
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  4. OldMaster80

    Wait are we saying post-CAI resistance values are ****** up? Oh this sounds new! o_O
    Hell yesterday I fired a Harasser with a base turret and it tanked like 4 shots.

    Vehicle 2 vehicle game is a total mess right now, and those who say this was Infantryside patch either are blind or are not playing.
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  5. strikearrow

    I agree, Harassers should not be able to just run over Max suits. And landmines should hurt them a ton - imo 1 landmine should insta gib a 150 nanite jeep that isn't running mine guard. As it is, Harassers can just turbo over landmines and take next to zero damage because they are gone before it explodes. That is not how landmines work, you cannot just outrun an explosion unless your going about 10000kph....

    Same for flashes too imo. The CAI should not allow a friggin flash to run over a max....An ATV should be the one getting run over by maxes or bouncing off maxes and taking 50% damage. We're talking a 450 nanite walking armor suit that can face tank a decimator.

    While I'm on the subject of maxes, only c4 should be able to insta gib a max. Nothing should be able to insta gib it by running it over - knock it aside and damage it sure, but not kill it. It should take 3 landmines to kill it also. If a little 150 nanite Harasser can survive landmines, a 450 nanite max certainly should. Only 4 nanite sinks cost 450 nanites, MBTs, Liberators, Maxes and Gals they should be hard to kill.
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  6. Oleker2

    Harrasers in general got more resistance on CAI. Universally they take one more tank (lightning and MTB) to be killed, and infantary now needs 2 c4s to kill them. 1 c4 does not bring the harasser to fire as well...

    That in a vehicle that runs faster than anything else in the game and outrun even tank mines explosions. Harasser should be a glass cannon that evades... not tank the amount of damage is tanking right now.
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  7. Ryo313

    would be fun to see AV mines stick to their targets but anyways... i agree with you... with it's speed it should be a glass cannon.

    but it's not only Harasser who are easy to use for roadkills... wrath flashes also are very easy to use for that... before someone can shoot the guy he already killed 5 ppl before anyone even noticed it.
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  8. Oleker2

    wrath flash can roadkill while invisible also... you don't even need a gun equipped XD
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  9. Ryo313

    yeah guns are for ppl who can't drive x'D

    but srsly... worst thing is that no one even bothers to shoot at the wrath flash since it's long gone before even someone noticed it.
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  10. Rydenan

    Harasser roadkills seem very fair and balanced to me.

    It's those goddamn wraith flashes that can roadkill entire squads and MAXes, all while remaining completely invisible from more than 15m away, AND while having powerful mounted AI weapons on top of it. Even the sound they make is non-empire-specific, so it's basically impossible to know if there's a hostile one zooming around in crowded areas.
    But wait, there's more! They can scream over tank mines like it's nothing, rarely ever taking damage. I can count on one hand the number of my tank mines that have actually killed the wraith flash that ran over them.
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  11. strikearrow

    They do not have to stick, they just have to explode as fast as they do in real life. In real life an ATV or Jeep runs over a landmine at even 200mph and they go boom. You see a landmine is triggered just before the vehicle runs over it and even at high speeds the explosion kills it.
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  12. Icehole1999

    I play MAX a lot, and have dumped a bunch of RL $$$ into that class. I am partial to it to be sure. I don't like how a Harasser can road kill me and drive off unaffected. But it's balance I guess. My MAX is a walking Harasser I can take indoors.

    My issue is the Flash road killing me. It's just stupid. Know what tho? I don't see it changing especially now because a certain UI dev is a Flash ***.
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  13. strikearrow

    I agree except the 450 nanite v 150 nanite fight.... However, that might be more a problem of the Harasser being too cheap instead of the Max being to expensive.
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  14. Icehole1999

    I have to agree with this. With the money and certs I've put into the MAX I can positively wreck ****. The nanite cost of the MAX should not go lower to bring it in line with the Harasser. That would just be bad. I personally like the higher cost of the MAX because it keeps them out of the hands of less effective players.

    I don't think the Harasser should be nerfed in any way. Bring the nanite cost to what a MAX is. This should theoretically lessen the reckless abandon Harasser crews exhibit.
    Kind of like how MAX drivers had to adapt after losing charge.
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  15. ObiVanuKenobi

    Everything got higher resistances in CAI, that was the point of CAI. Making everything slower to kill and lowering vehicle damage to infantry. Harasser and vehicle gameplay in general was much better before CAI, one of the worst updates ever imo.

    Now that all vehicle weapons have been nerfed there needs to be a next thing to whine about and i guess it will be roadkills now.
    If you're getting roadkilled you have bad positioning, it's as simple as that.
  16. Pelojian

    i'd suggest making cloaked wraith flashes when they deal collision damage to enemies it should drain all their cloak energy, like in crysis when you fire a weapon from cloak, you might kill a dude but you are exposed till cloak recharges.

    if the kind of sprees they do now become kill trading exchanges, they'll use them less and use them more carefully to make sure they live after running one person over.

    i also agree that if a flash tries to run down a max, the flash and the driver should die with the max living but taking some damage (eg 20-25% HP), if a harasser hits a max it should be slowed down by the collision and take collision damage from the max.
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  17. Lamat

    They need special light vehicle tankmines that stick to the passing vehicle before detonating. Make them weaker than standard tank mines but you can carry lile 6-10 with mine carrier
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  18. Insignus

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  19. strikearrow

    I think that makes the engineer even more complex - but maybe that's the only way to fix the landmines in this game.
  20. Lamat

    Yeah, they don't detonate right for fast moving vehicles
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