Harrassers are balanced.

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  1. Dvine

    I know but if you read what I've wrote I didnt mean it must be done by one guy, seriously you cant expect to infantry one man a crewed/armored veichle. (unless youre a TR HA with a Striker)

    Infantry zergs need to stop using dumbfires on harassers like it would be a tank, bullet based weapons are much easier to land and do just as good damage. I know old habits die hard but try to shoot the damn thing!

    Hell the default basilisk on top of a sundi (primary harasser target) will blow up a Comp4 harasser in less than a clip!!
  2. Goretzu

    Yep that having to get away and repair is fine, moving self-repair simply adds too much surviablity.

    Once moving self-repair is removed, then the Harraser can be looked at again and armour reduced if needed (I think it probably would still be needed).

    Balance is balance.
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  3. Dvine

    Just out of curiosity.. How much time you spent actually driving/gunning one?
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  4. Goretzu

    Again Harrasser are NOT supposed to charge into the middle of DOZENS of infantry with impunity.

    Even MBTs can't do that.
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  5. Mindjacker

    i drive both ( and have i9nvested many certs into each) and have to agree the harrasser is most definately overpowered but lets face it this was just another cash grab. Unfortunately GU13 is upon us and no toning down of this stupidly overpowered vehicle but it should be one of the top priorities for quick fixing at least - if not its just another example of devs making their favourite toys OP and completely ignoring their paying customers (SOE main trait certed to al;most max at the moment).
    Where the hell people get the idea that just because it has 2 people it should own everything else in the game (which it does) at absolutely minimum risk. Lock on can't even hit them 99% of the time.
    There is a reason that every post stating the overpowered nature of these has many many likes, and the bads with their noob vehicle are either not liked at all or have 1 like.
    Whoever thought the harasser was balanced when designed probably was the same person that worked on the zoe release ie an idiot with no clue.
    This is just an "own everything weapon" for terribads and needs fixing.
  6. NietCheese

    Well they aren't balancing it.
  7. zukhov

    Standard buggy tactic.... drive into the middle of infantry, run as many as possible over - run away and repair.

    Significantly slow them down when hitting enemy might do something to help.
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  8. Goretzu

    More time than you've spent fighting them I think. :)

    I was even using one solo the other day, still reasonable effective like that.
  9. Goretzu

    That would actually help a lot with the mowing at least.
  10. Dvine

    Just out of curiosity could you please tell me what do you expect to happen when a 4 wheeled 3-4 ton armored veichle with a huge cannon on top slams into a group of infantry at 60-70-80km/h?
  11. Goretzu

    Unless they built it out of lead it wouldn't weigh 3-4 tons.

    To be fair if it crashed into a MAX it should cause it some serious problem though.
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  12. Dvine

    The civillian clown car Hummer 2 weighted 3 tons empty. We have a 4 wheeler with armor, 2-3 persons inside, and a big **** cannon on top, regardless if its 2-3-4 tons, going with anything above 20-30km/h should pancake footsoldiers...
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  13. Goretzu

    A Harraser is nothing like the size of a HV. :confused:

    It's cabin is barely big enough to fit 2 players in size-wise (it must be a very tight squeeze even for people that know each other really well in there! :eek: :D) and a small rumble seat on the back.

    The actual body isn't much (if any) bigger than that of an MGB (which weighs ~1.2 tons soaking wet).

    It's also built on a tubular chassis design which is much, much lighter than a HV body design.

    Also I'd have hoped nanites in the far future would be able to make stuff both stronger and lighter than these days.

    I'm not even convinced a Lightning would weight 4 tons/4000kg.

    Of course the strangest thing for a vehicle that is "supposed" to mow infantry and MAXs down and take on MBTs and win is that pretty much all its steering geometry and suspension (not to mention wheels) is completely exposed. o_O
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  14. Dvine

    Whatever man... Youre not arguing with me you're arguing with Newtons 2nd law really... Even if its as light as a human body going at 70kph or more it should squish everything.

    I got it that you dont like harassers but seriously this is getting silly..
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  15. zukhov

    I would expect them all to die.. and I would expect the buggy to be pretty badly damaged as well. Not to mention it would probably have slammed against the rock or whatever they were hiding behind as well, which should be enough to destroy it. Realism works both ways, this is a game.
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  16. Goretzu

    You brought it up, I can't help it if I disagree. :p

    But ignoring infantry, MAXs would (and should) make a massive mess, even if they did weigh 4 tons (which they clearly don't).

    But if we're really going for realism the harassers tyres and suspension is just plain vulerable.
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  17. Chowley

    I would also like them to make some noise when they are tearing up behind you. Pisses me off so much, all alone in a wide open empty field on esamir. Woosh I'm dead, not a sound, oh its just the loudest vehicle in the game ran me over. The thing is ridiculously loud when youre actually in it, its like a parody of an engine, but not when its 5 metres behind an enemy. seriously.
  18. Goretzu

    Indeed a "4" ton vehicle hitting a rock at 80 kph isn't going to be pretty. :eek:
  19. TeknoBug

    Last night we faced a VS zerg that were rolling dozens of Harassers. We stood on the high ledge of the base we were at and shot launchers and AV turrets nonstop. I was hearing over the mic "ok one Sunderer down" and "got a Magrider" but no one said "finally blew up a Harasser" or anything. I personally focused on Harassers and got damage credit a few times.

    We lost the base shortly after anywyas, too many VS overran us.

    Edit- need coffee.
  20. Bad News

    I did read that, but clearly he must have been afk.