Harasser Refund Please

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Levexaeus, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. AirSuicide

    Honestly I watched that whole vid and heres what I saw:

    1 Harasser killed 5-7 tanks, and multiple infantry, and a liberator all of which were firing at it, I mean at one point it stopped got shot by a basilisk AND several tank rounds and then ran off and repaired.

    If anything I take that Video as evidence of how actually NEEDED the nurf was.

    1-2 tank rounds should easily blow one of those up.
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  2. The Wolf

    Exactly Air. They want to use the "Oh so they are either good and the other players are bad" method to make it seem like it wasn't as OP as it really was.
  3. KyadCK

    While you are correct form the standpoint that they had to do more than modify a table entry, you do have a bit of an overstatement for how much work ZOE took. MAX Ability cooldown and timers are already writen (Charge), and ZOE's boosts are already writen. It's some quick copy/paste work to modify it. Smart coders don't re-write code, they use their old code in a new way. ;)

    However, you are 100% correct on why they would refund ZOE and NMA. It isn't that they were changed, it's that, as you said yourself, their purpose changed.

    ZOE is no longer an over-all ability, it is a temperary and cooldown based ability, like the MAX Charge, that is to be used (I assume) for clearing a room, or to maximize damage when catching others by surprise. Not a toggle setting.

    NWA's entire reason for existing changed. No longer does it add Health, it adds armor, like you can get on MAXs. It does not save you from headshots. If I understand right, it won't save you from explosives. It ALSO means it will not take longer to heal you if you chose to use it (Assuming the medic gun is Health/Second and not PrecentHealth/Second). It is not what it was originally meant to be.

    The harraser on the other hand... They modified table files. Do you think we got refunds when the Phoenix was nerfed to not 1-shot people? How about the Lolpodders? The MagDrivers or the Prowlers? ScatMAX? They were balance fixes. They did not change the intention of the weapon, they changed it's stats to better fit the job it was meant to do.

    If all NWA got was a nerf for how much health it gave you, they would NOT give a refund. But that isn't all it is.

    Now, everyone stop crying about it, enjoy the sales and the servers being back up, and let me shoot you all in the face on the surface of auraxis.

    I got a MagShot kill on a Mosquito once, it's such a good feeling. Good luck getting to feel it yourself.
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  4. Tar

    No. This thread is about getting a chance to newly select the upgrades for harasser, since turbo and armor were the prevalent ones and the devs didn't like it.
    But how are people supposed to make a new choice when they don't get the certs back.
  5. EViLMinD

    What MMFPS rule book dictates that anything smaller and faster than a tank shouldn't be able to win 1v1? Well, we need to find all copies of that book and burn 'em because it's filling people's heads with ridiculously stupid ideas.

    "It's a buggy! It shouldn't be able to fight well" Sthu...

    Skilled MB tankers always had the edge against the Harasser. Bad to mediocre players clearly don't get that for some reason. Probably because they got owned every time a Harasser showed up. No way can it be their fault they failed. Heck no...

    If my Vany had enough health, a decent co-pilot with my Halberd/Enforcer/Bassy/Kobalt and any main gun - I would kill any Harasser that tried to take me on. And, my pc can't even deliver a consistent 30fps... nor is my aim all that exceptional.

    Anyway, it's a moot point now. The Harasser has been nerfed into oblivion. Nubs everywhere can rejoice.
  6. KyadCK

    Uh... Lemme think...

    Use the certs they got from using Turbo and Armor to pay for new ones? Like EVERY OTHER weapon and vehicle in the game?
  7. Fara

    Anything that gets heavily nerfed should be cert refunded, not just a few selected items like Nanoweave and ZoE. Items like Harasser Composite armour, afterburner, maybe even the Halberd since it also got hit hard, also don't forget Prowler Lockdown and other empire specific secondary weapons.

    Some people out there have thousands of certs on defunct weapons. Or at the very least you give the playerbase the choice to either recert into the same weapon or invest elsewhere since the nerf enforces a change in gameplay.
  8. The Wolf

    Exactly someone who actually gets it. My hat is off to you good sir!

    Now to you TIR dog, a heavy unit. Lets put it like this the more something weighs the slower it goes normally a tank weighs about 10 tons maybe more or less give or take a couple, a light assault buggy if you have ever seen one weighs maybe 400 pounds as I said before give or take. Armor and gravity/physics dictates this not your foolish ideal of how physics would actually work. Remember this game maybe based in the future but the vehicles still are to respect the laws of gravity.

    You don't get it the Harassers weapons etc and function/purpose hasn't changed there were no giant major changes just a few stats changed. You can still do what you did, just have to do it much faster with hit and run tactics. LIKE IT WAS MEANT TO BE IN THE BEGINNING OF ITS CREATION. Seriously guys learn your vehicles. Better yet how about we just tell SoE to set it to PS1s setup then you would complain about it being to weak but guess what two hits should take it out cause it can't withstand rockets to it. It is a buggy not a tank. You should get your certs back why exactly? Because your OP killing machine has been weakened? So now you want to cert into something else op cause now you can't abuse it anymore? That is your problem and your loss. I saw this coming you didn't, then your own ignorance blinded you. In fact I was the first person to say right after it came out it was going to get a nerf. It was obvious. It isn't a defunctioning weapon and its purpose hasn't changed so therefore you don't get your certs back, because guess what it was just minor stats changed on the table nothing more nothing less. Simple its purpose is still the same yet ZOE now has that timer and NWA has damage reduction instead of health gain. Which that means they were changed drastically purpose wise. ZOE can only be used in certain moments then has to cooldown. NWA got its change and thats why those two items were recerted and the harasser wasn't if you don't understand that. Then well you are just simply put a fool.
  9. jollybadger

    Yes, the harasser should now do, what it was supposed to do in the first place.
    No, it wasn't used like that prior to the patch. The patch changed its role from an AV/AI midrange killing machine to an actual harassing buggy, no matter if its old purpose was intended or not.
    BUT this still means its role changed, just like ZOE and NW, so I think the refund logic SOE used on these two examples still applies...

    I will keep using it though, despite the nerf. In a few days, when people (hopefully) changed from NW to FLAK, it might be fun to try out the new Kobalt & Basilisk.
  10. The Wolf

    Seriously how did a light assault buggies role change from it never being intended as a tank and being a beta vehicle to start with? It wasn't intended they tested it using us, we gave the feedback want to cry to someone cry to me cause I voted for these changes and you to not get certs back. Also it still can fight mid range just not destroy things within 2 hits like it was, because that isn't what it was suppose to do.
  11. supahitecjetfyta

    radar got moved to the same slot as armor now i cant use armor anymore
    so why no cert refund for the armor?
    i want the radar not the armor, refund the armor certs and let me keep my radar.
  12. KyadCK

    EVERY stat change modifies game play. Argument is null.

    I mean, should they give certs back when they buff something too? That changes gameplay. If they make guns stronger, should they give certs back to people who invested in armor? If MAX AI armor gets a boost, can I have a re-cert on all my guns? I just can't gun them down like I used to, it takes more bullets.

    No, that's stupid.

    Also, lets see some proof of "defunct weapons". They were brought in line with where they should be. That does not make them:
    They still work, they are just not OP anymore. Get over it. It's not like this has never happened before to other things that were very OP.

    You are mistaking Purpose for Use. People did not Use them as they were intended to be used. Therefore they were nerfed.

    If I gave you a screwdriver and you decided to use it like a knife,I would give you a more dull screwdriver instead to stop you from using it wrong. Did I change it's purpose, or stop allowing you to abuse the tool?

    I stopped you from using it wrong. The purpose of the tool has always been to turn a screw, not to stab. It's not my fault you used it wrong, but I can stop you from doing it. That is what SOE did.
  13. NC_agent00kevin

    So basically, you earned an absurd amount of certs with your OP Harasser, then when they nerf it you think you deserve a refund on the certs you spent to make it OP?

    Seems logical.
  14. Defaceo

    again, this guy got it right on the spot.
  15. rncRET

    You should also consider that other weapons have been changed to accommodate the Harasser's new limitations. They changed the CoF on the Basilisk, which was the only weapon that I was able to ward off (I won't say kill because that rarely happened) Harassers with. Lockons don't work, and I had to be pretty far away with an AV turret to actually lead a skilled driver (again, rarely ever killed a Harasser). Recently, Harassers became so demoralizing, it just wasn't worth pulling a Vanguard. If I saw one or more harassers in the field, I would think long and hard before pulling a vehicle (and a lot of times I didn't), If I did pull one, it was a repair sundy for circling the wagons around other vehicles. I found that dual basilisks setup was the easiest way to defend against harassers, and anything else that came our way. I was pretty happy with that setup, because when you had basilisks, along with everyone else's weapons, working in series, there really wasn't anything that could get to you, Only a coordinated, long-range harasser flank. So, we had a situation where a bunch of HMGs and Harassers were duking it out, at great distances.Then, when the occasional tank would come along, they just didn't stand a chance. Now, it seems that the basilisk has been changed to allow the harasser to get in and out, I can't seem to hit anything that gets too far away now, and that is the way it should be. I would be fine with being able to kill everything with a bunch of sundys, but it really wasn't fair to the tank operators. If i am not mistaken, the Vanguard's cannon also took a hit, along with the harasser weapons.
  16. oberchingus

    So you're saying that a competent crew shouldn't be able to dodge tank rounds and use the hills and cover of the environment to their advantage, hence that's why the nerf was needed???

    Also, if you look closely the Libby was not actually killed by the harasser crew. And, those vanguards, just as the magys and vans posted in the previous video were essentially clueless. A solid tank crew armed with (AP + Halberd) will kill a harasser any day. In fact, there is no way that would have happened if those tank drivers weren't clueless.

    So no, the harasser wasn't OP, everyone else just let them get close enough to kill them and didn't take the time needed to become a competent crew and fight back.

    But, as mentioned…The noobs can rejoice now that the skilled players have to find something else to do. Don't be surprised if you see armies of repari sundys with maxed basilisks driving around the continent!
  17. Hiding in VR

    As a noob with currently 0 kills (and only 153 certs) on his Harasser, I personally I think SOE have made a mistake here. The Harasser was a fun vehicle, both from a driver and infantry point of view. Yes 2 or 3 man teams where a royal pita but so they should be. They were not invincible, which you could be mistaken for thinking given the comments on this forum.

    Is anyone going to bother certing Composite any more? No? Then probably over-nerfed.
  18. MaestroOblivion

    Ok guys. Let me make something clear. A vehicle that was faster than a Tank, hit harder than a Tank, could survive longer than a Tank, could repair while moving and shooting and could be pulled anywhere for 150 less resources is by definition OP. Why on earth any of you thought a nerf like this wasn't gonna happen is unfathomable. Not to mention the serious role of Harasser was supposed to be a 3-man transport that could Harass Tanks, Planes, or Infantry while being able to maneuver better and survive longer than a flash. How many of you fully certed your flash? Really. No one. Because it wasn't supposed to be anything more than a transport. As to those that are complaining about the armor nerf, GOOD! Being able to take 3/4 as many hits to kill as a Prowler with Side Armor is just stupid! Clearly it deserved a nerf if it was a more popular alternative to a tank.
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  19. Hiding in VR

    Correct. Because "Just Transport" is not a role in this game. If I want to "just get somewhere" I redeploy. Having a transport without some other greater role is utterly pointless.
  20. Leon Anders

    He didn't say it's only purpose was a transport, his point was it's not a tank and should not act as such which is why SOE nerfed it in the first place.