Harasser Resource Cost

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MasonSTL, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. MasonSTL

    Now that the harasser is, as a lightning pilot ;), in a better place should the resource cost be reduced? Or is the ability to spawn it at any vehicle terminal still a good trade off for a higher price?
  2. KoS-1

    Bring down the cost. They don't last much longer than a flash.

    200 seems fair.
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  3. EViLMinD

    Definitely bring down the cost. They may be more available than a tank, but they aren't worth the investment anymore. 200-250 would be fair.
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  4. MasonSTL

    I can see 250 being fare as well. 200 might be pushing it but it might work too.
  5. Danath

    They should also change how the driver gets exp (currently only for kills): now the harasser has been nerfed, you'll get mostly assists
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  6. kayben

    The gunner already got 50% more xp than the driver before the nerf. Now it's just ridiculous (because you get almost nothing at all), especially considering that the driver is the one who has to invest the certs.

    Horrible system.
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  7. MasonSTL

    Maybe give a lower cost if pulled at a tank spawn?
  8. MasonSTL

    I do agree. I could see a good change would be that drivers of any vehicle get XP if the gunner just does a set amount of damage, like say every 200dmg awards the driver 5xp.
  9. Hatesphere

    I agree the cost should be brought in line.
  10. BengalTiger

    Same here, it's a buggy, it shouldn't cost like a tank.

    It should be half way between the Flash and the Lightning.
  11. EViLMinD

    Naw, the Harasser needs to be more accessible than that. We need more than the Flash and Sundie options.

    My strong opinion is that the Harasser needs to be buffed back some - and I'm sure many others shill be clamoring for this as well in the days to come... seeing as how ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY and WEAK as fudge SOE has made the damn thing - so why the hell can't the Harasser's cost match it's current value on the battlefield. Make it cheap. Make it something everyone can have fun spamming a little more often. Not like it will become unbalanced now.

    It's just not a potent vehicle anymore. Not really. May as well have more of 'em roaming around. Can't really hurt. A2G pilots and tankers and HAs will love it, if anything. No one would care too much about keeping one. Be nice to see players try crazier tactics... trick jumping and such. Cheaper cost mean less worry. I'm careful with my tanks.

    Mind you, the flash is cheap. People use them less because they less effective; too vulnerable. That's my take. I tend to use wraith on mine because I'm an easy target without it.

    Personally, I want a fast ground vehicle that is designed for longevity. My battle sundie is a brute, but I want Mad Max's V8 Interceptor. I want a true road-warrior's muscle car of mayhem. Gimme that and I'll be cool with the gross injustice that is the new Harasser.

    ...mother fudgers...
  12. Blarg20011

    Either give it a slight buff, reduce its cost, or add another passenger seat.
  13. Ronin Oni

    YES It should have it's cost reduced.

    The nerfs were 100% valid IMO... however, it's now quite overpriced. It should be AT MOST the same cost of a lightning, and IMO less (200? 250?)

    Maybe reduce cooldown timer too for that matter.

    Oh, while were at it, Flashes could use a cost reduction. It's maybe worth 100 for a wraith, but for anyone else it's a stupid resource waste.
  14. f0d

    imo they should be 200 or even less