[Suggestion] Harrasser third guy

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ShootMeThankYou, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. ShootMeThankYou

    Make him able to turn and shoot forward too. Like Flashes passenger.
  2. Whatupwidat

    Isn't that what the turret's for?
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  3. Shatteredstar

    That would be crazy powerful if you loaded up a max unit. A fracture, vortex, or raven max would crank the AV capabilities of that harasser way up
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  4. ShootMeThankYou

    Mmmmmm yea I guess. Scratch that. I just find that third place so useless.. Maybe put some manned turret on it, something like .50 on army jeeps, for AI only.
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  5. FateJH

    Well, the Harasser is troop transport of a sort. Even if you want to use it for attacking, something on it has to be good for straight-up transport. You could easily ask why a Vehicle ever has more seats than guns, and that would be one of the reasons.
  6. ShootMeThankYou

    Maybe add this manned turret, drake sort of thing, and 2 more seats (one sits next to driver, other one outside).. Sort of technical vehicles with mounted gun that guerillas use + one turret.
  7. 4wry

    I believe the slot is fine as is. It can hold a MAX for additional AA or AV capacity, especially when having driven past a target or being pursued (no need for mounted gun). Secondly, the gunner can switch to it and repair while the Harasser is driving (or a third person will do so constantly). Thirdly, you can drop mines etc. from that seat. One can also have a heavy with lock-ons inside, or LA that exits upon drive-by etc. etc.. In short: plenty of options, but in line with a 'harassing' playstyle.
    For a crew of three with two gunners the Sundy is a perfectly viable option.
  8. ShootMeThankYou

    That's true. Tho sundy isn't so fast.. Maybe scratch that whole turret idea and just give it more passenger space. I think they could use some love, people don't pull them out much. This way you could pull out one harry to do a lightning quick insertion of 5 guys, small squad to cause damage/secure spot before main force arrives etc.. Thinking about it, if there is a vehicle that could use more manned guns then it's the Valkyrie. It's a squad delivery heli sort of thing, and blackhawk helis etc often have MGs to cover their troops.
  9. Kcalehc

    What would make it more 'transport' than not, is to extend it ever so slightly, and have 2 seats in the back. Only one can fit a max, elevated slightly over the other, perhaps just a seat on the back (kind of ramshackle, but its something I could see the NC attempt!).
  10. Gammit

    A 120-degree fixed turret would be pretty awesome because you could still easily kill the back-seat passenger like you can now.
  11. ShootMeThankYou

    Lol suddenly I imagined a harry that pulls glider with LA hanging under it.. Man that would be fun. I'm all for unconventional ideas, like grappling hooks etc.. Yea that's good. Tho I'd add space for one more guy, makes it more punchy.