Harrassers are balanced.

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  1. Zenanii

    I never said they should always win, regardless of circumstances...
    But a AV harasser should beat a lightning.
  2. Alox

    I like driving MBTs and I have frequently been in combat with Harassers and I enjoy the challenge.

    The only thing I think is a major problem is the composite armor. There is too big a difference between a stock Harasser and one decked out with full composite. I am not sure repairing on the move is an issue, it is impossible to know until composite armor has been fixed.
  3. Dvine

    The point noone touches is that effective harassers are usually crewed by 2 guys on teamspeak (or equivalent). Should it be shocking that 2 guys doing dedicated teamwork with thousands of certs invested into the harasser take out 1/2 MBT's? I mean really all the buttmolested self nerfing 1/2 MBT drivers complain that after going to battle with a severeley handicapped 2man veichle they get owned? As a harasser guner/driver me and my buddy look and hunt for stray 1/2MBT or lightning drivers and kill them, whenever we encounter a half decent 2/2 MBT we go and get the hell out of there as we know it will end up us dying no matter what. If we see a tank column we get the hell out as the chance of survival is 0.

    My advice to all the complainers is this: Get a secondary gunner as its intended and never lose to a harasser again (even with the basilisk)! Travel in packs like any sane tanker would do, and if you dont please understand that you're severely handicapping yourself to a level when a single HA with a rocket launcher can take you out.
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  4. Jube

    I'm not so sure the Harasser needs a armor nerf as much as the MBT's need and armor buff in the rear.
    A teamate of mine and myself run Harassers alot. We get in behind and hit them in the rear, it's easy pickings. MBT drivers who keep their rears turned away win the fight those that think they can sit still and hope to hit us with their main gun most often lose.
  5. Booface

    Well, the Galaxy trades some of its combat power (though not all... ever see a max-certed 5/12 Galaxy with a Teamspeak crew manning the decked out Bulldogs and Walkers? It rips through everything and is nearly impossible to take down except for a swarm of 3+ ESFs, more if the Walker gunners are good, and probably a couple of which will succumb to Walker and Bulldogfire) for the utility of the extra transport seats.

    The Harasser doesn't have that level of utility. Yes, it has speed, but so do the Lightning and the Flash; speed means nothing if you're impotent when you get there. It has the same cost as a Lightning and requires a bigger crew (which IMO means it should be clearly superior to the Lightning), which is not too much less than the cost of an MBT. The Harasser is a combat vehicle through and through, and so it needs to be good at that thing.

    Seriously, this is a thread of 1/2 MBT folks whining that they can't destroy all the things. Get a gunner, just like the guy in the Harasser took the time to do. If you do, you won't lose to an equally certed out Harasser unless you have awful aim, you specialized into anti-infantry weapons, or you let it sneak up behind you.
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  6. illgot

    I've seen Harassers rip through 2/2 tanks. They go by hit the tanks a few times using hit and run, may take a hit, then vanish. The gunner repairs while the driver circles around, and after a few seconds of repair the Harasser is fully ready to go. By the time the Harasser has come back, the 2/2 tank is still trying to repair and this makes a very easy target for the Harasser.

    Harassers are too fast, allow for repairs on the move, have too much fire power (not counting mines, rocket launchers, grenades, Maxes from the third seat), have too much armor when certed, and can spawn at any terminal.

    And your only argument is that the Harasser needs "3 people to operate" which is false because it only needs 2 people to operate.

    Oh darn, where can I find a dedicated gunner for my Harasser that wants easy certs?
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  7. Takoita

    I agree, the thing is a bit too durable for its speed and maneuverability. Composite armor certline should get looked at.
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  8. LoveYourKitten

    Honestly, I'd be fine if they made all MBTs into 3-man vehicles. The backseat of a Harasser is almost a sure death anyways. That would help tankers who are fully crewed to be more effective and give those of us who run around in groups of three a more viable option than riding around in the suicide seat.
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  9. Weirdkitten

    Or add a 3-man tank at least. Magriders would need a complete redesign to make it a 3-man tank :(
  10. Xae

    They move 10 KPH faster than a Lightning and 15 faster than a Prowler.

    They aren't that fast.
  11. jihon83

    They are, though, especially because, unlike the Harasser, both the Lightning and heavy tanks have location-based damage; and those "measly" 10-15 kph differences is enough to let a Harasser close in and strike from the rear. Combine that with automatic and quickly reloading weapons, and they are dangerous threats to armor, even with being mere "transports".
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  12. Elack

    they are fast, very durable and can also put out a shed load of damage? a tank by any other name.

    imo they should be glass cannons able to get in avoid major damage through just speed while repairing minor damage and get out again but if they get caught that should be the end of them.
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  13. illgot

    Third seat serves a few purposes

    1) to transport another infantry unit to the next base

    2) for the gunner to drop back into the third seat and repair while on the move

    3) added fire power while on the run

    4) a cruel joke if the Harasser takes any firepower

    Harassers, to be balanced, needs either the speed to be reduced, armor to be reduced, or the ability to repair on the move plus a small adjustment to one of the previous.
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  14. NietCheese

    They can farm Lightnings faster/easier than MBTs can kill Lightnings. They can drop Sundies in no time, they have escape mechanisms (turbo), high speed, high damage AND high durability.
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  15. Shoza Nakh

    Harasser nerf inevitable, it's clear for anyone who really use them. Something about them will be nerfed, I hope it will be armor, but not speed or weaponry, We have to wait some time until SOE will sell enough Halberd's and Vulcan's.
  16. Tiju

    I had stopped playing the game for some time and when I came back, the Harasser was in the game. After some days watching it's behavior I asked myself, what did the devs think about when they invented a nearly indestructible farming machine? Since then I have seen a lot of MTB/Lightning against Harasser fights and never ever a MTB (1/2 or 2/2) or a Lightning won one of those fights. That's only anecdotal of course. As a HA (my usual class) I stopped fighting Harassers, not worth the effort because to no avail. Right now I'm considering wether I realy want to play a game where I'm harassed all the time, when "harassed" means "being helpless".
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  17. Goretzu

    Indeed, the speed and fire power is fine.

    Being able to take the beating they can (and being able to repair on the move) is just plain daft.
  18. Jeslis

    I do agree with you that harassers are well designed (if a little too hard for infantry to kill w/ rockets or such.. but thats more rocket speed issues). AND that MBTs need a major survivability buff.

    with regards to the vulcan comment, Im sorry I think I got myself confused with 2 seperate incidents. This post is about a harasser with the NC Enforcer attachment. However, I do feel that the vulcan is far worse on a harasser (From the VS PoV) in that its miss rate can be much higher and still be super effective.

    I was *relatively alone*.. but so was he -- it was a 2/3 harasser vs a 2/2 MBT in the terrain north of Regent rock (the south center tower in indar).. - By relatively, I mean, that someone noticed when I died and killed the harasser maybe 15 seconds later. I think it was a friendly lightening... but for all I know the harasser simply flipped and blew up.

    @Your air comment, 100% agree.
  19. StuntPoteten

    Being able to take a beating is important. There's a reason you don't see alot of combat flashes racing around killing armor and farming infantry. (The flash has a passenger seat, m40 and afterburner/cloak).
  20. Hibiki54

    Remove empire specific weapons from the harrasser = balanced
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