Hardcore Mode for HC players

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  1. FateJH

    All I can guarantee is that the game becomes "hardcore mode" for someone.
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  2. CipherNine

    There is some truth in what you are saying however I'd argue that whether low TTK is 'hardcore' or not is influence by one factor - team balance.

    High TTK punishes players that are outnumbered. If you find yourself outnumbered because you aren't sticking with your team in even match then I'd argue that is fair and high TTK makes the game more competitive because it rewards sustained accuracy and focused fire.

    However if you are finding yourself outnumbered simply because game has no mechanic to ensure both teams have equal number of players on battlefield then I'd argue high TTK makes game less competitive and more about who can herd more players.
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  3. MikeyGeeMan

    So really platoon leaders are like sheep herders.
  4. FateJH

    They prefer cat herders.
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  5. Ronin Oni

    Not with chokepoints... not really.

    Choke point defense easily allows a smaller # of defenders to hold out against superior numbers even, and actually even ESPECIALLY with higher TTK if they're better players.

    In any case, that's kinda the whole selling point of the game too ya know...


    Kinda their slogan....
  6. CipherNine

    Well it is true that defending choke points favors higher TTK but then again most battles aren't choke point defense are they? All in all I agree that high TTK is more competitive than dying to 'random bullet'. However both have their pros and cons. High TTK rewards team cohesion while low TTK rewards outmanuevering and surprise. If you are forced to fight against larger force then latter is better because it evens the playing field.

    As far as "size always matters" slogan I always interpreted it as "bigger battles are better" not necessarily as "let the largest team win". In my opinion battles in which both teams are of equal size offer most challenge.

    Anyways I don't think it would be a bad idea to try implementing 'hardcore' mode as OP proposes but instead of implementing it on separate server I'd suggest implementing it on one of the continents and see how it goes from there. Little variety can't hurt.
  7. Posse

    "Hardcore", lol. What I remember about the so called hardcore mode in Call of Duty is that you didn't have to worry about when to shoot because you were not going to appear in the map anyway.
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  8. Ronin Oni

    Audio spotting is actually a dumb "feature"

    Better to let actual audio queues be... you know... audio queues.

    PS2 audio isn't good enough or reliable enough for this though, so it's excusable here.

    Kinda pissed BF hamstrung their audio processing though and added audio spotting.

    I blame cod and it's hordes of idiot players that EA has been dying to syphon away.
  9. Kentucky Windage

    I love it when they call me a casual. I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Wait...I think that's the Knob Creek making me feel that way.:D
  10. Joexer

    Try no hud on max settings with a slug shotgun, burst variant or battle rifle and tell me how well that works for "hardcore".
  11. FieldMarshall

  12. McToast



    Hardcore, right.

    Well, I would say that the TTK is irrelevant for the skill ceiling and requirement of a game. A higher TTK favours high skill in a 1on1 because your enemy can't rely on lucky hits. On the other hand it's a lot harder as a high skilled player to fight several low skilled players at once. It's what we see in ESF gameplay. In a 1on1 higher skill directly translates into victory. As soon as there are numbers (and lock-ons) involved, skill doesn't matter anymore.
    I played CS semi-competitively for about 5-6 years. That game has a very low TTK, there are ARs and pistols that can OHK you with a headshot. Still the "lucky hit" of a bad player was a rare thing. Yes, it happened, but it was very rare. But on the other hand you could single handely kill an entire team of enemies in short order if your skill level was higher than theirs. You can't really do that in PS2. You can kill 2-3 and then get swarmed by the others.
    It's also important to look at accuracy and recoil stats. High accuracy and high recoil weapons favour higher skilled players, because they can use the accuracy to their advantage and are able to compensate the recoil by hand. In PS2 we don't have this, we have low accuracy and low recoil combined with a relatively high TTK. This favours bad players, as the skill ceiling isn't as high and there's always a lot of RNG involved.
    The OP has a point when he claimes the gunplay in PS2 is casual. It is. And increasing the TTK wouldn't make it any less casual. Increasing weapon efficiency while making them less easy to use would.
  13. Huishe

    Yeah and that's why they're making Koltyr... right?

    Some other continent or battle island where, say, shields don't work and all bullets fly 2x the fast, would be pretty good.
  14. Jeslis


    Cannot. Stop. Laughing!!!!!
  15. Taemien


    Everquest, SOE's first MMO, had the following special servers:

    PVP-Racial Teams
    PVP-Alignment Teams
    PVP-Hardcore (die and sent back to your trainer back at level 1)
    Premium. Cost extra to play on this server.
  16. z1967

    I fail to see how any of those things made the game more casual. I've taken friends who play different FPSes and tactical shooters and so far ARMA is winning for how long they stick to the game before they rage quit (most of them stayed). CS and CoD players got overwhelmed at the amount of players and AoA's and decided the game wasn't for them. BF players quit fairly quickly because they couldn't deal with vehicle density (even after I removed the worst offenders with some C4). All of them seemed to think MAXes were BS (CoD players thought it was a killstreak perk or something like that...)

    ARMA players seemed to stay the longest because they were used to the scale, however they weren't used to shooting enemies for that long (recoil was "easier" to them though) so it was a rocky start. So, I'd say the game is "hard core" enough. If you want it to be more hardcore just alt+f10 ctrl+f10 (my bad) and then you make the game a lot harder (or make your shots more cautious, or both :p).
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  17. Kentucky Windage

    Play Hardcore all you want OP and just remember to have fun while doing so. I know I'm rockin the fun meter and it is pegged every time I suit up. There are many ways one can find enjoyment in this game and I say to each his own. There's room for everyone and fun to be had by all. Whether your a Slayer Pro wannabe or a fresh noob puke I say play however you want and always remember it's just a game. Have fun and enjoy the time spent with friends and....you get the point. Be well and Semper Fi.