[Vehicle] Harassers have needed a nerf

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  1. xMeserionx

    In my opinion and experience, the durability and strength of vehicles should be determined by their cost to pull. The order should be as such:

    MBTs/ Liberators/ Galaxies -450 nanites = strongest or most durable
    Lightnings/ ESFs -350 Nanites = middle of the road, either very powerful or moderately tough
    Sunderers -200 Nanites = Really tough or really powerful, not both (and modules determine it here)
    Harasser -150 Nanites = Glass cannon (but seems to also be almost as tough as a Lightning)
    Flash - 75 Nanites = why are you driving this thing?

    The two sources of contention for harassers is first they can equip weapons that where meant for MBTs, and these weapons are extremely powerful (Saron, Vulcan, Enforcer). Encountering these on a MBT is already a bad day, but you encounter them on a zippy vehicle like the Harasser? Its hell on earth. The second issue is the Harasser is actually really hard to kill. You can fire 2 AP tank rounds into them and they'll only be smoking (which is about 30-50% hp). If you miss a single shot on a Lightning and it is a Vulcan Harasser, you're dead.

    Whatever is done to fix these awful things, it should either take away MBT secondary guns away and put them on something like a Lightning OR nerf their durability so getting hit by two tank rounds sets them on fire; Composite Armor would allow them to take 3 tank rounds before being on fire.

    I could see giving those secondary guns to Lightnings as they're a bit slower but still fast in their own right.
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  2. UberNoob1337101

    A few corrections :

    ESFs should be considered more like glass cannons due to their low health pool, but are immensely powerful and fast, so thye do have high survivability as well.

    Flashes actually cost 50 nanites and are surprisingly good at killing stragglers if if's a Wraith flash with a weapon. It's also a very cheap transport.

    My only problem is the cost, the Harasser is IMO too cost/efficient with it only being 150 nanites. To put in perspective, with the pool of 750 nanites, you can't even pull 2 MBTs if, for example, they died straight away, while the Harasser can be pulled 5 times in a row until you run out and you can pull it every 3 minutes provided you started with 0 nanites.
    It's a vehicle that requires a team and is a bit more skill-dependent than tanks, so I'm against nerfing it directly. I'm certain that a good MBT/Lightning driver can beat a pretty good Harasser team as some people I know and I did kill a few of them alone, so I do see calling nerfs on Harassers as a L2P problem.

    I'd be okay if Lightnings and Harassers swapped costs to reduce the cost-effectiveness (actually, Lightnings should cost 250 or something), not a direct nerf, but would reduce the power of chain-pulling.
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  3. Tankalishious

    Ok, whoever claims harassers are cheap easymode, clearly dont play harassers, BUT have been dropped like a bag of potatoes because they exposed themselves as an easy target to a good 2/3 harasser crew. Further, to be efficient you NEED a 2/3 harassee setup minimum.

    I RARELY get dropped by a harasser as a 1/2 MBT or lightning , because situational awareness is critical when roaming alone or on the flanks. If you let a good harasser crew KNOW you know where they are by pointing your cannon at them and flinging a few over their "bow", chances you will be engaged are low unless its very favourable to the harasser.
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    I agree here, but I must say a 200 or 250 Nanites cost would be still justified, 150 is just way too low (not that it actually matters if you know what you are doing). And I'm saying this after I've been on both the giving and receiving end a lot (although I'm only gunning one particular Vulcan Harasser).
  5. No0T

    I actually just vvant their audio to be stereo and their vveapons to be equip-able on lightnings. That should do.
  6. Juno

    Completely agree. I personally think they are a little too durable, being able to take too many tank shots before dying, but if you made the cost higher to offset their current durability then it'd be fine. As it stands they are just too cost-effective.
  7. Liewec123

    i'd be fine if they nerfed the durability of these buggies.
    they shouldn't be going toe to toe with tanks.
  8. ObiVanuKenobi

    If you're getting killed by a Harasser 1 on 1 in a tank you're doing something wrong.
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  9. Daigons

    Unlike Lightnings and MBTs, Harassers are vulnerable to small arms fire which will shred them to pieces. However an organized mob of 3-6 Harassers is a force to be reckoned with.

    Also as a Wraith Flash driver, It's such a joy shooting out the hapless Engineer that is trying to repair the Harasser as they flee.
  10. stalkish

    Only 'nerf' harassers need is the same nerf tanks need, and sundies and galaxys and liberators and ANTs....etc...

    Give the ******* top guns a hit box.
    FFS devs, stop letting them sit poking over a ridge exploiting the **** out of your game.
    Your supposed 'AAA' game (LOL).
    Its cheating and should be treated as such, remove the ability to exploit it.
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  11. Kdog559

    I don't know about you but i love killing harassers when I'm in a magrider. Only thing I can tell you is that you got to be quick when encountering them and focus on the ones or one that is smoking the most and try to hit them in the behind if you can. Time your shots and you will hit.
  12. Ziggurat8

    It's coming.

    The combined arms initiative has declared that top guns having almost twice the killing potential of the main cannon on mbt's is too good. (Read the 4/18 PTS patch notes for reference) That directly translated means harassers, which only have top guns from mbt's, are getting nerfed.
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  13. Tankalishious

    Except they dont have top guns from MBTs.
    Most, if not all harasser weps is a "-H" version with separate but related stats.
  14. Ziggurat8

    Not on PTS. The differences between harasser and MBT are very very small. Things like COF and MAX damage range.