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Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by Ketobor, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Ketobor

    I personally felt that empire-specific weapons added some much needed flavor to the Harasser.

    Even if AV weapons are too good, does anyone else agree that Empire-specific AI weapons would be an interesting change of pace for this vehicle?

    On a related note, I now find the Halberd too clearly good. Given no other interesting alternatives I feel it will just become default.

    How lethal do people think this thing should be? Should it even get access to the 'best' AV turrets if it doesnt get ES ones? How is this any better?
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  2. Torok

    people whined so hard... roflmao.. i really wanted to have the NC shotgun on my Harrasser..
    and it was far from being overpowered lol, and also a PPA buggy would've been awesome to see :D

    f**k you guys :(
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  3. RasFW

    I think a Mounted ESRLs would be neat for a harasser. Heavier versions, though. TR get a striker with a quicker lockon, VS get a Lancer that can OHK infantry on max charge, and NC get the phoenix. Thats if we never get Empire Specific Buggies.

    Ideally, I'd like to see the harasser limited to common pool Nanite Systems weapons. Something like a machine gun or M40 for AI damage, and a faster travelling decimator for AV. Keeps it distinct on the battlefield and if we do get empire buggies, makes those MORE distinct giving them ES weapons only.

    I think a batch of empire specific weapons that are new to go with the buggies would work the best though. Continuous Laser for VS (no travel time, accuracy, etc), Accurate machine gun with explosive bullets (small radius) for TR. For NC, something like the gauss cannon on the Halo Warthogs...

    Just my ideas.
  4. DeltaGun

    Well the problem was the Vulcan being OP. For some reason the Devs agree that the Vulcan is OP on the Harasser but not on a Tank. Hmm...
  5. Ketobor

    That isn't that unusual.

    Imagine you had an instant kill knife on a lumbering super-heavy unit, some sort of MAX.

    Now imagine you had it on a super-fast unit that moved twice as fast.

    The weapon becomes OP in the second example, even if it is practically useless in the first. This is an extreme-case example, but still holds a lot of truth for the Vulcan.
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  6. DeltaGun

    IMO the Vulcan is OP because it is effective vs. Infantry, Aircraft, and Armor, where as the other mounted gun options are only damaging vs. one type of enemy. Perhaps the Devs have finally noticed this after seeing it in action on the Harasser.

    Think of it another way. VS and NC getthe Saron and Enforcer which are just VERY slightly improved/alternate version of the Halbred. The TR get the Vulcan, which fills the same role (all-purpose) but is about 4x more potent than the Basilisk.

    Something isn't quite right with that weapon. Either buff the Basilisk or Nerf the Vulcan, IMO.
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  7. Zazen

    If the TR Harasser gets to equip the Vulcan, the NC Enforcer Modified needs to be fixed, overhauled, etc.. The NC's Enforcer Modified is a complete and utter joke at this point. I even spent certs on it, with the dream it has to get better with investment like a lot of NC weapons, what a total waste. On the other hand the Vulcan on a fast moving vehicle that can close range quickly is so blatantly OP'd it boggles the mind.
  8. Cinnamon

    Vulcan is harder to use against infantry than the Halberd. And it is not four time more effective than the HMG. It is about twice as effective but limited to a shorter range. Which is still pretty good. Most TR tank gunners prefer to use the halberd because most of the time with the vulcan they have nothing to do unless the pilot is suicidal.
  9. Chiggerbite

    Per Higby, the ES weapon variants will be back once they've been balanced for the Harasser.

    Here is the source. (via Twitter)

  10. DeltaGun

    I checked the damage and the Vulcan does over 2x the DPS of the Basilisk vs. Tanks. and around 6x the DPS vs aircraft.Admittedly, I did not noticed a TTK difference vs. infantry, so let's say 1x effectiveness. The average of 6+2+1 is 3, so I think I had a good initial estimate.

    The Basilisk is more accurate, but as you say, the Halberd is better at long ranges. Who the hell would use the Basilisk or Vulcan if they wanted long range?

    The Vulcan being only good for short range is not a good excuse for being over double the DPS of the next equivalent for the other factions in the situations in which it is designed for.

    Its was the same argument with the Hacksaw MAXs being so much better than the other MAXs even though their weapon is short range only. Who uses MAXs at ranges other than short?

    Just as Hacksaws were brought down and the other MAXs brought up, the same will need to be done with the Basilisk and Vulcan.
  11. Cinnamon

    So are you arguing that people who use the weapons are fools to want the halberd over the vulcan becuase of theory or because of that time you died to a vulcan? It takes almost exactly twice as long to kill with a basilisk by my calculations. If you think that you could never target a prowler with it in a way that claws back that time then OK. Most people would rather use halberd style weapons against tanks than the hmg anyway for some reason. They are a little underrated. Against ESF the HMG is even better than it is against armour because ESF has no HMG resistance but the lower rate of fire is harder to use on them. But if vulcan was nerfed to bring it in line with HMG in terms of ttk then people would just never use it.

    If tanks could hit and run or if tank battles were all fought in zone where they could arrange a series of one on one fights it would be pretty overpowered maybe. But they normally cannot.
  12. Tekuila

    It's pretty terrible against infantry, dunno what you are talking about.
  13. DeltaGun

    Its better against infantry than the Halberd.
  14. Fenrisk

    Funny how we didn't hear any threads about the Vulcan being over-powered till the buggy got put on the test server. Isn't that rather convenient?

    How can posters call the Vulcan over powered in comparison to their own faction specific weapons when this was never a issue before on the prowler? Last time i checked EVERY faction has a advantage in some area. Scythes can ram ESF's and survive, the NC shotgun max is still the base max of the 3 at the only ranges that matter for max infantry combat. Yet TR get to use their Vulcan on a buggy and suddenly it's unfair.

    Double standard much?

    Thank you whiners. No faction specific weapons for anyone. Maybe we should remove all faction specific weapons from Maxes too? After all its only fair right?
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