[Vehicle] Harraser too OP!!!

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  1. Smoovious

    If a Harasser is armored, it should get a nerf to its running speed... the engines on those things aren't like a tank's or Sunderer's engines pushing a heavy load with high torque full time... those engines are made for speed, sure, but on a relatively light vehicle.

    Adding armor to it changes the relative weight dramatically, and the engine should have to work harder to move it around, ending up being much slower than it currently is.

    -- Smoov
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  2. KoS-1

    The health/resists were nerfed, then slightly buffed to where were are now.

    The harasser is no where as tough as it was pre-nerf, whether the health, resist or back seat rep.

    It's not broken and doesn't need fixed. It's already easy to kill one if the person is hitting their shots.

    If you are having problems killing them. It doesn't mean there should be a nerf.
  3. Pirbi

    That's not a value SOE would intentionally put in. This looks like the work of North Korea.
  4. bl33ping

    stop playing lone wolf and you'll have a lot better chance of surviving a harasser attack. i usually just pick off lightnings and 1/2 mbt's when they're separated from the group. two ap lightnings? yeah my crew and i are probably dead if we try to engage unless they have horrible aim / situational awareness.
  5. oberchingus

    This is a clear indication that harassers are overpowered also. When a vehicle's horn is as effective as the Harasser's, it's ego is automatically enhanced. And since MBTs have that r3t4rded candy-cane fart of a horn, they'd most likely lose any fight vs a harasser with a witch horn or a demonic horn.

    Perhaps, the only chance an MBT might have against the harasser is if they're running the Kazoo horn. Kazoo horns are 50/50 depending on driver and ability etc.... For instance, I've seen a kazoo horn equipped onto a depressed sunderer. It was so depressed and feeble that if an MBT showed up, it would have been a clear win for the tank. I've also seen the kazoo equipped on a harasser fighting a vanguard: right before the harasser killed the tank, the kazoo fart was activated. Now there may been a weakness in the tank following the use of the god mode shield. As if the space-time-continuum of the vanguard was somehow affected. In any case, the kazoo was activated right as the halberd shot was made into the anus of the vanguard and it exploded immediately.

    Horns make the harasser OP. They need a nerf clearly.
  6. Whatdayisit

    I don't have a problem with harrassers, just the ones with the Vulcan mounted on them. Cleaning up smoking lightnings and MBT's is a role they should be doing, taking out undamaged highly specked AP lightnings at will is NOT.
  7. Skiptrace

    I'm quite fed up with how armored the Harrasser is... If it's armor was chopped down by 30%, it wouldnt be as OP. the weapons arent too bad, the Vulcan is pretty OP. but the Fury, and the shotgun are pretty OP also
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  8. MiniSentrygun

    Well a harasser needs a gunner...
  9. oberchingus

    Moot point really. As long as it has a horn, it should be able to kill anything.
  10. Waratorium

    I kill harasser's all of the time in my lightning. It just requires good aim + situational awareness.

    Canister Harasser's aren't really OP at all- to get close enough to enemy infantry to make a difference with a canister you risk eating a decimator to the face which can very quickly reduce your harasser to a smoking wreck when combined with enemy small arms fire/another rocket.
  11. Xasapis

    I don't see how Canister is any different than any of the other AI weapons these days. You talk about it as if it is special, while it became the norm.
  12. player16

    no one was expecting an increase in magazine size but the gun has an spin up, it does not destroy a tank if not in the back with one clip i have not tested with the new magazine size but with the saron you can hit from the other side of the valley and and from farther than anchored you have to single shoot but it does very good damage the modifications in damage range make it usable at middle range but the saron used to be more competitive at those distances except for the magazine increase the only thing about the vulcan and harasser is that it can get to 10 meters range but more damage you would do with mines. at least go and test the gun before asking it to be nerfed again. it has a damage fall of of 65 to 95 now modified, at that range except for the magazine size is as useless as it was, instead of the other side of the valley.
  13. matey

    doesn't work if they set up rep sundee, keep driving and only use fire supress or they lead you into their nest and rep there you have NO chance to fury anyone
  14. Takara

    BUT....but.......no the real power of the Harasser is it's independent gunner/driver set up. If the tanks in this game actually had that it Harassers would be nothing but flies.
  15. Subject851

    All you whining about shi t being op is the reason this game is a mess, threes no higby to save you now, so rather then cry nerf submit a reasonable change or counter balance.
  16. ChampagneDragon

    Says the TR player. Everyone else knows the vulcan=h is way op.
  17. Meeka

    Umm, unless a Harasser gets a drop on me from behind or hits me while I'm engaging another tank... Harassers never destroy my Lightning.

    I've taken on up to 3 Harassers (average players) at a time and come out on top (if they're good players, I can handle 2). If they're a top tier Harasser team, well, I can handle that one Harasser.

    You need to up your Lightning game, it's the best tank in the game for dealing with Harassers.
  18. Meeka

    I primarily play NC, the Vulcan-H isn't OP; and I have no trouble engaging them or defending against them.

    The only time they're deadly is if they sneak up on you and get the drop on you; or in groups; and everything in groups is OP.
  19. Thrones

    If each engie had a max utility pouch, a platoon attacking a base could drop 240 anti-tank mines. That is a mine field large enough to ensure a harasser cant flank you. If you do not place AV mines you don't fail your platoon, you fail yourself.
  20. Dreez

    Max 450 points.
    MBT 450 points.
    Lightning 350 points.
    Harasser 150 points.

    Guess which one is by far the most effective one... A clue - it starts with 1.